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Great car dealership! Best place in St George!

Great dealership to buy a car! Pete Worhatch is a terrific salesman. He found us the exact Highlander we wanted within less than a week! Hard to in these days! We are very happy!!


Bad customer's service

My family bought 3 cars here. Now one of the cars has problem and need to be fixed. I only need 1 copy of the extended warranty so that I can give it to the Ford dealership where I am getting my car fixed. I don't know why they need the paper but Stephen Wade has been doing nothing to help me retrieve the copy of the extended warranty I bought along with the car. Very bad customers service. Maybe all the dealerships are bad, but just cross this Stephen Wade off your list. you might have a better experience with another dealership.


Unhappy customer

In July we purchased a used Ford F250. The following week the check engine light came on,several weeks later we find out that there is over $4000 worth of repairs needed.I am pretty sure they run a diagnostics to see if there are any issues with the vehicle when it is brought in.They ran diagnostics on our trade in so pretty sure they did on the one we purchased as well. My husband is so in love with his truck so we opted to have the repairs done instead of taking it back to Stephen Wade. It was quite a fiasco as this truck is for work not play so we had to rent a vehicle for a week and a half while the repairs were done. I feel like they saw us coming. We have purchased ALL of our vehicles from Stephen Wade so really disappointed with the fact that they let us leave their dealer knowing that truck had issues. Do your homework on the vehicle before you commit,don't trust that they will be honest.


Predatory financing

I bought my Tacoma in 2019 from Stephen wade toyota, the salesman was great but the finance department took advantage of a first time buyer who had no clue what I needed to watch out for. They told me all the warranties I was getting came with the factory warranty, I had no clue I was being sold warranty packages from total care auto. I see how it’s my fault for not knowing or reading the fine print, but when the price was 28,000 and I ended up with a 37,000 dollar loan and a 617.00/month payment as a 25 year old working at dominos. I was NOT happy. When I came back and asked to get rid of my warranties, he says “ oh it’s all uploaded in the system and finalized there’s nothing I can do” I hope you enjoy your commission off of a inexperienced buyer.


Excellent experience- return customer!

Haedn & Justin were great salesmen to work with. No pressure, answered all of my questions and helped me get a good deal. Jamie and Candace were great answering other questions about financing and warranties. Overall it was a great experience that I've come to expect as a return SW customer.


A Predatory Dealership

Over the past 30 years I have purchased over 20 cars and trucks from almost as many dealerships. Since I negotiate my price up front every one has been enjoyable without a hitch. Over 20 cars- almost as many dealerships. My experience yesterday at Steven Wade Toyota was the worst I have had. If this is how Steven Wade Toyota does business Toyota should revoke their dealership. If this is how my salesperson and her sales manager handle people they should be fired. With all vehicles I have purchased, after a test drive the sales person gives me a sheet of the purchase: Sales Price w/ Options + Delivery Fee + Sales Tax. I tell them my amount down. We have the amount to finance and they give me a couple finance options. As part of that they will always include a presentation on an extended warranty (which I sometimes take, sometimes not). When negiotating for this automobile I made it very clear I would not pay $1 over MSRP. Me: “I need to know that he will sell for MSRP before I drive 4h roundtrip.” Sales: Thank you so much for getting back to me. Unfortunately we are not able to sell the __ at MSRP as it is the only ___ we will have for a while.” Me: “I get it. Thank you. Don’t want to waste your time.” The following day I emailed her about a different model and she emailed back the manager would sell the car for MSRP. The SW dealership is 2 hours from our home and my wife does not like to drive at night. So after the test drive I told her to go ahead and go home. The sales person KNEW that she was not going to honor the price we had agreed upon and let my wife drive away! How predatory can one be? I told her I would like as long as term as possible and a bank I like to use if they are competitive. I sat and waited for her to come with an itemized statement of the purchase. And waited. And waited. I knew I was in trouble- it was taking way too long. When she came back there was no list of what I was purchasing- no total- no amount financed- no interest rate. There was only 2 numbers. I could finance for 72 months at around $550/m (I did not write down exact numbers) or 60 months for almost $600/m. I already knew (approximately) that my purchase price + tax + destination charge - down payment would amortize 72 months for $377.75 (3%) to $412.04 (6%) and 60 months at $446.74 (3%) to $480.65 (6%). What could the extra couple hundred dollars per month for 60 to 72 months be for? Who knows- they never gave me a list of what I was “buying”. She did say “we have 2 dealer fees” that totaled over $700. With this I got up to leave (my wife had been gone almost an hour by now). As I walked out the door she yelled behind me “I never told you there were no fees.” She sounded like a 5th grader caught cheating saying “it’s not cheating since he let me look at his paper.” I have read about dealerships that just bring in your payment with no numbers but didn’t think this really happened any more. Certainly I expect more from a Toyota dealership. I won’t go through the disaster of the next several hours as my wife had to turn around and drove back to St George talking to 911 all the way. The behavior of this salesperson and her manager was predatory. They should be fired and/or this dealership should be closed.


Toyota Tacoma

Great experience. Sebastian treated my family like family. Very professional and pleasant. I would recommend the Toyota out of all the Stephen wade stores. Thanks


Vacation Saver

Driving through on vacation from Seattle to Tucson and the 12 volt battery on our Prius V dies in Panaca, NV. The closest Toyota dealer was Stephen Wade in St George, UT. We called, talked to John in Parts and he assured us he had the replacement battery in stock. We arrived 2 hours later and Drew, in Service guided us along. I explained I wanted to change it myself because we were in a hurry, and he did everything possible to assist us and get us back on the road ASAP. Thanks John and especially Drew!

Dealer response

Dave, Thanks for the great review! We're so happy to hear we could help you get back to your vacation, and wish you all the best in any future adventures. Safe travels!


Great dealership for buying a car

I had a good experience with 3 of Stephen wades dealers. All were knowledgeable and experienced. All of them were low keyed and were there to help not pressure me. I felt they were there to meet my needs.

Dealer response

Steven, Thanks for the great review! We're so happy to hear that you had a good experience with our sales team and didn't feel pressured. We value your business and look forward to seeing you again soon!


The power and speed of trust

Just got home from my mission and had a good deal made with Sam Wright. Loved the honesty and trust that he established. The man follows those key principles to business, very well done.

Dealer response

David, Thanks for the great review! We're so happy to hear you had a great experience with us. Enjoy the new car and we hope to work with you again in the future.

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