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About our dealership

This seller has been on since August 2020.
We at Concept Auto inc. would like to Welcome you to our dealership! We hope your experience here on our website and at our showroom will be above your expectations!
We are located in the heart of Miami 1 Mile East of Miami International Airport basically few minutes from anywhere... South beach Downtown Coral Gables Hialeah... We are very easy to get to right at the N.W. 27 Ave. exit ramp of Rt. 112 (airport expressway) We also offer home delivery!!!
Everyone Approved-Buy. Buy Here-Pay Here.


(7 reviews)

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Car turned out to be junk

I traveled from Philadelphia to purchase the car. When in phone and text contact with dealer there was never any discussion on damage of car. The car looked visibly in good condition and was sold As Is. The car had dry rot tires, damaged frame, bad paint job. This car should have never been sold. it did not even pass safety inspection in Pennsylvania. I was duped. Do not buy from this dealership unless you are willing to spend the extra money to get a mechanic or body shop to look it over. While I realize no used car is perfect. This car should have been sent to junkyard not to a dealership


Good people! Excellent service Nice cars! don’t regret making my purchase here. And every thing fast and easy! Thanks to future cars Miami I’m driving a relevant good condition car can’t complain


Terrible Service

So I have been waiting all week to go see this car on the weekend and spoke with someone there and got the okay to come on Saturday mind you they don't usually call you back nor pick up the phone. Nevertheless when I got there after an hour drive they were closed long before the closing time. So Sunday I called 4 times and no one picked up as usual and finally someone called me back and when I expressed my disappointment of their service she told me to go somewhere else. I will never recommend you. 1 star is still too much.


Worse Dealership in the history of Dealerships. Go

I just lost 1700 going back and forth for the incomplete information, they tell you numbers without showing you any documentation, they tell you a price for the vehicle and right after you took it off the lot and come back to finish the deal they will change that price telling you so when are you going to pay the rest? what rest oh I said you have to pay another one thousand because this car was 3000 down, I never heard of this 3000 down all the time we talked about 1500, I wasted like 2300 with all the paperwork I had to do going to the insurance company and so on, after coming to sign off on the document I was ready to finish the deal after two or three days of me driving the vehicle, they will let you get the vehicle but they will not tell you how much is the total for the vehicle because according to them, they can't give you a final price or show you the breakdown of the payments and everything because the bank they work with takes time, I have spoken to other dealerships and they have all told me that makes no sense. I refused to pay the extra 1000 thousand dollars for the downpayment and wanted to get my money back and find another dealership because at this time I already lost confidence, but the manager said there is no way that I will get my downpayment back, It took me so long to save up my money to get my first vehicle, sweat and tears just to be lost like this, the vehicle was a Ford Fuson 2016 black sedan I was skeptical about this vehicle to begin with because the paint around the passenger door seems like it has been repainted, and the color seems not to be the original color. I went to carfax to check the vehicle because they didnt provide any carfax my mistake I should have asked, in my carfax it shows that it has been involved in flood. After refusing to pay the extra 1000 he said I could pick a cheaper vehicle that is the best that I can do, there were no vehicles that I like but since I already paid the down and I dont want to lose my hard earned money, I picked a white Hyundai Sonata 2016, only two years old but with 55k miles. how is that possible unless the vehicle was used as a rental car, or uber, but I had no choice I took the vehicle I was told the vehicle was 10,000k and that I had to give 2000 down I said okay, again they didnt fix my paperwork right there they told me to go home and came back after a few days, I asked him again so how much is this car in total they again said I can't tell you because until the bank answers me I wont be able to know. I came to get the papers after a couple of days and I was told everything is fine now no problem the monthly payment will be 363. I thought not so bad, and left then I went over the papers at home after a couple of days, and I saw the total amount $23,833. What the F.....Then I decided to look online for the same vehicle and I found about 20 other vehicles same age with 15k 25k for 12,000 dollars I went to the dealerships to talk to them and they all laughed at me saying what the xxxx, they ran some new numbers with the same down payment of 2k and they monthly payment came to 340 and the total price of the vehicle to 19,000 and much newer model with GPS and 25k miles. I rapidly went to the dealership to return my car just that I couldn't start the car it was dead some battery problem and had to ask some else to give me a boost, on my so-called new car. I went to the dealership left the keys and took off. I hope nobody else lose their hard earned money the way I did. Turned out the once 10k car became 15k and plus 7k extra for the interest over a period of 60 months. Share it and save a friend money is hard to make.


Great experience!!

This guys are terrific... They did a great job with me. Great cars.. The best prices.. I highly recommend them!!!!


Great Dealership for the lowest priced car

I went to Concept Auto Inc. because of their add on the internet. I got there and was immediately greeted by David. Who found me the perfect car and the best price. I did not think it was possible for me to get into a car, but I got into the VW Passat 2012 and everything went very smoothly. I was in and out in 1 hour and 10 minutes, never had that happen before in all my years of car buying...


Worst business ever! Do not buy from them!

Concept Auto is the worst of all businesses I have had to deal with my entire life, for autos and in general, and that's a lot to say from someone who rarely complains and have seen bad customer service quite often! They lied to me, treated me as a fool for over 3 months, gave me the runaround; when you talk to one person, you get one answer, the next day the second person tells you the opposite, then a week later the first person changes his version too... Endless conversations and lies, from the add on websites to post-purchase issues. Max, the finance manager, has the most outrageous and pathetic customer service skills, the others are no better. Never do business with them, they're a scam,even for the auto industry.

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