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(24 reviews)

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Bad Response

They did not respond to my request for more information. And when I called the Dalton location days later, the rep didn't seem willing to make my buying experience comfortable at all. I don't want to do business with them.



I sent the email about a SUV I was interested in they did respond promptly by telling me it was still available. I replied back telling them what I could pay up front and asking what I needed to bring for possible financing, never got a response from them. I called just a day later the first person told me that they thought it was at their Cleveland location but wasn't sure put me on hold only to come back and tell me he wasn't sure where it was and put me back on hold. Finally another man comes on the phone and tells me that they no longer have the SUV had been sold. Why could someone not have responded to my email and why did the first person I spoke with not know this? I did get the address for the location here in Cleveland I have rode by there however I'm not sure now that I would trust them to sell me a decent car.


Paniagua Auto Sales.

A great buying experience. Sales people were friendly, helpful and truthful. The entire buying process from test drive to purchase was an enjoyable and a relaxing experience. They have good vehicles at a good price. Their website was easy to navigate and great pictures of the vehicle with accurate descriptions. It was worth the three hour drive to purchase a vehicle from this dealer. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Dealer response

Thanks for your review we look forward to serve you again.


Worst Cars Ever

Do not waste your time. It's a junkyard. They have repair cars before you can test drive them. They should be shut down.

Dealer response

I am sorry for the inconvenience. we try to have better cars every time. I would like for you to come by again.


Please don't buy a car from this dealer!

I saw a car online (04 Honda Accord EX-L) that was located at Paniagua Auto Sales. I drove down after calling to see that they still had the car. When I arrived they told me they did not know where the car was. I told the guy that I was told that the car was there less than an hour ago. He then informs me that there are 3 Paniagua locations. So I end up following this guy who apparently worked there to a second location. No car. So we follow him to the 3rd location and they finally located the car. I test drove it with a family friend who knows a lot about engines, but he isn't a mechanic. He drove it and said that it drove well and sounded like everything was in decent condition. He looked at the engine as well, but nothing struck him as risky. He said to buy it if I wanted it. There was one small issue with the driver's door window. It did not work. I told them that I would come back with a check if they fixed the window. They reluctantly agreed. I was told to come back at 3 pm the next day, I call before I leave to check the status. I was told it would be ready within the hour. I arrive there and they can't find the car again. They call the guy who has it and he is across the street at a gas station with the driver's side door panel and wires laying out all over the pavement. He openly admitted that he had no idea what was wrong with it. I told him to put the door panel back on. I told the guy that I had the check ready and wanted the car but that the moment I handed over the check, I wanted it put back together and ready to drive home. The car's price was very good even with the window issues. I was a fool to have taken this car. As soon as I investigated the door, I see that now, not only was my window not working, but my locks wouldn't work. I was furious enough, then I see that the reclining function of the driver's seat was no longer working either. I was a fool not to have checked that before I bought it. I have gotten to know the car now and I feel so bad that she wasn't properly taken care of. Within the first month of purchasing, my starter and battery died. Bought those, chalking it up to bad luck. Over the next 6 months, I had to have $1300 in repairs done. There were several parts in the car that were broken or breaking. Whoever owned it before I did really ruined it. I finally trust the car a year later. I have had several parts replaced, so most of my engine is new. Valves, timing set, gaskets, etc, etc... I have been taking very good care of the car and it seems to be doing well now. Please just don't buy from this dealer. Keep looking unless you are ready to shell out thousands for additional repairs.

Dealer response

thanks for the review Miss Michelle! We are trying our best to avoid this situations. We have a new location that is bigger in order to keep our inventory in one place. I am really ashamed to hear what happen to you.



Called about old truck with low mileage, asked if the mileage was correct, they could not confirm (that should have been first warning). Was told the truck would be cleaned for me to look at the next day. The truck took a long time to appear, it was parked elsewhere, had definitely not been cleaned, was in terrible condition, engine covered in oil and no way the mileage was correct - one look at that engine and you could tell. Will not return to this dealer, as I don't believe their ads or trust their judgement.

Dealer response

I am sorry to hear that Colco! we are working to give a better service and better cars.


They do not return phone calls or emails

I wrote not 1, but 2 emais via in regards to a car that I found while searching online. I know my message was sent because sent an email stating so. I also wrote to the live chat because it said a rep from the dealership was online. Again no response. When I called no one picked up the phone. Horrible customer service and lack of attention. They will not be getting my business.

Dealer response

Dear Customer I am sorry we never reply to your emails. I am sorry for the lack of attention. We have been working hard to avoid more of this. Please give us a call back. Again we are sorry.


Atlanta Home Remodeler

Made a couple of requests on pick-up trucks 2 weeks ago , not (1) returned call. Glad I'm not desperate for a vehicle!

Dealer response

Dear Ben We are sorry for not answering you phone calls. Please gives a try again and let us serve you better. thank you


what did he say

I called to check on a truck the showed online ,first I could not understand any thing he said, had to quess at what he was saying, got down to ohh ,that one, mite be in detail shop , and I have no information on it

Dealer response

I am sorry for not having the best customer service. please gives another chance next time you are looking for a car.


No response

Tried to buy a car sent them an email through the website and no one got back to me. It's been 2 weeks. Customer service and attention to me is just as important as the car. No Sale.

Dealer response

Dear Customer. please excuse our lack of customer services. We have more staff members now in order to serve you better. please gives a try again