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(473 reviews)

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Complete waste of time and money

First visit to Autonation service department was great. Second visit was absolutely terrible. My 2500hd trucks rear brakes seized up and I had a minor leak in my truck where my pedals are. Took the truck in and told yudi ( she was great ) to fix my brakes and the leak. Told her my dash also has a low air pressure light if they can fix this aswell so that I will have no light in my dash. So I drop off my truck for the estimate. Apparently it’s a Holliday weekend and NO one has any rental cars available. I finally find a truck at uhaul but they only have available lift for 2 days so I eventually end up having to swap the truck out for a van. ( none of this is Autonation fault) well I get a call from yudi stating that my truc will be around 3,400 to repair. I say ok go for it. About 4-5 days later I get a call my truck is ready. So I drop off the uhaul and take an Uber to the dealer. When I arrive and pay. I turn on truck and realize the dash now has a ‘check trailer brake system’ light on the dash. I mention to yudi amd she calls the mechanic (Jason) to explain to me. I tell him that’s new and he rudely tells me that it has nothing to do with what he did. Ok I leave. A few days later I put a scanner on my truck. Gives me a code, code says it’s a sensor located at the brake pedal. So I go down to look at the sensor. One of the cables for the plug has been ripped off the plug. That wasn’t me. I go back to dealer and I see Jason in the lobby and tell him about it and he immediately tells me it’s got nothing to do with his work and the ONLY sensor he touched was the one on the brake pedal. (Which is the one that is broken) so now I’m wasting my time again at the dealer. Next day I’m taking truck in so that they can see what is wrong with it and confirm it was the dealers fault. In the morning I notice there is oil in my driveway. So that’s a new issue as I didn’t have oil there before . I drop off truck and the service manager loans me a car. (This is Atleast my third visit) next day yudi calls me and tells me that the repair will cost x amount of money because none of it was the dealers fault! So almost 3500.00 for what? How is the plug not your fault and the leak on the part that was just replaced also bot your fault? I take Danny to my truck to explain to him and he sees the hose that connects to the replaced part is also leaking and his response IN MY 30 YRS EXPERIENCE I KNOW THAT HOSE WAS LEAKING BEFORE. if that is the case then Why was in not changed out??? Why do I have to come 4 or 5 x here and argue with you??? In the end they fixed the plug that they broke and made me pay for the part (hose) that they didn’t replace the first time. Jason and Danny (manager) completely ruined the Autonation experience for me. Thousands of dollars for a ton of headaches. Thank you fellas for wasting my time. And completely brushing me off as a liar.

Dealer response

Hello John, we're disappointed to hear of the negative experience you had at our location. We care about all our customers and wish to restore your good faith in our dealership. If you'd be willing, our General Manager would like to speak with you at (954) 644-5038 to discuss ways to improve your experience with our dealership moving forward. Thank you for your input, and we hope to hear from you soon. Take care.


HORRIBLE Customer Service

I recently returned a used Tesla because the car did not have the FSD feature as advertised and the dealer refused to make me whole. My sales guy refused to accept my follow up calls or return my messages upon discovery of the issue. I subsequently returned the car. When I returned the car the manager on duty explained to me I would receive my money back in 7-10 days. It is now almost 30 days and I have not been refunded. Last week I left a voicemail with the finance manager. He also did not return my voicemail. I followed up yesterday and the finance manager promised to call me back within the hour for a status update on my refund. To date no call back and no details on the reimbursement. I highly recommend staying away from this company as the customer service is some of the worst I have ever experienced.

Dealer response

Hi, we regret your experience with us here, but are glad you brought this to our attention. Our General Manager would like to help turn your experience around. If you're willing, please contact our GM at (954) 644-5038 to discuss what we can do to help.


