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New (866) 938-5037 (866) 938-5037
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Service (866) 939-4415 (866) 939-4415


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Jake Sweeney Mazda Your Cincinnati Mazda Dealership
Located at 95 West Kemper Road Cincinnati OH. Jake Sweeney Mazda is your source for new and used Mazda vehicles. Our goal is to make as many OH Mason Hamilton and Loveland Mazda customers as satisfied as possible. It is through treating people right that Jake Sweeney Mazda separates itself from other Mazda Dealers throughout Ohio.
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(748 reviews)

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Drove from Louisville to purchase my vehicle.

Drove from Louisville to purchase my vehicle. Pleasant experience at the dealership. I would buy a car from Jake Sweeny/Jason Vaughn again


Prompt response to inquiry.

Prompt response to inquiry. Very professional. Respected our time. Salesman was knowledgeable, but not pushy, with no attempt to upsale.


Horrible dealership that won't get back to you on issues....

Horrible dealership that won't get back to you on issues. They're all about the same but go silent when you have an issue.


Best experience! Keith Jenkins really helped me out and I...

Best experience! Keith Jenkins really helped me out and I now have my new car!


Would never recommend

dealer tries to force you to buy their (paint and fabric protection for 7 years for $1,500 acting as it if not optional, because they already added) I'm sorry your poor decision to add almost $220 cost to your cars( the dealer cost to add the paint and fabric protection) does not require me to spend $2,000 extra addendum on top of the car price. Absolutely will not ever consider a vehicle from them. Horrible business tactics. Yes I am aware of the current market for cars was well aware I would have to pay msrp for the vehicle I wanted minus incentives. But I will not fall victim to this predatory tactic.


I purchased a new 2010 Mazda 3 in 2009 from the Jake...

I purchased a new 2010 Mazda 3 in 2009 from the Jake Sweeney Mazda dealership, located in Tri County/Cincinnati and found that my Mazda was cracking and had the "sticky dash" issue that was described in the extended recall and no one ever got back to me on. I called and emailed the local dealership and was told they couldn't help me. I'm now stuck with a car that clearly has defects that were covered and no one at my local Mazda dealership has done any thing to make this situation better. I've reached out to the GM and Service Manager and didn't even get a response from them. Be prepared to have a horrible experience if you ever buy a car from them and have a service issue.


Very nice people and good service , they goes over your...

Very nice people and good service , they goes over your vehicle with you and make sure everything working great. Service is excellent, bob bray sales is very nice.


My wife and I have not purchased a new vehicle in many...

My wife and I have not purchased a new vehicle in many years. Our experience with Keith Jenkins and every single other staff member we met and worked with was nothing short of incredible. What a pleasure to be taken care of by a professional team working together as part of a smooth-running operation... led by Keith Jenkins, who was so easy to work with. Keith provided all the information we needed, and answered all our questions with confidence and clarity. The same goes for Sales Manager Kris Miller, Finance Manager Mike Donohue, and Service Manager Jeff Ames. Truly great people to work with when you're making a purchase of this importance. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I recommend your dealership and your superior staff to anyone looking to buy a Mazda anytime in the future. We appreciate you!


Let me just say working with Keith was amazing! I knew...

Let me just say working with Keith was amazing! I knew the moment I spoke with him on the phone that I was going to work with him if I could. He was so professional, really cared about what I was looking for and my concerns and just all together was a fabulous individual. He had the sale the more contact I had with him. Cannot sing his praises enough! What almost lost the sale and what had Keith not been a delight was the finance guy. He seemed nice enough at first but that quickly changed when I rejected some of his offered. Firstly, it wasn’t a good deal I was already paying for almost everything he had to offer and if I wasn’t I have a guy for that. I have someone for everything as far as a vehicle goes and the question of whether or not Jake Sweeney was going to be in the trust circle was still up in the air. I love my Machanic, my rim guy, my tire guy, my window guy everything and those are my relationships I and my family have built up over the years I’m not going to drop that for people I’ve just met and am testing out. Plus the contract stated that if you used other people for work on your car then they were a “spiteful ex” and he put it and it wasn’t a relationship I was willing to get into especially since long term it would have made my total paid and owed WAY HIGHER. Another issue I had with him was he did not like I got outside consults before finalizing anything and said he didn’t like that I did that because he didn’t think the person I talked to understood how good of a deal it was. Well as I said before you’re new I don’t know you all yet and the way it was going I wasn’t sure I wanted to he seemed to think I shouldn’t be allowed to make outside calls because I rejected the offers. Well I have a right to check with anyone what I’m paying for already and what I need and don’t again you’re new to the group pending being it in so if he would have told me “No outside calls” and he clearly wanted to. I would have left and gone somewhere else because I have to double check you on what you’re telling me and then see if it’s something I’m already paying for and need which I didn’t. It was very uncomfortable and again had it not been for my experience with Keith and the fact I loved the car I would of went elsewhere. Another thing that was very uncomfortable was when I handed him $3,000.00 he asked me how I got it”? I said what do you mean? I work. I saved.” It was just not comfortable at all. Especially when I left and he went in where I could see him to another office and fumed to whoever that was in there because I didn’t take the extras? I assume he made some sort of a profit off of that. It almost made me leave and I just didn’t appreciate it. Again Keith was wonderful he even followed up with me to make sure I liked my car a few days after. But if he wouldn’t have been Jake Sweeney would not have been for me. But I LOVE my car! Thank you for that!


My sales person great and everything was good. But I...

My sales person great and everything was good. But I thought that car came with floor mats but nope. Then I found out that in 2016 they had a known issue with the wheels delamination and Mazda will only give me enough to cover the repair of 3 of the 4. The infotainment system needed a big update that cost me an extra $35 that when I called the service department they knew it needed it. So overall I felt like it had some stuff that should have been taken care of before I purchased the car.

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