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(3,367 reviews)

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I would rate this place a zero star if I could. The...

I would rate this place a zero star if I could. The experience I have had has been a nightmare. I brought my vehicle to Sands Chevrolet Surprise after a young kid backed up info my vehicle and broke my grill and dislodged my bumper. I thought bringing my car to a dealership for auto body repair was the best choice since I purchased my car from their lot. They replaced the grill and called to tell me my car was ready. After arriving home my husband asked if they did a walk through with me which they didn’t and he noticed they replaced my grill with another broken grill that was in worse shape than how I brought my vehicle to them. And to top it off my bumper was not fixed- the one side is still dislodged. I called back Monday and Jim I believe his name was played dumb that he remembered my car and he had 3 ppl look at it and he was sorry it was missed. When I brought up the bumper he said that sometimes it won’t go back flush as it may be out of line. I told him that was unacceptable as my car was in mint shape before the incident. He said they’d look at it. Then a day goes by and I start getting an error message- stabiliteck. Google references that it is related to the steering column so I made sure they were aware of that as well as the error never popped up before they touched my car in first place. Fast forward to dropping car off- they advised the rental would be on site- the lady who called to made appointment assured me it was and that all my notes were there. Upon arriving my notes were not in the system to check bumper and error and the rental was not on site so I had to leave and come back due to their horrible communication. Angie calls me 12 hours later and says my car is good to go and grill is replaced. I asked about error and bumper and she said it wasn’t in her system to check and she’d look into that and follow up. Today she calls me to tell me the error message is showing a low voltage battery and it needs to be replaced. So we call back and ask about code and online showing nothing about a battery and the screen in dash never showing low battery and my husband asks what happens if this comes back on- Henry assured my husband it wouldn’t. They want to charge me $140 for a diagnostic test without telling me upfront that charge would be there and they want to tell me they have to make sure labor is paid when I had to go back due to them messing up and providing half xxx quality the first time I trusted them with my car. We told them we didn’t agree with the charge and we had to bring car back to them due to mistakes and if I was told up front about a diagnosis fee- I would have taken my car elsewhere. I am beyond livid with the experience and the customer service I have received from a dealership that strives on quality. Like I said- I’d rate this zero stars if I could.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed.


Do not buy a vehicle from this dealership! I went down to...

Do not buy a vehicle from this dealership! I went down to trade in my 2021 Colorado for a 2019 Silverado black widow. I signed the paperwork to have my payments at the price I could afford and put down a down payment along with the trade in. A little over a week goes by and I get a call from the financial guys that I needed to come back and resign paperwork since the loan I was originally supposed to go through wouldn’t take it. They wanted to up my payments $80 more, I refused and told them we had a contract stating that im getting this vehicle for the price we agreed on and I want it for that. They refused to negotiate closer to the payment I had originally signed for. To top it all off, I walked out of the dealership with my trade in back with no plates or registration back. I have been a loyal customer and they treated me like a little girl who they could try and steal from. Im very disappointed in this dealership and they will NOT be getting my business ever again. I’d also like to state that the sales guy Shaun was completely rude to my mom when she had dropped off the spare key for the Colorado. Telling her he never should of sold me the black widow and that I got it for a steel and It was the best offer for that vehicle(for the original agreement I signed for).

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed.


service review

service rep was great and very professional , handled everything !!!

Dealer response

Thank you for this amazing review! We really appreciate your business. Sincerely, The Sands Chevrolet Team


Service Dept is absolutely worthless, everything from...

Service Dept is absolutely worthless, everything from trying to schedule appt to waiting for hours for a scheduled oil change, do not purchase any warranties they do not honor anything and have terrible customer service, whole dept needs to be let go

Dealer response

We are not pleased to hear of the incident you've described in this review. We want nothing more than to work with you to correct this situation as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Sands Chevrolet Team


Family member purchased a new car from this dealer

Changed my financing to another Company ,and did a Automated withdrawl from bank without my Approvel. And Ed in Finance told me its my problem.


Questionable start, satisfactory conclusion

Typical car buying process (a process that needs to be changed). A "dealer package" that was included on the front end purchase price that included items typically offered at the back end, which made any possibility of opting out of these items virtually non negotiable. After agreeing on a price, took the vehicle home only to find that some of the dealer package items I paid for had not been done on the vehicle. Called to find out why, and the sales manager made an explanation and took care of the situation quickly and to my satisfaction.



They damaged my rims while giving me service and didn?t fix the issue


Very unhappy with dealership. I bought a 2019 Subaru...

Very unhappy with dealership. I bought a 2019 Subaru Forester. Only received 1key they were unwilling to do anything to help me acquire another key. Did not explain anything about the vehicle


Sneaky unethical sashes strategy. They slide in...

Sneaky unethical sashes strategy. They slide in "reconditioning fees" into the loan. Tried to talk to the sales manager and he became contentious. Worst buying experience I've ever had.


Great customer service!

I drive in the service area and was greeted by an associate within 30 seconds. I had an oil change and tires rotated in and hour. Love this dealership!!