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I bought a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta from Classic Performance Auto in March 2020. The purchase price of the Car was $2,700 and since then I have spent over $3,000 in the last four months just keeping it on the road. Since purchasing the car, I had to replace the clutch; fix two leaks: one from the Coolant reservoir tank and the other from the Vacuum pump; replace the cruise control mechanism; replace the AC compressor and replace the radiator fan. I reached out to the Classic Performance Auto to complain about all of the repairs that I had to make on this car and they told me to pound salt. Furthermore, when I purchased the car, the Car's front axle had a loose bolt that we did not know about. They only way we found out about this issue was my stepson was driving the car and the wheel almost fell off. I took the car back to the auto shop that worked on the car before it was sold to me and they confirmed that the bolt was loose, They agreed to fix the issue by replacing the entire assembly and sent me on my way. After driving the car for about a week, I noticed a loud noise coming from the left side of the car where the tire almost fell off. I took the car back to the same auto shop to check it out and he said he didn't know what the issue was. Now I am Charlotte and I had to take the car in to the shop because the Engine Light came on again for about the 5th time. I asked that auto shop to look at the car to figure out why the car was sounding like a small jet engine. He said it was due to the damaged wheel bearing and axle on the side of the car where the wheel almost came off. So to fix this latest issue, it will cost me around $800. I contacted the auto shop again to let them know about the Wheel Bearing and axel and now they are refusing to fix the issue. The real issue with this whole ordeal is that I drove this car from Cary to Charlotte not knowing that the wheel could have fallen of the car while do 75 miles per hour I85. Now the car that I purchased for my son to commute back and forth to College just sits in the parking lot because I refuse to put one more cent into this car. If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle from this dealership, I would highly recommend that you search elsewhere.


Is this an actual Dealer

This looks like a junkyard. I went to see a car they listed on Craigs and it was dirty , nasty inside , misrepresented the car as good shape but steering wheel was screwed up, rips in seats etc. Walked around the junkyard dealer lot for 10 15 minutes looking at other cars. No one acknowledged my existence, which after looking at their inventory, I was happy I could just leave. I would not buy a tonka toy here . Wasted my time.


Awesome Experience

I've been looking for my dream car for two years with certain color specifications, great ride and a great professional to sale me a vehicle for a reasonable price. Alex made this process easy, enjoyable and there was no pressure at all. He even gave me a great price on my trade!! Please visit this dealer if you are looking for value in product and value in great customer service. Thanks again, Alex!!


Quality service and cars!!

The dealership looks more like a repair shop only. About 3 weeks ago I bought my 2003 Passat which was in great condition inside, out side and under the hood. Mike assured me they "stand behind their cars." A week later I had an issue with a rear window, thermostat and a sensor...they stood on their word! Repairs were done in no time. Customer service was great!



Dealer sold me a vehicle that had the CEL reset before I received it. The next day, CEL appeared and I took it to the shop. There was a total of $2500 in repairs. My 30 day tag was going to run out in two days so I contacted the dealer to see where my license plate was. They stated that the vehicle needed an emissions inspection before they could receive a license plate. Therefore, the dealer never inspected the vehicle before he sold it to me. I had to make all the repairs. Before they sold me this car, they said it was a great shape with a clean history. Both statements were false.


AAA+ Auto Sales

Was looking for a car for my daughter's first year at college. We bought a 2002 VW Beetle. The car was in great shape to begin with. I called Alex with a couple of mechanical issues about two weeks after the purchase. He told me to bring it by the shop and it would be taken care of. I looked up the costs to have these items repaired: over $550! Not only did he not charge for the services, he communicated every detail about the replaced items.Alex and his team have always been very professional and gracious during the entire process. I am a tough consumer: I would buy cars from Alex and Classic Performance again. I recommend them to anyone looking for great, affordable cars! AAA+


Honestly their Title

Professional Mechanics, they get the work done very fast while they have the best quality.

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