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Quirk GMC Manchester NH

What more can I say about quirk GMC in Manchester. After taking our lease to Ford for an oil change thinking nothing of it we ended up with a aftermarket oil filter that Ford thought was ok to put in. Well the filter combusted leaving tiny fragments of metal going through engine causing the car to need a new engine.. After Ford of Londonderry basically took it as a joke even though we have pictures and documents to back it up we came back to GMC to see if there was anything we can do. Dave over at service could not have been anymore helpful to us in a stressful time. He brought us over to Jay and Teresa in sales and without hesitation they jumped into action and made a messy situation go away. We will be back for our next vehicle without a doubt . If your looking for a new car come see these guys highly recommend!


Quick, Easy, Great, and will return again

Everything was great, I have already told some friends and have recommended they use you when getting a new car or truck.


Fast and smooth

They help me to get the car that I was looking for


My vehicle was originally serviced for a basic oil...

My vehicle was originally serviced for a basic oil change, first service on the truck (i believe it was on 9/14). Had no issues with my vehicle since leasing it in January. Had less than 7300 miles on it in 9 months. I do NOT drive much. Since the oil change, I had barely driven 30 miles by that Saturday. I left my home to take my kids apple picking (in town, less than 4 miles from my house). On the way there I noticed the truck was 'stuttering' or misfiring. By the time I made it all the way to the apple orchard my truck had begun making a tapping noise, and a very loud banging noise. I could tell right away that something was wrong with the engine and it sounded like it was out of oil. We proceeded to do our apple picking, and then I went home immediately. The longer I drove it, the louder it got; and please remember, this is less than four miles away; It began making the tapping noise even while idling and the banging noise increased as I drove. much more aggressive. I let the truck sit for about 20 minutes then we checked my oil. There wasn't oil. Yes, you read that correctly. The dip stick came out with barely a drop (quite literally) on the ball of the dip stick. I do have a video. I had it towed to the dealership for service using my roadside assistance, as its a lease. I spoke to the service manager, Chris. He informed me that we were just down a quart of oil, maybe two. I must have read the dipstick wrong. That the noise was caused by a factory defect on the lifters and its all covered under warranty. He wouldn't touch the truck until I got there so he could prove to me that there was actually oil put in the truck. I was working, got there about an hour later. he, or another service member, put oil in the truck and moved it out back. So, not only can I not prove any longer that the thing was empty, but he is insistent that my husband and I simply don't know how to read a dip stick. That we were just low. Even if that WERE the case, it had only been in the service deptartment four days earlier, shouldn't be low by any amount. AND, if he knew about this bulletin put out by GM, why wouldn't he check on this in my vehicle while its there for service FOUR DAYS EARLIER. he is covering his service departments xxx by lying to me and using the factory default on the lifters to fix the problem. He's dishonest, has no integrity, and was completely demeaning to me as a woman and customer. I told him as much. Not only this, but in the end he didn't even give me a vehicle that would safely fit my whole family of four. I had planned on buying this truck when its lease ran out, but there is NO way I can do that now. I have absolutely no faith in the service department at Quirk or that my engine isn't damaged. No telling what kind of long term effects this has caused on my engine. I will NEVER use the service department at the Quirk dealerships ever again. The nice man who helped me when I had to pick my truck up told me straight up that the service department has been having a lot of issues and that I should make sure to tell someone at corporate so they can finally get some help down there. I am unbelievably disappointed that I now will have to start all over again with a different vehicle when my lease is out, after having built up all that equity with my payments. This is not an inexpensive little sedan. Its a pickup truck, and has large payments. I will also have to find a different dealership to do my service. Quirk is so convenient to my home location. the inconvenience is minor, but still an inconvenience none the less. My trust in mechanics and the Quirk service department is tainted forever, non existent at this point. I will continue to let others know as well not to use that service department if they want to keep their vehicles safe! I certainly hope to receive some kind of response from the GM Corporate office about this as its a major problem when you have all those vehicles running through there. Who knows how many are driving unsafe without even knowing it!!


A big "shout out" to Logan Russell for his prompt...

A big "shout out" to Logan Russell for his prompt attention and service and to the Quirk Service Department team for their excellent and accurate work.


2020 GMC Acadia Denali - Great Experience

Met all of our expectations throughout the transaction. Great place to buy a new or used vehicle from.

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing your feedback! It is very important to our dealership that we earn the trust of our guests by following through with our promises and providing hassle-free service. Sincerely, The Quirk Buick GMC Team


Quirk Buick GMC

Third SUV from Quirk. Always pleased with sales and service.

Dealer response

Thank you for the great review, Renee. Please come visit us if you need anything else, be it service or sales. Sincerely, The Quirk Buick GMC Team


The worst dealer I've ever had to deal with

I have had my 2017 diesel here 3 times in one week . They are big dealer with no real mechanics is xxxxing sad . The either have too much going on or really don't know what they're doing


Worst dealership

This dealership wasted my time and lied to me. I drove an hour out to them to look and and likely buy a specific truck. I emailed back and forth with them and they knew what truck I was coming to see. I arrived and they told me that the truck was on another lot. After 20 minutes they brought a different truck up that was much different than I came to see. They said that they did not know where the truck that I came for was. They were rude and arrogant while I spoke to them and did nothing to try to resolve the issue. I will never go back and encourage everyone to never shop at this dealership. Do not waste your time here.


Steve obrien is the best

Quirk is the best Steve obrien took good care of me.

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