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Classic Subaru is Atlanta's Oldest Full Service Subaru Dealer. We have been in Atlanta for over 30 years providing an excellant car buying experience. We have a great selection of New and Certified Pre-Owned Subarus and a knowledgable staff that will assist you throughout the process. Call or come in today to see how fast fun and easy it can be to purchase a new or used Subaru with Classic. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom!
Atlanta's Family Owned Subaru Dealer for Over 30 Years.

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(301 reviews)

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It almost as if Subaru is an Organized Crime Outfi

They have literally destroyed my car. I brought it in for the 129k service. After I got it back, I noticed that it was not running as smooth as before. I brought it back. They said it was OK. I took it on a trip, about 1000 miles, and out of nowhere all the engine lights came on. Turns out the cc had burned up. They were nice enough to give me 1/2 off the replacement, I realize now it was probably an attempt to keep me from digging too deeply. After getting it back, the oil light came on after 800 miles. I took it back in and they said there was an issue with the filter. Got it back, a few hundred miles, oil light again, now, it was a cracked block, which the claim is manageable, but that they would replace, again for half off. My problematic this point was trust. So I met withe the director of service Quinton Mantson, who acknowledged Subaru's problem with the block issues and who also suggested I try 15w 40 oil which they did indeed use. Yesterday, my engine failed 20 miles outside of Asheville. The service advisor looked at me in disbelief as I told him everything. He asked me to wait, came back and said that the use of the 15w40 had almost certainly destroyed the engine and is professional malpractice. I won't go into the other issues of what I now know are the complete slime all practices of Kennesaw Subaru where I bought it but I'm sure lawyers are about to be involved. Both of these places...don't go.


I had best experience with this dealership. I had leased...

I had best experience with this dealership. I had leased multiple cars. People working are knowledgeable about the products they sell. Humble and respectful. I will recommend anyone. Raj


I don’t get the bad reviews. I’ve had nothing but...

I don’t get the bad reviews. I’ve had nothing but spectacular service here for the last 5 years. Just purchased my 3rd new Subaru from them and every time they have gone above and beyond to make me happy. Never once was anyone trying to pressure me or steer me in a direction I wasn’t interested in. They were honest with me about trade options and never once was there a bait and switch attempted. If you are of solid mind and understand how the car buying experience actually works, you will not find a better more reasonable Subaru dealership in the state.


I initially posted a nasty review due to a major issue...

I initially posted a nasty review due to a major issue with the car's taxes, but I was able to sort things out with the dealership and the Dep. of Rev. 4 stars because it was such a difficult process to sort out.


Unethical Tax Scheme - No Responses

While I had a great experience purchasing the car, this dealership created an absolute NIGHTMARE for me when they wrote the state taxes for the car to the WRONG tax commissioner for the WRONG amount. Good luck getting in touch with anyone in the dealership, if it is not to purchase a new car. I will update this review if we can sort out the situation, but for now they have treated me like dirt. I had to front them the state taxes on a BRAND NEW CAR to get my car registered, and now they will not get back to me when they owe me a substantial amount of money. Call me Classic Subaru. Let's work this out.


Customer Service is very unprofessional

I initially called to obtain the number for my warranty, the customer service rep was super unprofessional. She didn't answer my call until the 3rd time calling. When I finally spoke to her she transferred me to a number and no one answered. Whenever I would try to call back, she simply did not answer the phone. Maybe she recognized my number. I had to have my cousin call from a different number to finally get through. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she transferred me to a sales person. They transferred me to another sales rep. When I finally got in touch with the supervisor, I was simply brushed off and not taken seriously. It is very disappointing for me to be calling this place of business for the sole purpose of getting an 800 number, and having to go through this ordeal. Felt very disrespected and not taken seriously. Word of advice, do not do business with this dealership.


Awful experience with their finance department!

