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This seller has been on since July 2005.
The Van Group is a premier trio of Chevrolet Cadillac & Subaru dealers located in beautiful Kansas City Missouri. With centralized easy-to-find locations Van has been a top choice for car shoppers not only in Kansas City but also in surrounding areas like Gladstone Platte Woods Parkville Riverside Independence Raytown Shawnee Overland Park and Olathe. The Van Group is proud to offer some of the best new and used Chevrolet Cadillac and Subaru vehicles in the Kansas City area!
For outstanding service an incredible selection of inventory and remarkable deals visit VAN!

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(406 reviews)

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Would not tell me the price of a oil change prior

Would not tell me the price of a oil change before the did the work. Any reputable garage will tell you how much the work will cost before performing any work.

Dealer response

Don, I want to discuss your experience with our Service Department. We strive to be upfront and have clear communication with our customers. Would you please call me at 816-527-8564 to discuss. That way I can address your concerns. Making sure you don't have that type of experience in the future if you choose to give us another opportunity to show you that isn't your typical experience with us. Kim Kloth


Crack in windshield hidden by a sticker

I bought a used vehicle recently, and for the most part the buying process went well. However, when I got it home and took the inventory sticker off the windshield, there was a crack directly under the sticker. I even checked it to make sure I didn't do it on the drive home, but there was repair glue/resin in the crack. Kind of annoying and frankly shady to have a defect hidden by a sticker. Now I have to buy a new windshield.

Dealer response

Michelle, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take our clients' comments seriously and would like to speak with you further so that we may work towards a resolution. At your earliest convenience, please reach out to our General Manager, Blake Fanning, at 855-971-8381 or


Will never go back

I am highly disappointed in my service from Van. After calling to just talk to someone about my check engine light being on I was transferred to 6 different people. Once I got my car in I learned it was going to cost $149.50 just to look at my car- I should have walked out then. Fast forward 3 hours, I get a call telling me multiple things wrong including an electrical problem their own sensors couldn't detect that would now cost me over $1k. Total repairs were going to cost me $3950! After a few attempts to call back and talk to a rep I decided to go pick up my car and take it to a mechanic. Here we found a small crack in a part that would be $125 labor. Needless to say for less than $300 (minus the $150 I paid Van for a small panic attack) I am back on the road and all is well. THIS is why I don't do dealerships and why I will always support local honest businesses.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to bring this negative experience to our attention. It is discouraging to hear that you had anything less than a stellar experience. At your earliest convenience, please reach out to our General Manager, Blake Fanning, at 855-971-8381 or


Never again

I have already filled out two reviews. Since they were not very positive, I guessed they were not published. Let's see if the third time is a charm. Let me make this as simple as I can. I will never set foot in this dealership again, nor would ever refer them to a friend or enemy.

Dealer response

David, Not sure what your referring to and have no idea what we did wrong. Would be glad to try and correct something that we failed to do just need to know what it was.


Sold a lemon!

My wife and I have had a very long stressful frustrating experience after purchasing a supposed “certified pre-owned“ 2019 platinum Cadillac Escalade from Van Chevrolet Cadillac dealership. After owning this vehicle for only 3 days we’ve had major issues with it.! The remote start and on star app start has been intermittent from the beginning. On the 3rd day while 5hrs away from our house out of town the vehicle wouldn’t work at all.! I put fuel and it turned on fine, then parked to go inside the store and when we walked out to leave I attempted the remote start that haven’t been working as it should. At No surprise it did NOT work. So I opened the door and noticed the radio and instrument display did NOT load as it should have. I pressed the start button, sounded like it turned on, but I noticed the instrument and radio still didn’t turn on... so I started pressing buttons on the radio then finally it loaded “slowly.” At this point I had a check engine and stability track light illuminated, and also a warning that my steering assist is reduced, see dealership. Then I wasn’t able to turn the steering wheel at all, rev the engine, or move forward in drive or backwards in reverse. So I attempted to restart the vehicle multiple times, in attempts to remedy the problem enough to get back to our hotel 2hrs away from where we were. All failed, so then I pressed the Onstar button. I talked with one of their representatives to discuss my very unfortunate situation!! It was Labor Day weekend, after 6pm, no vehicle rental places Open, no dealerships close enough to get too before they close... worst time and place for this to happen! Onstar performed a basic diagnostics check on the vehicle. After being towed back towards our hotel I disconnected and reconnected the battery to reset the codes. Then was able to drive it back to our hotel. Next morning We drove Towards home and Had a blow out from a nail that was in the tire from delivery.! So even more misery to our experience!!!! Finally on Tuesday we started dealing with our Texas dealership Ron Carter on fixing this issue that has originated with Van Chevrolet Cadillac dealership!!!! I’m getting zero help since the issue can magically not be duplicated now.! Remote start still is intermittent... and even though Ron Carters service supervisor has witnessed it himself, I’m told I pretty much have to deal with it until it gets worse!!!! Now after this same supervisor has done some digging with Van Chevrolet Cadillac dealership. Come to find out the previous owner was having the exact same issues.!!!! How is it even possible for Van Chevrolet Cadillac to sell it as a “CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED” with known issues?!?!? It’s been back and forth in the shop multiple times since the Tuesday after Labor Day. Ron Carter has owned our vehicle in their shop longer than we have...

