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Buyer Beware!

Buyer beware — as of early May, BMW of Newton is unilaterally reneging on dozens of previously negotiated customer orders unless the customers agree to pay $1500 above invoice. The general manager and sales manager of BMW Newton have washed their hands of the situation and pointed the finger at the president of Open Road as he personally directed this new short-sighted policy, purportedly in response to BMW’s supply issues. What a poor representative of the BMW brand. Avoid Open Road dealerships at all costs and instead patronize dealers who operate ethically and keep their word. Don’t feed corporate greed!


You need 3 gaskets. it will be $ 4,700.

Got ripped off for $4,700 for a big job that did not need to be done. got home , oil still leaking, went back. $61 o ring was the real problem and i am out $4,700 for a major job that was not a problem to begin with. BEWARE Do not trust Michael


Great Experience

I had the pleasure of dealing with Jeremy as my sales representative. I live out of state so I thought I would face a few obstacles in getting I wanted. However Jeremy very easy elevated those worries and assisted me in getting the car I wanted ASAP. They offer a video of the car and showed pretty much all the physical pros and cons of the car which I appreciated. Since I wasn't able to drive it I couldn't tell if there were any internal problem with the car, but I fully trusted Jeremy and was right in doing so. There were only very minor problems with the car such as faulty engine oil meter that was inexpensive to fix. Would highly recommend this dealership.


Avoid Avoid - Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware!!! BMW of Newton could do better! Detailing was a JOKE. Car has goldfish crackers in glove box. Carpet is gross. They washed the outside and splashed a little armor-all on the seats. Car itself - Bumper was not attached - Just needed a few body pins. Car required 2365 worth of work before we could drive it. The radiator failed on the way home. One key - no offer to help get an additional key. At the end of the sale just an "oh by the way - only one key" Then the found it and mailed with the tags. Also there is a $699 fee and a $199 etching fee that they say are not negotiable. The etching is an insurance policy and it is illegal to force it on people. Also they get the etch numbers and acid free, the dealer only pays when they submit the signed contract to the insurer. They said "We already did the etch it is mandatory for all our cars." BS!!! The finance manager get $50 to $100 bonus every time they trick you into the etch. They did relent on the etch but it was shady, their solution was to reduce the price of the car 199 to cover the cost. But the contract still had the etching line item - we did not get the form to sign or the coverage. AVOID!!!!


Best car buying experience ever had

Great car buying experience ever had. Great staff. People who we worked with are the great knowledgeable persons to deal with. Jared, Derrick, Eli and Pedro are the staff I can suggest. Professional approach. No pressure experience. Refer to anyone who wants to go with BMW.


Lied about patching tires on used car

I purchased a used car that was still under warranty. Before I could even pickup the car it had to go into the shop. Upon picking up my car, the tire light cane on the second day. I went In for service where they told me it’s unsafe to patch a run flat tire- looked and my tires and said everything was fine. Now I’ve been forced to add air to my tire once a week until the day I was drying with my 1 year old baby and husband and the tire blew. Come to find out the tire was actually patched twice and really was so unsafe for me to have been driving let alone with a baby in the car. I was so scared and hysterical, when the tire blew it almost caused me to go into the guard rail on the highway. After multiple attempts of calling my sales person and even the manager - I got no where. They would all just ignore my calls and no one ever called me back. This is my third BMW because of the safety it provides for my family but it will be the last one I ever purchase from this dealership. For a measly $300 they risked not only my life but my entire families and lied to me that my tires were fine and than didn’t even have the common courtesy to call and speak with me. Very disappointed- I’m not going to let this go- I’m going to do my best to get in touch with someone at bmw that might actually care about their customers and let them know bmw of newton is releasing unsafe cars and lying to their customers. Hopefully someone can stop this before it costs someone their life.



I had a new BMW 2019 X5 I had very good experience here. They do excellent job for me. I checked every BMW dealer but this one is best. Nice people, nice customer service and BEST PRICE!!(which is most important )


Poor customer service

I leased from this dealership. After 8,000 miles was told I needed 4 new tires. Instead of helping me, the GM tried to blame me. He was so rude and actually yelled at me. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place!



Since my review on their site doesn't show, I'll post one here. This dealership with the exception of Jared, Victoria, Heather and Dennis needs a completely new staff. The GM doesn't seem to care too much of his staffing and their inability to work with customers in a professional manner. In the month of my purchase of a used vehicle, many things went wrong and were not spoken about. Bad thermostat, dents, bad water pump, dry rotted tires, a rag in the air filter box, horrible brakes, radiator leaks, a missing $300 key, the list can go on. I've left emails, messages, and called multiple times to no avail. Instead of taking care of the vehicle like their warranty said, I was given a "break" where I would pay $1100 for an error on their part. I had to fight tooth and nail to make this dealership take care of issues that should've been resolved before the purchase. The service written on paper was not actually the service done i.e. faulty horn (I found a fuse with a copper wire wrapped around it) was never checked. So called topping up of fluids not done. There's just too much to describe, I suggest everybody stay away from this sorry excuse of a dealership. Find a place that will usher professional customer service and take care of their errors.


Purchase of used X5

Purchased a 2013 BMW X5. The sales rep was very knowledable. My experience with this dealer is a mixed one. When I purchased I didn’t see any indication that it was an “as is” vehicle but got treated as if it was. If I had known that the suv only came with one key and a replacement key cost 500.00 I would have walked away. The parking brake malfunction on the 2nd day two of ownership and they offered to split the cost which they quoted to be 3100.00. I recommend the dealer but be prepared. The prices are excellent but you get what you pay for. BMW is a very expensive vehicle to maintain.

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