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(7 reviews)

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Be careful!

Please look elsewhere. Bait and switch tactic. Unprofessional managers. Unwilling to work out problem after a new vehicle purchase. Ignored calls. Read the negative reviews here they are true. A lot of the people with positive reviews here probably do not realize they could have gotten a better deal - mainly because information was withheld from them. I caught them doing this to me but they persisted to the point where they were being dishonest about answering some of the financial questions I had. Heads up for potential buyers Do not go here! If they have something that you like - Do not finance with them. They will provide you with high rates and tactically show you only banks that will fall into their favor. Go to your trusted local banks and most likely you will get a lower rate. Don't go for their extended warranty. There is a reason why they are always pushing for these warranty. If it's a new vehicle you probably will not need it. Be cautious and stay safe.


Worst car maintenance ever

No any kind remind of your service date, what they are doing is just make money from you... Last maintenance I paid 400 dollars to buy extra service, if remind earlier they I only need to pay 290 around. This time they rejected my car maintenance as it is over 25000. I explained but no use. it is understandable but it is really rude when they Rejected and express their bad behavior.


Tacoma buyer

Was looking for a new Tacoma, had very prompt follow from the internet sales team and they were responsive. For me the problems started when I was ready to put a security deposit down. The salesman informed the list msrp was not the price and the truck was actually being sold for $5k more. When I tried to follow up from here there was no further follow up. Companies like this don't seem to understand business is always built on people and with no regard for the customer you almost hope they go out of business. The above being said it's a free country and they have the right to run their business as they see fit. Based on this simple interaction there is no way I would recommend this dealer to friends or family.


Worst Customer Service

First of all if I could give no stars I would. The reason I gave 1 star was because Matt Smith was very polite and was eager to help us. We drove from San Jose, Ca. to come see this truck mainly. We test drove it with Matt Smith and my father really liked the truck. When it came time to talking about price we wanted to negotiate a price. We were introduced to Daniel Rocha who came to speak to us about the price. We told him we were already financed and we had a budget we wanted to keep. It was not in the sense that we could not afford to go higher. He wanted to try to finance us after we explained everything. He would not listen to what we had to say. At one point he made us a deal and wanted my father to sign. My father was about to sign but i had told him to wait and not sign. The reason behind me stopping him in signing is because Daniel was talking down to our family. We are Mexican and he kept switching back and forth in Spanish and English. We speak both languages fluently. Now at some point before the deal he called my father who is a 60 year old man "MIJO" that means son. To us calling someone mijo is what you call a child not a grown adult who could be your father. That was very disrespectful to me and our family. My dad did not want to say anything and held his tongue the whole time during the exchange of words. This man spoke to us in a very condescending tone as if we were ignorant people. I would have put the extra money that my father was going to sign for, but when someone talks to you like that you just have to let go and keep looking. Another thing that really bothered me, they took my dad's license to make a copy of it. We had to ask for it twice back because they were playing dumb and they didn't give it to us. When they finally did Daniel said the price is what it is, you need to find something you can afford. We could afford to buy the truck, not a problem, we just chose not to in the end because of how rude he was. I work in the real estate business and I know how this negotiation works, but you should never disrespect someone or talk to them as if they are less of a person. In all this experience was very unpleasant. Someone should teach Daniel Rocha some manners because he does not seem to have any.


The customer service was excellent

If I had not already reviewed a simular car I might would have purchased the one from Hanlees



I was given excellent service from everyone I was in contact with at Hanlee's. I brought a trade in and left with a new Tacoma without all of the high pressure tactics that you could expect from other dealerships. I would come back again.


Bimmer 325

Got a very quick and friendly reply to my inquiry and hopefully we will be making a deal soon. Didn't feel like I was working with a dealer.