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This seller has been on since May 2005.
When you purchase a Mercedes-Benz you purchase one of the finest vehicles in the world. With a 126-year history of safety and comfort innovations a Mercedes-Benz is clearly an extraordinary investment. In business since 1972 Mercedes-Benz of Plano is committed to providing the Mercedes-Benz experience to all of our clients. We offer an extensive inventory of both new and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition our Service Department has a staff of highly trained technicians and a program for free loaner vehicles.
Committed to the highest level of service.

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(1,817 reviews)

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The Sale Rep was pleasant.

The Sale Rep was pleasant. He answered my question and was very responsive with feedback .

Dealer response

cement, thank you for leaving 5-stars! We're happy to hear your sales representative was pleasant and responsive! We appreciate your praise and look forward to serving you additionally in the future. Best wishes!


I saw an ad on Mercedes of Plano website for a GBB 250

I saw an ad on Mercedes of Plano website for a GBB 250 for 37,500 which in the ad the above price included delivery to Metairie, Louisiana. I wrote first and Mr. li wrote back quickly. I told him i was in New Orleans and asked if he would deliver the car. He did the , I have to talk to my manager routine, and came back and said he could not sell me the car as advertised for this price including delivery. I took a photo of the ad for proof. This was a typical bait and switch. I told him i was interested and he wanted me to pay 1,000 dollars in advance to hold the car. They just pulled a bait and switch and now he has the audacity to ask me to keep my word for 1,000 dollars. Naturally, i did not bite on this transaction. Because I had already promised my wife the car, i did not want to disappoint her, so i flew to Plano to pick it up. Mr. Li, the salesman, actually picked me up at the airport and we drove directly to the dealership. The car was detailed and looked great. At this point , I am out 250 for the flight and wasted an entire Saturday. After some paperwork with Mr.Li, I was handed off to the finance man Nick. I had already arranged financing but Nick said he could give me 7.5 with Capitol One and I already had 7.0 with Service Credit. He matched the interest rate with Capitol One. Note he did not beat the rate, just matched it. Then came the selling of the warranties. There are 3 options and it goes something like Platinum, Gold and Silver. They present 3 columns of possible extra warranty packages. The presentation leads one to believe the warranties are sold in packages only. Nick gave a quick synopsis of what each warranty covers and an little scare tactic on how much it is to replace a tire and rim, or a Mercedes key. The scam here is that when he clicks on the various warranties, the price is never displayed. It was not at all clear that I did not have to buy the entire column of warranties. It was at the end of the session that i asked this question and he stuttered a bit. When he totaled up the price for the warranties it was almost 9,000 dollars. He said if you sell the car after 2 years you will get 3 years of warranty money back. I asked for a hard copy of all the warranties and they sent them a week later. There is no mention in writing that i will get 3 yrs refund on the warranties if i sell the car in two years. The warranties were all for 5 years. Next, the car i bought was certified. So it has an extra one year warranty of unlimited miles after the factory warranty is over. Again, this is not in any contract that i was sent or written anywhere that i know of. So i called Mr. Li and he got back to me after several times and he said this warranty is nationwide and for me to contact the local dealership from whom i did not buy the car. Why would the local dealership bend over backwards to help me? Mr. Li was very responsive before the transaction but i had to write several times afterwards to get an answer. Apparently, customer follow up is not part of the sales training in Plano. I wanted to pay for the remaining balance of the car 20,000 on my AMX card. Nick told me there is a 5,000 limit and i could not do that. When he ran up the 9,000 on warranties, guess what, i could charge the extras on my AMX with permission from the elusive sales manager. The positive experiences came after the sale and financing. Alexia and Justin bend over backwards to train me on the new computer system in the car. Alexia did most of the training and she was patient, knowledgeable, and personable. I had a cell phone that needed recharging and i did not have a cable with me. Alexia went to the parts dept so i can buy a cable, but they did not have any. This meant i had to drive back to New Orleans with a dead phone. Justin, somehow, came out and gave me a cable to connect the phone. A real lifesaver. I thought that the salesman, Mr. Li, would have come out to see if everything was kosher but that did not happen. I keep getting survey requests from a company Plano hires and i told them i wanted a call back from the manager or whoever takes care of customer service. This did not happen. I waited 3 weeks. i just keep getting the survey. No organization is perfect and I can understand they need to make sales but it felt like a chew'em up and spit'em process except for the service personnel. I would have liked to have been shown some other cars and maybe i would have even bought up but this opportunity did not present itself either. Another reason it felt like a get'em in get'em out dealership. If i could get a call from a customer service manger and have them explain any misconceptions that i might have had, i would gladly correct any mistakes in this review. Please read your question below about did you lease or purchase. you have choices of yes or no. This is not paying attention details. I answered Yes just to submit the review. pls. correct it.

Consumer response

i sent this review yesterday!


Appointment was easy service team professional and

Appointment was easy service team professional and knowledgeable in addressing my concerns and keeping me up to date on the servicing of my vehicle

Dealer response

pambradley9910, thank you for leaving 5-stars! We're glad to hear our team is professional and knowledgeable! We appreciate your praise. We look forward to serving you additionally in the future. Thanks again!


Took my vehicle in for a fuel leak recall.

Took my vehicle in for a fuel leak recall. Picked up vehicle and passenger window was inoperable, they must have leaned on it and broken the regulator when doing a sunroof recall which I NEVER asked for or gave approval for them to replace. The fuel pump cover under the seat in the passenger compartment was not sealed correctly and bolts were missing. The sunroof was not installed correctly and wsa not corrected after taking it back. So summary... shoddy work and doing work not authorised or requested.

