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(269 reviews)

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Sadly I need to leave a bad review.Run away from the...

Sadly I need to leave a bad review.Run away from the service department. I bought a Palisade about eight months ago. I love the car but I hate the service. Getting a simple Oil change it’s like brain surgery. They will promise you the world when you buy the car but when you actually use the oil change service you are in trouble. First it will take weeks to get an appointment then it will take hours of waiting just to find out they will charge you any way because you you were not on their mileage schedule. The first time I went. It took weeks to get an appointment, 2 1/2 hours for oil change and tire rotation. When I left all my cruise controls were messed up. They had me come back to wait another hour to fix a control that they accidentally broke during the tire rotation. Additionally they forgot to put my hub cap on and would not replace it when I told them. . Sadly I was forgiving and tried again but this time they charged me for the service because I was over the mileage allowance that was due to lack of returned calls and no availability. RUN AWAY!


Ridiculously slow. I took my car in for a check up...

Ridiculously slow. I took my car in for a check up because I had some concerns. It took them over 3 hours to finish. I did not even have any work done, they just looked at it. And it took over 3 hours. The only redeeming factor is that the gentleman behind the service counter had excellent customer service. I do not think I will be going back here. I’ll give my business to a place that values my time.


I had originally given Crossroads a 5 star rating...

I had originally given Crossroads a 5 star rating although am changing it with the latest issues. I worked with Scott (sales) and he was great. He found a used car for my new driver. I wanted it to be safe and one that would pass emissions. (I didn't think that was too much to ask for) Check engine light is on when I was going to purchase it. Scott talked with his upper management team and they will fix the check engine light. I ask what happens if it comes on again? He said Crossroads will fix it. I brought it home and check engine light comes on again. I take it back in....service dept states they can run a diagnostic and that's it. Do the two departments communicate? Sales and Service? I hesitated leaving the car......although it has to be fixed but will they? Do we have lemon? I understand a dealership to have scruples and take responsibility for all vehicles they sell......Would they want a unsafe car for their new driver?


Illegally advertising cars at msrp but charging 5k

Illegally advertising cars at msrp but charging $5k more. How does the Colorado dealer board not do anything about this !? Report them if they do the same as they did to me


Would not recommend, Wants more money after purchase was...

Would not recommend, Wants more money after purchase was complete and then refused to take responsibility for their mistake!. First off went there looking for a vehicle hadn't made up my mind on a lease or purchase yet, as soon as Scott realized I didn't have perfect credit he passed me off to another salesperson, Micheal. Micheal was not too bad to work with although he had the typical fake enthusiasm most car salesmen have. After going over my options I decided to buy a used vehicle but didn't care for any on their lot. One of their sister locations had a Grand cherokee I was interested in and Micheal said they could transfer it over the very next day for 500 dollars, which was assured would be given back to me immediately if I didn't like it for whatever reason. Well the next day Micheal says that he is about to get the jeep at about 9am, later in the afternoon about 4pm still no call or any communication, so I call him and he says he wasn't able to get it and will have to try Monday. So Monday comes and finally go see it, we like it offer them Slightly less than what they wanted and they decline, it's still a fair price so we get it. After waiting for 2.5 hours (Micheal must've said 5 more minutes at least 12 times) they finally get the paperwork done and send us on our way. Slightly annoying process but not terrible YET. I get a call 2 weeks later saying they forgot to charge me taxes and I need to come back and pay them more so we can get our plates, after voicing my frustration the guy(who refused to give me his name) says we're sorry but it's not our fault, and if we want our tags come in and pay and hangs up! I would've rather went to a buy here pay here!


Selling my Hyundai and NEVER buying another thanks to...

Selling my Hyundai and NEVER buying another thanks to this service department. They are the worst mechanics I have ever encountered. I am currently on oil pan RECALL issue #5 with them. 5 times to replace an oil pan and each time they send me out the door with an oil leak. I had another engine issue that fell under warranty, they sent me out the door with a faulty starter that sounded like a lawn mower, they argued it with me and told me it was completely normal to sound like that. I took it to my mechanic who laughed. I will never buy another Hyundai, if they boast the warranty, maybe they should check in with this shop who is completely botching any attempt to use the "great" warranty!


Horrible Company

They lied about the car I bought from them I got the Audi R8 from the owner and asked them if they had a clean car fax and they said no turn out the carfax had damage reported Don’t buy a car from here just look at there negative reviews


Extended contract service without my consent for $

Charged me $650 for handling fees.broken windshield.sell me a warranty for $4000 without my consent.Please don’t go there if you care about your $$ money.


Please listen to all the other 1 star ratings! Do not...

Please listen to all the other 1 star ratings! Do not waste your time and mental health to this dealership!The sales consultant was great, but rest of the people in this dealership are ignorant people. I gave them a 1 star rating and they asked me to re-review them, so the higher ups don't see that their customer was not happy. This dealership is totally misrepresenting Hyundai company and their reputation. If you are considering a Hyundai car, please go somewhere else.


Horrible customer service. The service department, and...

Horrible customer service. The service department, and it's Assistant Manager have repeatedly given me false information and changed their story. They say I need to purchase a new battery so that they can find out what is wrong with my car but also said they were able to charge the battery. I will Never go back to this dealership. I have two teenagers that will be purchasing vehicles soon and will find somewhere else, anywhere else to buy them.