Dealer response

Xavier, We have been through this with you many times and have asked if you wanted to take the vehicle somewhere else other then the dealership you last had it worked on. We would be more then happy to handle it here but you living as far away as you do makes it very difficult for that to happen. We will assist anyway we can like we have in the past. So far they have been unable to find the problem or even duplicate the problem. So please let us know if you want us to find a different dealership to look at the vehicle.


Stay away

We had a SUV delivered to our house to make sure it fit okay in our garage. The sales guy assured us our $500 deposit was fully refundable if we didn't purchase. We decided to go with another car from another dealer. Blake Fanning spoke to my wife telling her we were not getting our money back. The only reason we got a refund was because my wife knew someone in the business way higher up than Blake. Our guy gave Blake a nice little talk to make sure we were treated fairly. Just saying, beware of this dealership. Seems like a lot of games, and lots of gimmicks. You're gonna hate buying a car here. Good luck.

Dealer response

Mark, I apologize for your experience and to say the least I was very surprised when I saw this review. I cant remember you or your wife and have researched our customer base along with asking the salespeople and all sales managers and got the same response from everyone, "No one recalls this ever happening ". We never take deposit for test drives ever and returning deposits would never be a problem. I looked into credit card charges and tried to find a check that we wrote returning the $500 deposit back to you and came up with nothing. So please reach out directly to me so you can go over exactly what happened. Something doesn't match up and I would love to address this with you directly. Because at Van we DO NOT PLAY GAMES and value our TRUE Customers. Sincerely, Blake Fanning


brad wagoner

worst dealership in the country we put a downpayment On a vehicle Saying made whole the karch as we were flying in was called several hours later saying the car had been sold out from underneath us not sure what this kind of dealership is doing if they're doing a credit card fraud on our credit card or what buyer beware I would stay away from this dealership if it's the last thing I do

Dealer response

Hello, we strive for 100% satisfaction, and we regret to find out that this was not the case. But you can be guaranteed there is no fraud or wrong doing going on. It just happened that someone else purchased the vehicle prior to you finalizing your transaction.


Recent recall service

Great service. Performed required recall services without pushing add-on non critical items around the holidays.

Dealer response

Hi, your wonderful feedback and rating mean a lot to us. We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up. Take care! Sincerely, Blake Fanning


My 2018 Colorado

Van Chevrolet sale employee are very professional. the service dept. are prompt in getting your vehicle serviced .

Dealer response

We're pleased to know we have been able to exceed your expectations and really help you out! If you ever need anything else from us, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. Truly, Blake Fanning


Oil change and tire rotation

Excellent service quality work on time the staff was friendly the show room was clean, the coffee was fresh, and so were the donuts I will be back if I need to have any work done in the future, I will recommend this dealer to everyone.

Dealer response

It's our commitment to ensure quality customer care by providing comfortable and relaxing facilities as well as friendly and professional service to our guests. Your satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, so we want to sincerely thank you for choosing Van Cadillac and we hope to see you again in the near future! Sincerely, Blake Fanning

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