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Stay Away...

Bought a vehicle a few months ago, and finally getting around to writing a review. By far the worst experience from a dealer. Bought a vehicle that I regret every day. The photos made it seem like it was spotless, upon arrival, it had paint damage, low tread on the tires, and a huge tear in the driver seat that they didn't state. I tried looking beyond that. I took it for a short test drive because it was on E. It cranked slowly, indicating it was low on voltage, I couldn't really get a good feel because of traffic and low fuel. I proceeded with the deal, even though they would not budge on the price, which I found a little upsetting. On the way home, it shut off on me once, but I was able to get it started. The morning after, the check engine came on, and it was for a misfire. Later that day I got around to pulling the plugs, and they were old, and worn out. I had to go ahead and replace all of them, which wasn't cheap. I also went to go check the oil, and I couldn't, I blame myself for not checking this before buying the car, but the dipstick was broken so I overlooked it. Not only that, but it was the incorrect dipstick for the car, so it wasn't reading the oil level incorrectly. Once I got that sorted out, I noticed the oil was dirty, and almost grey in color. I changed the oil and filter with the correct spec required for the car, and within a day, the engine started to make a knocking noise. I pulled the oil pan, not only did I find a socket in the bottom, but I found metal shavings, lots of it. So it had an issue, and with how thick the oil was coming out, I believe an additive was put in to keep the noise level down so I wouldn't hear it. At that point I knew I couldn't drive this car anymore. I called the dealer pretty much every day with what I kept finding, and they were no help, saying it's as is, even if it was within 24 hours of this stuff coming up. And each day I called with how they hid all these issues and came to light as it was driven more, and proper maintenance conducted. So now, I have a car that is getting the engine completely rebuilt, and hoping nothing more pops up. I'm in the hole almost 4k on top of what I bought the car for. And all they could say was sorry as if they didn't care. I would never recommend this place, NEVER. They are shady, and will try to get a car looking good and running right just for the sale. Stay away!


Great Experience, nice gentlemen.

Found a Chevy Avalanche that checked all the boxes and fit the bill. The truck was as advertised, customer service was great, and Eric couldn't have been more of a Gentleman. Very easy shopping experience, and shout out to Jim for the quick emails. Flew in from NC and did a cannonball run with my daughter... Or should I say DOING a Cannonball run :-)


Easiest process EVER!

Found the car we liked on Craigslist, texted and bought the next day. Worked with Eric Trettin and it was the easiest car buying experience ever.


Bought a lifted F350!

I purchased a lifted 2008 F350 diesel. Looks great and runs strong. Johnny was super helpful throughout the entire buying process. He helped with my trade in financing as well. I will definitely go back for my next truck.


Amazing service!

They were absolutely great! They were very polite and fast I getting the info I needed, which was amazing. I was taken care of very well and would recommend them to anyone!


Immediate Contact

I contacted this dealership regarding a vehicle of theirs online. I had 3 employees contact me immediately with offers of help with my questions. This impressed me and I could be visiting them in the near future.


Purchase made easy.

Easy process to purchase my vehicle. It was fast and easy. I was able to do most of my paperwork ahead of time, making the buying process easier



Went to look for a truck, they let me test drive it, but after what i told them i was willing to pay because of what its actually worth, they laughed and told me i dont know anything.


Don't waist your time

If I could leave zero stars, I would. Upon arrival, nobody said a word to us. And the dealer we worked with didn't even seem like he wanted to be there and wasn't very nice.


Excellent service, fair price

Great service and a nice selection of cars. The price was fair and I was given a really good trade in value. I purchased a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland in great condition. This is our second purchase from this dealer. We've had a great experience every time, and the purchasing process is quick and easy with no hassle. Will be back when the time comes. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Ask for Mason!

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