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This seller has been on since October 2014.
A car is more than numbers on a spec sheet; it?s also a reflection of the engineers who built it. You can see their thinking not just in the pieces they choose but also in how those pieces are put together. Not only in what they?ve put under the hood but the material of the hood itself. Not just in the power they pull from the engine but in how that power is deployed. Clever thinking startling attention to detail and a keen awareness that not every bolt is created equal. The Sonata: the perfect example of Hyundai engineers in action. Find yours today at Crossroads Hyundai in Loveland Colorado!
Northern Colorado's Best Hyundai Dealer!

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(28 reviews)

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Illegally advertising cars at msrp but charging 5k

Illegally advertising cars at msrp but charging $5k more. How does the Colorado dealer board not do anything about this !? Report them if they do the same as they did to me


Horrible Company

They lied about the car I bought from them I got the Audi R8 from the owner and asked them if they had a clean car fax and they said no turn out the carfax had damage reported Don’t buy a car from here just look at there negative reviews


Extended contract service without my consent for $

Charged me $650 for handling fees.broken windshield.sell me a warranty for $4000 without my consent.Please don’t go there if you care about your $$ money.


One of the Worst Experiences of My Life

One of the worst overall experiences of my life. I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Crossroads Hyundai on July 15, 2020. Within the first few weeks of ownership the vehicle broke down and left me stranded in a drive-thru in Longmont with cars in front of us and behind us. One week later the car broke down AGAIN on a six lane section of I-25 with my small child in the vehicle. We found ourselves in a very precarious and scary position at that time. My mechanic tells me the car cannot be recovered or repaired and has put the car in his "suspicious" category. It is dead. 36 days after purchase from Crossroads Hyundai. Prior to purchase I was assured they had their mechanic inspect every vehicle and there were no known issues apart from a broken window regulator which we agreed they would fix upon purchase. The ad they posted for the vehicle (which I attached to this review) claims the engine to this particular vehicle is "tried and true". Prior to its death on I25 I purchased a new set of tires for this vehicle and paid for other minor repairs to be done within the first month. The vehicle, the new tires, and elective repairs - thousands and thousands of dollars down the drain. This dealership took my money, my trade-in Volvo, and ran. For six days I called and e-mailed Crossroads Hyundai in the hopes of having a conversation about the situation. Nope. Only after posting an online review did anyone take notice. Their way of trying to rectify the situation? They actually tried to sell me another, more expensive vehicle. I would have to be insane to purchase anything further from them. They feel absolutely no ethical responsibility to rectify the situation. Thanks to them I'm a single mom with a small child facing a winter either completely without a car or significantly deeper in debt than I want to go. We chose to purchase from this dealership to avoid a shady experience. I made it incredibly clear that reliability was my number one concern. I feel taken advantage of, lied to, stolen from, and gaslighted. Additionally, it took seven weeks - until September - to receive the title and paperwork from Crossroads Hyundai. They lied to me about including taxes in the purchase price. They only included one of the necessary taxes and I ended up having to shell out hundreds more at the DMV to register the heap of junk they sold me. And they took my beautiful, vintage Volvo 240 as I traded it for a lie. Perhaps they would argue they had no knowledge of the situation with the car (which no expert I have consulted with believes). However, as licensed and bonded experts in their professional field of used automobile sales it is their duty to know what they are selling. So, either they lied about the vehicle's condition or they neglected their professional duties as experts. In my opinion, this dealership and the people who sold me this car behaved unscrupulously, and unethically. In my opinion, they are criminal. I HIGHLY recommend running in the other direction from this place. As I read reviews across the internet, I don't seem to be the only victim.


Great place to shop for your next vehicle!

What a great, and easy, process of buying a new car! Our sales consultant, Scott Adeler, was spot on with his service, answering our questions and made the whole experience easy and pain free from the first contact all the way through finance!!


Was lied to about the vehicle warranty

The dealer lied to us about the warranty. They refused to acknowledge their mistake. The manager then came and lied to us about it saying no one told us that. Which was not even 2 minutes after the salesman apologized for it. The service manager tried to tell us that our climate is critical on cars and we have to do twice as many oil changes (ever 3.5k miles) in order to keep the warranty on the car. After we confronted the sales manager and salesman on the lie about the warranty on the car, they refused to do anything about it when I said I don’t want the car any more (5 days after buying it) They said since Colorado is a contract state, we’re not going to do anything about it. I felt bamboozled into a car that doesn’t offer, warranty wise what I’m currently paying for and I’m disgusted with their careless attitude towards new customers. When I went into finance they tried to up sell me an extended warranty on a brand new car, I told him save your breathe I don’t need it, then the finance guy said told us they’re give us 4 years maintenance covered for the same payment which we’d already been given SO in my head I thought oh that’s nice They’re showing appreciation for me BUT NOOOO after the first bill came in the mail I saw the extra almost $3000 charge on there that wasn’t there before. They only want the sell and then they’re done with you. It’s like a hit it and quit it kind of dealership.


Would not recommend this dealership!!

We contacted the salesman Clint about coming to look at a car. I told him we lived an hour and half away. We had an appointment to come in. The roads were really bad because of snow but we decided to travel anyways because we really wanted the car. We got a call from them 10 minutes before we got there saying another salesman sold the car. They had an appointment and could’ve held the car for us and did not!!



would give them zero stars if possible. It was by far the worst experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. They bait and switch ($300 for nitrous in my tires? $700 "delivery" fee?"). When confronted, they threatened to report my purchased vehicle stolen knowing I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 children and a husband working out of town. The owner is a weasel who tricks his salesmen into thinking they're being honest. It is 3 months later and we still cannot register my vehicle as they refuse to return our calls to get a copy of the bill of sale. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!


Best Dealership around

Crossroads Hyundai is the bomb! Friendly staff and a fantastic selection of cars! Definitely recommend!


I found exactly what i was looking for

I found exactly what I was looking for and they treated me great and got me in and out in a timely manner. I will be seeing them for my next vehicle.

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