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This seller has been on since April 2016.
Plantation Ford offers a large selection of New and Pre-owned vehicles to our South Florida area customers. We have a state of the art parts center, body shop and service center. We are a family-owned and operated Ford dealer, for over 30 years, in Broward County, Florida.

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(23 reviews)

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horrible dealer

Don’t ever do business with this stealership. My 2020 f250 was towed to their service department not running. Sat for over 3 weeks due to no parts available. Ended up being stolen off the lot during business hours while everyone was working. On video a tow truck driver drove in, picked up my truck and towed it off. No one stopped the driver to ask why he was trespassing and towing off my truck. They didn’t tell us for 3 days. They were not even able to return my keys and tried to pass off key that I know wasn’t mine. This was an inside job with the service department. My ford pass which allows to track the vehicle was disconnected the day it was towed in. Had a “loaner” while truck was suppose to be getting fixed. The day after we found out was stolen brought the “loaner” back. We were charged over1000$ for the loaner because plantation ford told both ford and enterprise rental that we decided to not fix our brand new truck which didn’t run and had it towed out ourselves!! Avoid plantation ford and owner mike Hooley. Stay away from Julie in service. She has no customer service skills whatsoever


No Integrity or Honesty

I have purchased Ford vehicles for 30 years, dealt with many dealerships, Plantation Ford - the worst! Paid extra for “Ford Certified” (which previously meant something), less then 2 months from purchase, back brakes and rotors needed to be replaced - Plantation Ford DID NOT take care of it, basically said “oh well”, so I had to pay. Within the next 8 months, trim holding in back window falls off, and now front brakes need replacing - again their response, not their problem. Even the owner said “not our issue” and refused to take care of it! Not enough space for me to warn you about the buying experience and how your head will be spinning as they add, add, and add to the purchase price! Please GO ELSEWHERE!! Ford should be embarrassed to have them representing them this way!


Mr Juan M B we bought a Ford 150 FROM 2020

We were helped by Duane Diaz, excellent sales person . We made our purchase without any stress. We are very pleased with his service and we are recommending him to our friends . Thanks


Excellent Sales Service

I drove 180 miles to do business with our salesman Duane. Definitely a great experience. Both Duane and John from Finance had everything lined up and ready to go. If you are reading this review and are thinking about a new Ford please call Duane Diaz at Plantation Ford and I know you'll be happy with the service he will provide.



Plantation Ford sold me a lemon! and their service department simply doesn't know anything about fixing vehicles. We purchased a 2018 expedition zero miles. The truck turned off on me while driving on 595 my kids screaming and crying. The worst experience of my life. !! The truck has all sorts of problems shut off while driving, hesitates when you accelerate, control panel is possessed, the side mirrors make all sorts of weird noises when you start the car or while you are driving it they adjust themselves on their own, navigation system failures and more. I have taken the truck 3 different times to Plantation Ford and the truck still not working properly. 1st time when the truck turned off on me while driving on 595 I took the truck to the dealer. They called me about 2 days after taking the car in and said they had no idea what was wrong the truck had over 190 problem codes!! and they were going to keep it for more days to work on it. Truck spent over a week. Plantation Ford service called us saying the issues were fixed but right after picking up the truck we started experiencing the same issues plus an additional weird noise upon start. Truck shut off on me again this time thank God I was South on Pine Island after passing 595 and my kids were not with me. 2nd time back to dealer I am telling service manager truck is having same exact problems truck hesitates and it shut off while I was driving is impossible that they claim they fixed the issues but the truck still has the same problems and an extra one which it was a rattling noise. Again over a week waiting for truck to be repaired, service said it was fixed they reprogrammed some things, changed battery and some clips inside the engine that was causing the rattling and this should do it. Picked up truck, needless to say it was not fixed the car started hesitating, mirrors going crazy, main panel acting up, the noise was louder this time almost like a tractor. Took back to dealer car spent over 2 weeks. I get a call that this time is fixed, service changed the battery again, turbo kit, catalytic converter, some plastic rotor in the engine, reprogrammed navigation system and electrical items. Mind you this vehicle only has 28k miles.. Well I picked it up and guess what car still having problems not only the panel issues remain but the car shakes, hesitates, won't accelerate right away not even if you use it in sport mode I am afraid the car is going to shut off on me again while driving. So I go back to the dealer service department yesterday and they denied me service. They sent me home and said bring it back next week we can't take it. I was beyond myself. I have tried to contact the GM/owner and he's never there. Barbara who answers the phone was so rude and as I was explaining my situation she could care less she simply asked if I was finished about my issue she said the GM was on a meeting, then at lunch she will have him call me back. No one called I tried again today but now he's out of town and there is no one else there at this time. They could care less. And if you need them to get you a rental OMG the worst Enterprise will give you vehicles with expired tags,or will have you drive all around town picking the cars up instead of them picking you up. My recommendation is to RUN!! go somewhere else, they have people like Shelly, Richard and Shaun who are not rude at the service desk but they are helpless because all they can do is listen and write the tickets but is the leadership of this place that should care about the defective cars they give to people and either fix them or say they don't know how to fix them but don't give a person a car that is not fixed and send us out to risk our lives and the lives of others because of your negligence.



What ever you do, do not deal with the sales person name Paul Sullivan. His manager would not even talk my call either. RUN RN RUN


ford F150

Work done was great and Julie my service rep was outstanding. Everyone I dealt with was happy and friendly, had a pleasant experience all the way around.


Bad experience!

Recently we bought a new car there. Ford 150 pick up 2019 with o miles. We like this specific truck the they had in their showroom. Plantation Ford dealer had done some changing of the original tires and put a leveling kit with bigger tires. My husband saw this car and fell in love with it. So we bought it. As he drove it the following days.....he noticed that when he back up.....the tires rub against a steel iron that is part of the body of the car, making a loud noise and damaging the tires. We took it to the dealer and we spoke to Brian Minesweaser the accessory department. ...because they told me that accessory department did this job...they have to resolve it. After Brian inspecting the car....he said that there is really 4 solutions ...1. Stay with the car like that 2. Put the original tires that came with the truck or 3. Cut the steel iron that is part of the truck. 4. Lift the truck about 4 in. Higher....then it won't have problems..So we said wonderful, do that ...then he said that is going to cost us money... Why should we pay for your mistake? Brian said to us that when they alter the truck is expected, for this mall functioning to happen. .because the tires are so big for the space. So my husband ask Brian are recommending to us cutting this steel....why didn't you guys cut it before selling the vehicle...he simply responded...because is a liability and we can not sell a car like that...but you are recommending for us to cut it...then is my responsibility for this ...we then spike to assistant manager Justin Rohrbach...and he said they will take care of this problem. The same day which was July 16, 2019 my husband email all this very bad experience to the owner of the dealer Mike Hooley and no one had responded. Today I spoke to Dina....Mr. Hookey secretary and she was very rude....extremely...I do not recommend this dealer....and more over.....I have contacted WSVN NEWS....Help me that every one know about this



I recently bought a ford ranger and had issues with the computer console /radio does not even work. I had issues with customer service . they had a bad attitude and didn't really care about the problem . after 4 tries I contacted ford and they also were not helpful. very disappointed !! I do not recommend a ford ranger. seems to be a terrible vehicle. and ford doesn't care .

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