I was lied and misled regarding the 0.9% finance offer. I went to the dealer on Dec. 31, 2019 and clearly told John Boyer that I was looking to purchase a car before January 2nd in order to get the 0.9% finance offer. He told me the offer was valid only for the Outback. I choose a 2020 Outback XT and left a $2,000 deposit. Early morning on January 2nd, I called the dealer and spoke with John to ensure the car was arriving on that day (it was coming from NC) and my finances were in order. I was told everything was good and needed to come that day to get the finance offer. After waiting most of the day for the car to arrive at the dealer, I was told to come to the dealership at around 6:00 pm. I drove to the dealership in torrential rain. After being there for an hour doing some paperwork (traded in my old car, cancelled and updated insurance, purchased some other items) with John, Charlie from the finance department came and said that the 0.9% was not applicable on the Outback XT. John claimed that he didn't know. I rushed into the dealership because as John told me the last day for that offer was January 2nd. Charlie offered 5.4% rate which I refused, then he offered 4.99%, then he made a call to his boss and offered 3.99% which I accepted. When checking the total amount I noticed Charlie increased the price by $3,000 for extended warranty, gap protection and DuPont protection. I told him I only want to buy the car. Now, we were back to 5.4%. Out of anger and total frustration, I burst into tears. Charlie left his office and came back with a note with 2.99% and 3.29%. I felt I was negotiating with a bunch of dishonest cliché car salespersons in a dirt lot. I purchased the car. Later that night, I explained to my 18 year old son what happened. He checked on the Internet and found that Subaru was offering 2.99 and 3.29% for the XT. I spent two months researching brands and cars. I knew about the Consumer Reports rating for Subaru. I am happy with the car. I am also happy with the professional treatment I received from Sergio and Scott at the dealership. I truly hate the unnecessary and dishonest way of how John and Charlie managed this purchase for no other reason to make more money out of me. John later tried to defend Charlie's actions by saying that they had an awful last few months because people were buying their cars with cash and not financing them and Charlie was "just trying to take care of his family". I wonder if all of this was done because I was a woman purchasing a car on her own. Do you think a man (or any woman) will be willing to pay a higher finance fee just because Charlie or John are not getting well paid by Classic Subaru or Classic Cadillac of Atlanta?


Go to Subaru of Gwinnett instead

Much better experience at Subaru of Gwinnett. SOG has been the most honest dealer service center I've encountered and their waiting rooms always have drinks and snacks when I go. Classic Subaru has been my worst dealership experience by a long shot (I've purchased from Tesla, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Lexus). Classic Subaru was months of lies and misdirection from the finance manager, Jason Strong. read on if you want the story: ~4-5 Yrs ago - purchased a WRX at Classic and gold warranty coverage the following day (finance manager had left by the time I finished purchasing WRX). They said the printer was off and that the warranty went through so I had no receipt. I kept my pay statement from CC just in case. Recently: 5/24 The finance manager at Classic asked me to submit a bogus warranty return request. Fake form that was never submitted for refund. 6/3 Finance manager told me it would take 10 weeks 7/29-8/15 Finance manager says it went to accounting and the 'warranty company' needs to issue a refund. I had purchased a Subaru Gold warranty, not a 3rd party. 8/16 Finance manager lies to me telling me that Corporate doesn't have anything to do w/ warranty cancellation and tells me that contacting them will have no effect (Later turned out to be true that contacting Corporate was useless). 8/16 Finance manager contacts me again saying that warranty refund has been processed and that the delay was caused by turnover within the accounting department (I would later find that the ACCT dpt has nothing to do w/ the cancellation process) 8/26 more lies about not knowing why I haven't received refund 9/3 I contact Corporate and they tell me that they haven't received anything from Classic Subaru 9/4 I submit the warranty cancellation forms to Subaru Corporate 9/26 Corporate asks me for payment statement that I had saved from years ago. Apparently Classic Subaru had entered my warranty as $0 purchase price. Corporate then asks me to wait until November/December after accepting my proof. 12/19 I ask about the refund and Corporate tells me they credited $923 back to Classic Subaru for my refund mid-October and that I should've received a check already 12/19 Corporate steps off and leaves it in Classic Subaru's hands Xmas - I call it quits. Not worth it any longer. Lesson learned. Subaru cust. service proved useless and it was all a waste of time to get a few hundred $s back.


I did not like the dealer.

I did not like the dealer, because they did not help hard enough to get the deal, manager was not friendly, he just gave one price and that’s it.


Excellent buying experience

Very positive buying experience at Classic Subaru. Sales Consultant Mark Campbell is knowledgable, straightforward and extremely helpful. Low pressure approach to sales and very responsive to questions and information requests. I would highly recommend working with Mark. RPD

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