Dealer response

SCB, we apologize that your service experience with us was less than pleasant. We are having trouble locating you in our system under SCB initials alone. As such, we invite you to contact our Service Manager, Daniel Adams directly at or 214-547-2877. Daniel has read your note and standing by to go over the issues you mention. We look forward to connecting with you and apologize for the lacking expeirence. Talk soon. Best wishes!


Very patient and took the time to answer all my

Very patient and took the time to answer all my questions. Sent me detailed quotes and what is critical maintenance. Got my car back as promised, changed the battery in my key fab and cleaned my car. Great experience. Used Alto for transportation and that was a great experience as well.

Dealer response

tnaguib, thanks for sharing 5-stars! We're happy to hear our team is patient and provided a great experience! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you again next time. Best wishes!


Terrible experience from start to finish.

Terrible experience from start to finish. If you do choose to shop here, do not work with Aaron Afrouzi. We called to make an appointment for a test drive and potential purchase, and we were told that we would receive a text message with the name of our assigned sales specialist. We never received a text message and upon arrival, we were told that there was no appointment in our name. The receptionist was very helpful and assigned us to an employee named Aaron Afrouzi. We explained to Aaron that we were interested in purchasing an EQB, and wanted to test drive it first. He replied, "That's why no one made you an appointment. Test drives don't make money." We tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this was an unacceptable interaction. I asked Aaron to show me how to change the throttle sensitivity setting on the EQB, as that was one of my main concerns around buying an electric car. He replied, "I don't know how to do that. I just sit in the EQ trainings they make us take." I completed the test drive without changing the throttle settings, but when the drive was complete I asked again about the settings. Aaron replied with the same response, so I had to go find the setting myself. When we were asking questions about the vehicle, Aaron cut me off mid-sentence and said, "I'm going to get busy here soon with real customers, and we don't want to waste each other's time." My husband and I were so taken aback, especially because we had been referred to MB of Plano by a family member who has previously bought vehicles here. Last but not least, I explained to Aaron that I did not want an Exclusive package. When pulling up available vehicles, he only showed me Exclusive packages. I asked why I was seeing these when I had requested a different trim, and he responded, "This is what people want. This is what you get." Just a terrible experience. Needless to say, we will never be returning to MB of Plano. I hope that there are more qualified and professional employees, but Aaron Afrouzi is not one of them.

Dealer response

KP.Johnson40, we apologize your expeirence to stop in and shop for an EQB with Aaron was less than a pleasant experience and we're terribly sorry that he spoke to you in the manner described. We've passed your feedback along to our senior leadership and our General Sales Manager, Lance Carter noted he is going to be reaching out by phone this AM to discuss your experience and create a plan to provide you a much improved test drive. Lance wanted his direct contact information left behind incase you need to reach him in the interim. Lance can be reached at or ‭(972) 309-7806‬. Talk soon. Best wishes.


Alex is a terribly shady sneaky finance.

Alex is a terribly shady sneaky finance. Be aware what he is doing. Checking out numbers by yourself while he is trying to play ripping off.

Dealer response

Will, we apologize that your experience in finance with Alex was less than ideal and we want you to know we are passing your feedback along to our leadership for review. We appreciate your business and your note and thankful that the transaction worked out in the end. If you would like additional follow up from our management team, they may be reached directly at Please provide your full name and best contact information so that we may follow up. We hope despite the shortcomings in finance, you are still enjoying your new car. Best wishes!



ONE STAR IS TOO MUCH! My wife took her E350 MB into MB of Plano for an A service (51,091 miles) last week. They informed her that the following needed to be repaired/replaced: 1) Oil Leak from the front Covers on Engine ($1,321.69), 2) Battery Failed Loan Test/Replace Battery ($456.85) and Replace Wipers ($93,75). Something didn't seem right so she took her car to Ray & George at Silverstar (where we should have gone to begin with). After a complete diagnostic test, NONE of those issues were present. The oil lead was because when they did the A service, they did not tighten the oil filter, the battery tested great and the wipers didn't need to be replaced. We've known Ray & George for 15 years and we will never make the mistake of going back to Mercedes Benz of Plano.

Dealer response

Steve, we apologize that your wife's service experience for her E350 did not go as planned. We passed your feedback along to our management and our Service Manager, Daniel Adams noted he reached by phone out a few times to discuss the experience and offer to have our Shop Foreman meet and chat with you and your wife regarding our assessment of the vehicle but was unsuccessful at getting you on the phone. If you would like to capitalize on Daniel's offer, you may reach Daniel directly at or 214-547-2877. Talk soon. Best wishes.


Received excellent service from Chad Bunton including A2

Received excellent service from Chad Bunton including A2 maintenance & winshield replacement. Chad is a professional.

Dealer response

Stan, thanks for stopping by to leave us 5-stars. We're happy to hear Chad Bunton provided excellent service! We appreciate your praise. See you next time. Take care!


Somethings changed at Mercedes-Benz of Plano service, as

Somethings changed at Mercedes-Benz of Plano service, as of this year I have had 2 unpleasant encounters with them. 1. Tried to schedule an appointment for a cabin air filter change they wanted 4 weeks to do this. 2. Something went wrong with the electrical system had to tow it in I waited in the lobby for 45 minutes being ignored before anything was said or done. Now three days later when I called to check vehicle status the response was they are working on it. When I asked to speak to the Service Manager I was told they were unavailable. What happened to you people?

Dealer response

dlballinger, we apologize that your experiences with us in service have been less than pleasant. We are passing your feedback along to our leadership for review. If you need additionally follow up, you may contact our management directly at We look forward to opportunities to better serve you moving forward. Best wishes.

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