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This seller has been on since August 2009.
We are by appointment only! Please note, our prices are not negotiable. Third Party inspections are welcome! Trade-ins are welcome! We Buy Cars! We ship cars globally and nationwide! Financing as low as 1.99% available through major banks and credit unions! Service contracts / warranties available! We only sell clean title, Carfax-certified vehicles! No joy rides, please know what you are looking for and do your research Volume-sale focus, everything Priced-to-Go with a very aggressive pricing strategy

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We are by appointment only! Our prices are firm!

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(89 reviews)

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Be Careful

Had a pre purchase inspection on one of their vehicles. Glad I did. Lots of rust on the underside. Always ask for pictures of the underside of the vehicle and wonder why if there are none posted.


Cherry picking parts for personal gain. SHAMEFUL!

Had spoken with Michael Kozin about purchasing a vehicle. Absolutely horrible attitude and experience. Just wanted everyone to be aware. They like to cherry pick parts off vehicles for their personal benefit. He admitted doing so in an email exchange. States its a "Free Country" and he can do whatever he likes. Sure go strip car parts off your vehicles and put them on their personal cars. I mean come on, that does not get any shadier of a business practice. And to cop an attitude and basically telling me to pack sand, well just shows what type of people they are and they type of stealership they run. Stay far far away!!


Proposal 💍

Great buy! I had an appointment for 4pm. Chris had my wife's new chariot, BMW 740IL waiting and open for her to review. The no haggle process and paperwork went flawless, and as they handed her the keys, she had a surprise. Earlier I gave Chris a ring to present to her with her new car. She cried way more about the ring as she did the car! Needless to say, I've never seen her more happy in our 17 years together, and I thank MDK and staff for making it so special.


Can't go wrong with MDK

I purchased an Audi R8 from MDK International in July 2020. I wish every dealership was as easy to work with as MDK was. Their service is unparalleled and incomparable to other dealerships. They were quick to reply to my phone calls and any emails when I had any extra questions or needed an update. I especially want to thank Darya for her help. She was extremely polite and provided great customer service. Thank you for helping make this process as speedy and convenient for me as possible. I highly recommend MDK International if you're looking for a pre-owned exotic car.


Try to buy used car

Really really bad customer service never work with the customer bad service I will give them zero star this why I never recommend this place to any one


MDK International is a car dealership that we wish

This review is based on my car buying experience at MDK International in February of 2020. MDK International is a car dealership that we wish all car dealerships were like. I recommend this place to all of my friends and family. I even wish more used car dealerships would adopt their method and culture because the whole process with them is simple, efficient and most importantly what I think is honest. They had detailed information of their inventory online and responded to all my phone calls and emails. When I was ready to see the car, I made an appointment online, showed up at the dealership and the car was ready for inspection. This has not always been the case with most other used car dealerships. The car was exactly as pictured and described on their website. When I was ready to buy the car, the owner and staff at MDK went beyond what I consider to be their duty to help me with the paperwork. The absolute best thing about this place is the fact that it is a no-haggle dealership with what is unquestionably a fair price tag. You would have to be an experienced negotiator and car buyer with mechanical knowledge to be able to negotiate down the price tag at other dealerships to the levels offered by MDK. Not everyone has such skills, time, or even the will to negotiate with most car dealerships. We all know buying used cars from most dealerships is one of the worst buying experiences in our lives. We are never sure if we are paying hundreds or most likely thousands more because the dealership is out to make as much profit as possible with every person and every transaction. I know that most people would rather buy a new car by paying twice the amount of a used car and sleep well knowing they are getting exactly what they paid for. For those who want to rest easy knowing they are getting exactly what they paid for, and that they paid exactly what an expert negotiator would pay for with days of work in another dealership without a fixed price, this is the place to buy your used car. I am very satisfied with my car buying process with MDK International. I think what MDK have created is exactly what we as consumers imagine an ideal car dealership ought to be. I am not reviewing the car itself because MDK doesn't manufacture them. However, I am very happy with the car I bought from them.


Great way of doing business!

Loved the way this used car dealership works! I chose my 2010 Toyota Prius on their website, very detailed pictures helped a lot, made an appointment and came to get it. The condition of the cars was great, very clean and ready for me. The price was actually the cheapest I could find, and I really did my homework before making this appointment. Overall I am very happy with my car, enjoyed dealing with these guys and would recommend this dealership to anyone who wants quality business. Thanks MDK!


A very odd business model

This is the most strange business model for selling used car. You have to make an appointment to talk to these people. They keep their cars for ever and they reduce their price as they struggle selling them yet they don't negotiate. I have followed a couple of cars on their website for months only to see the price going down at $300 increments. Quite an interesting approach to used car sale.



These people are IMPOSSIBLE to reach by phone, or talk to. They do everything via email, including scheduling appointments. You can't even reach them before the appointment to ask questions about the car. They will not allow a test drive, and your mechanic must be within 6 miles of their office. Very, very difficult to work with. Very sketchy.


Current customer can't get timely replies

Reading the reviews, it's clear there are some issues with this business model. There is one person coordinating everything, as far as I can tell. She is friendly, but has yet to return a call or text when she says she will. I asked for an invoice, when I had secured the funds to buy, and I didn't even get a confirmation of my request. When I offer to buy something from a business, and I have the funds in the bank, and they don't seem to be interested... I always think and feel that's weird. If you don't want my money, that's kinda not cool. Can we start again, and people simply do what they say they're going to do? I still want the vehicle, if it hasn't been sold, but after reading the reviews, I'll definitely eat the cost to have it independently checked out. They have a lot of cool cars, but the lack of sales staff really makes the experience not much better than a typical car buying experience. The jury is out for now. Might just go to the dealer.

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