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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(74 reviews)

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Very bad service , they don’t deliver what they promise.

Very bad service , they don’t deliver what they promise. I Don’t recommend for them.


I'm an out of state buyer for a specific model of truck.

I'm an out of state buyer for a specific model of truck. This dealership happened to have it and I drove 400 miles to Abramovich Motors to see it. I decided to make the purchase and have it shipped to me. The staff, particularly Lana and Jerri were so helpful and made this a great experience. I felt like a valued customer, who was respected and treated fairly. They kept all their promises and I trust them. Thanks Lana, Jerri and your family. Also they have some Beautiful scenery


Very nice professional people.

Very nice professional people. Also, nice clean facility. There was no pressure whatsoever! Would highly recommend.


This is the type of place that gives used car dealers a...

This is the type of place that gives used car dealers a bad name. Every one of their nice cars have major damage on the carfax but are being sold at top price, some even have the odometer rolled back. They buy these at auction with major issues then fix them cosmetically. They have warranty listed on the sticker but they sell as is in the fine print unless there is a manufacturers warranty left, but if the car has been totaled in the past that would void warranty. Go somewhere else, you can get plenty of quality used cars right out if lease in the same area. These guys are crooks.


2016 Kia Soul

Great Experience with Mark and Lana. As always when buying cars I go into the process skeptical but was very surprised that in this case that wasn't necessary. Fair deal on the car. Process was quick and efficient. The most important thing to me is that even thought the car report didn't show damage they had been informed by the auction that there had been a body repair. If was an extra step that they didn't need to expose to me that they did. Very happy with that professionalism .


Strung Me Along on a Car They Knew Had Damage

An out of state buyer. Found exactly what I was looking for and contacted the dealership. Had everything worked out after a couple weeks of back and forth, and chose to pay $300 for a full inspection at an Audi dealership. Basically told me that there was some frame damage connected to a door panel. So I got back in touch with the dealership and ended up talking to the owner. Some run around before he basically told me that he knew about the damage and they were planning to get it fixed. Long story short....they refunded my down payment and I was out the inspection costs. Owner made no mention that they would get it repaired. Just wanted to refund my downpayment and probably try to sell to the next unsuspecting buyer. Very sad that I was put through all this nonsense for an issue that the dealership said was noticeable immediately. Stay away from this dealership.


Giving “As Is” a whole new meaning

I have mixed feelings on my experience buying a car here. It didn’t start well when I went to purchase my Honda Pilotonly to find out that the price listed was a mistake - and that they were increasing it $2k. Fine, I’ll do my best to trust that it was just an error and not them being shady as soon as I showed interest. Then it was the constant back and forth of bad information- to which I’ll assume was again just innocent human error. So, I get to the dealership to buy the car and the representatives are very nice and helpful- no complaints there. I do a thorough go through of the vehicle notating some minor damages - which, for the price are acceptable - but notice that it’s pretty dirty. I mean, they knew I came to buy the car and while I can see the exterior had been washed the inside had basically only been vacuumed. I would have expected the car to be detailed and shampooed in the least from a reputable dealership. I can absolutely without a doubt tell you that it was not - and this is how I know. When I decided to shampoo it myself (the morning after purchasing) I started to move the seats and found old dried vomit under the seat. Like a pretty generous amount - NOT easy to miss! I’m a mom of two. I know vomit well. Cleaning your own kids vomit is pretty awful, cleaning another person’s old dried stinky vomit is a new experience. So anyway, I stuck it up and detail the car myself. The carpet cleaner water was BLACK. It was soooo filthy. But it’s done and I’m loving my car. So you decide what you’re willing to put up with for a good deal.


Happy with my newer car

I recently bought a 2015 Buick verano from the staff at Abramovich motors. They were all very courageous and helpful during the process. Anya sent me to Carmax down the street to see if I could get more money for my older trade-in. There was a rattle in the trunk that turned out to be struts that needed to be replaced. They ordered the part and new battery for my car. While I was waiting for the repairs to be done they moved me into a warmer office and set up the TV for me. I appreciate everything they have done to make my vehicle purchase pleasant. Thanks everyone. LS



Buyers be aware!!! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!! I purchased a 2015 Z28 2 yrs ago, I went to a different dealership to trade-in and try to purchase a newer car. I wast told that the value of my car was half of what is worth because It was frame damaged. They knew that the car was frame damaged and they sold it to me like that. The car fax that they showed me did not show anything !!! because it takes some time to show in car fax. I talked to one of the owners YEVI and I asked for his help and his answer was sorry but your car is not worth the current value....I wonder WHY??? So please have your cars inspected before you buy cars from this guys. I made a mistake and trusted them. Just looked at their website and their CAR FAXES. Most of their cars have have some kind of damaged or accidents. Because they buy them at a action for cheap prices and sell them to their customers for top dollar. If you want to avoid headaches and have peace of mind do yourself a favor and DON"T TRUST THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE THIEVES!!!!


Best establishment

Worked with me the entire time I was there. They actually care about helping the customers and even stayed late two hours after closing time to assist me.