Terrible experience

Salesman, Ron was chill. Other than that, I bought a chevy truck that was "as is" to be honest. The tailgate would barely open, the master window switch didnt work, and the DRL light was out. I figured this was a part of the "50 point safety inspection" that ALL Autonation cars go through. They gave me a hassle but fixed it before the deal. After I got it home, I hooked it up to a scanner. I was surprised to see that there was an ABS code for passenger seat sensor and a brake light switch was throwing a code which controls the cruise control On/Off. The passenger front airbag was completely inoperable. Then, thumbing through my paperwork to see the details of the 5 day guarantee, I see they slipped in the initial auto inspection that stated that the truck had a leaking rear main seal! They never showed me this amongst the pile of paperwork. I told them I wanted my money back. After numerous phone tag calls, they agreed to fix the safety issues but not the rear seal and it would take at least 4 days. They also refused to get me a loaner car, because the GM said it was "too expensive right now". The GM and used car manager said that even though they do a 50 point safety inspection, they do not and would not scan any car that didnt specifically have a warning light on the dash. They didnt have time to do that was the reply (it takes 60 seconds to do). Also, they dont worry about oil leaks that they consider minor. The safety issues with the ABS and brake light switch must have just "slipped through the cracks and it happens". No apologies from them, they happily gave me my money back. That sucks for me because I loved the truck and the price. I guess they give you a 5 day warranty because they dont check the vehicles worth a crap. What's the point in buying a chevy truck from a large Chevy dealer like Autonation if they just sling cars in and out with no worthwhile inspection? I'll just buy one from a junkyard in Miami next time.

Dealer response

Hi, we work hard to provide a fantastic experience to everyone. It's discouraging to see that you had a negative experience. We care about all our customers and wish to restore your good faith in our dealership. If you'd be willing, our General Manager would like to speak with you at (954) 644-5038 to discuss ways to improve your experience with our dealership moving forward. Thank you for your input, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Do not give this dealership any business

Came here for a repair and when I arrived they said they only had 1 technician and it would take 3 days. They never called me before or gave me additional options. Oh and no rental cars

Dealer response

Hi Erik, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We'd like the opportunity to make this up to you, so if you're willing, please contact our General Manager at (954) 644-5038. We hope to hear from you. Take care.


Poor customer service

Treated us like we were bothering them on warranty issues. Forgot to order parts. Took much longer than promised. Did not cover one item that another dealer gladly assisted us with.

Dealer response

Hi, we are deeply disappointed by your experience at Autonation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines. If you'd be willing though, our General Manager would love to talk with you and rectify these issues. You can contact the GM at (954) 644-5038 -- we hope to hear from you soon.



If I can give this dealership 0 stars I would. At a Honda dealership, It was brought to my attention that my vehicle had 2 different VIN numbers (the vin number sticker on the door did not match the vin number on the front window of the vehicle). The Honda dealership wasn't accepting the car like this so I visited this dealership since this was where I purchased the car. What did they do? Provide excuses about how this wasn't their fault, it's a manufacturer error, etc, etc. One of their employees even implied if I had stolen my And the manager there, which was my sales person 5 years ago, was aware of the situation and was MIA the whole time when I was at the dealership. Supposedly, they sent a picture of the 2 different vin numbers to GM Motors... this was 2 weeks ago and I'm yet to hear from them. The workers at this Chevrolet are all pathetic.

Dealer response

Hi Mabelys, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We'd like the opportunity to make this up to you, so if you're willing, please contact our General Manager at (954) 644-5038. We hope to hear from you.


Autonation Certified 2020 Mustang Frame Damage !

CRIMINALS DO NOT GO HERE THEY WILL DECEIVE YOU They sold me a "like new well cared autonation certified" 2020 mustang turns out after Ford got a hold of it, the car was NOT EVEN SAFE TO DRIVE. Frame damage, bent rim, evidence of used parts from a prior repair, steering assembly damage AUTONATION certified! Certified to be a SCAM!! It took a week to get a hold of anyone that can make a decision and now he is (no surprise) making me wait even more! I want to go buy a mustang they are holding my money and credit hostage. Aside from the car, the entire process was a nightmare. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Dealer response

Hi Pierce, we appreciate you taking the time to respond. The staff at Autonation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines take our reviews very seriously. Our General Manager would really like to help turn your experience around. If you would be willing to give us another chance, please contact our GM at (954) 399-5931 to discuss what we can do to help. Take care.


Very satisfied customer

Richard Hoffman is the beat ??He was attentive and professional. He didn?t give up until he submitted all the information necessary in order to get my warranty to cover my repairs.

Dealer response

We are pleased to hear you had such a positive experience with us, Brigett! Thank you so much for being one of our valued guests and we look forward to your next visit!


So easy to sell my car to AutoNation

I sold a car to AutoNation. The people were nice, and helpful. Ingot more than CarMax offered. I got the check right away.

Dealer response

Hello Carl, it means so much to us that you chose our dealership! Our team strives to deliver an excellent experience, and are glad you found this to be the case during your visit. If you have further needs or questions, please reach out!



got in without appointment., work was completed well ahead of time, good place to walk around and check out new and/or used vehicles even if you are not in the market.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, Steve! If you ever need help, just give us a call. Happy motoring!

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