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(31 reviews)

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Jimmy at Carmart.

Jimmy at Carmart. was absolutely terrific. Out of the dozens of times I have bought a car from anyone this was the most smoothest ever one that I felt no unease about. Jimmy took care of a problem after the sale with no hassles even picked up and delivered my wife while his crew worked on the car. By far the best dealership I have ever worked with. If you’re looking for an honest dealership that you don’t feel will cheat you this is the one.


The sales professional was very helpful and courteous.

The sales professional was very helpful and courteous. I would work with him again. He was also knowledgeable.


Carmart VA horrible!!!!

🚫🚫BE AWARE!!!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE🚫🚫 BRING YOU A MECHANIC AND ATTORNEY! MAKE SURE THEY SELL YOU THE CAR FOR THE PRICE LISTED BECAUSE THEY HIDE THE PAPERWORK AND TRY TO GET YOU TO SIGN QUICKLY!! DO NOT let them use your phone to leave a review first off because they trying to weed out the bad reviews‼️Honestly, I feel this is one of the worst experiences I've EVER had with a car dealership. I understand it's probably how your business is ran, but to think that I purchase a vehicle for the price it was and can't pass a vehicle inspection and I can't get you all to just replace a $200 tail light is beyond me. I called for weeks about it and was told they will contact me back about the light. Then i called for one last time to find out the owners were on vacation and just got back and will give me a call back. They will run this game to make you feel they for you but long as they got that money, they DON'T CARE! SO PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THE SUPER NICE & CARING ACT THEY PUT ON, ITS ALL FOR SHOW! How professional is it to have to fix a car you just got off the lot because you can't even get tags for it. This is horrible. And then you just send a tag refund check because I couldn't get my passed inspection waiting on a contact back about a light that NO ONE contacted me about. On top of that I purchase the car at the beginning of July and now its August and they choose to take $500 out of my account for a down payment. I definitely learned from this experience. I definitely won't be recommending you all. This is horrible


Incorrect Info

I bought 2 cars almost at the same time from the carmart in Burlington IA, also known as Colonial Auto now a days. among these cars was a Dodge Caliber which quit running 2 and a half weeks after purchase, the car lot manager Travis [at the time] sent this car to first the dealer and then to a repair shop named C.A.R.S in Burlington IA. Neither of which could pinpoint the problem and or fix the broken car. Terry Schnack is the owner of that repair shop and he remembers that situation very well with that caliber according to him, It was taken back to the car lot and sat there in the lot for almost 2 weeks. I called Travis asking about any info on my Caliber to which he replied COME ON IN MR BROWN AND WE WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT I went in to talk to him that afternoon and he stated that he would simply trade me out of the Caliber and put me into another car, so I did just that and chose a 2005 Grand Cherokee which I still have and has been paid for in full for a couple years now. now think about that, so CarMart is willing to let me give a car back to them as a voluntary repo and in the same exact day let me buy another car? Just Last month 4/23/2023 I found a Wrangler that I wanted to buy from a different used car lot in Des Moines IA, after they ran my credit report low and behold there is a voluntary repo under my name with the dodge caliber, I called and spoke with John which is the district Manager for Colonial {CARMART} and wouldn't you know Travis doesn't work for the company anymore but I did explain to John exactly what happened and he stated that this sounds like something Travis might do, little did Travis and or John know the conversations are all recorded on my iphone automatically, I have disputed this incorrect information several times on my credit karma to which CarMart keeps saying the information is correct in which it is not correct at all, yet they refuse to remove it from my credit reports, I will hand the recorded information over to a lawyer and handle it that way I guess, be aware Colonial Auto are dishonest and use incorrect information, I will not do any business with them in the future


Don't buy from these crooks

I found a car I was interested in on their website, contacted them via e-mail because I live out of state. Made plans to drive to their location. the day I planned to travel to the car lot the price of the car went up 2000 dollars glad I looked before I drove 4.5 hours to cuss someone out. Moral of the story do you research and buy from a reputable dealer this is not it


Perfect Weather plus jimmy was very helpful to us.

Today my brother got his 2nd Ford St in the dealership Carmart in Manassas. Jimmy was very kind and super helpful, he made everything very easy and quick for us. Thank you so much for your help today jimmy.


Great experience

I flew all the way to Virginia from Michigan because of the great deal I received on a 2019 ram 2500. Beautiful truck one car owner. Drove it back ran perfect. Jimmy was my salesperson. He is the best. 5 stars for Jimmy!!!!


The reviews are right don’t come here

Everything was going great until they randomly stopped answering my messages after I mentioned I was gonna take the car to the mechanic to get it checked out lol


Manipulate and dishonest

They give you one price on the web site then charge you another, I asked 3 times to see the paper work for financing and they never showed me and kept pushing me to make a purchase for over 10k over what they advertised, shady cons and crooks


Best Experience

I would recommend this place because of their honesty and help choosing a vehicle that I could actually afford in my process of rebuilding my credit. The bilingual lady helped us communicate with the manager. Definitely ask for Ana, never felt so important and appreciated she even found us a broker with amazing rates for our car.