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Steer clear of this dealership

Richard T took a deposit, then raised the asking price $5k three weeks later when the car actually made it in. I don't mind a mark up, but promising a price and then going back on it is really bad business and we decided not to buy the car. Car buyers would do better buying elsewhere!

Dealer response

Ben, I am not pleased to hear of the incident you've described in this review. I want nothing more than to work with you to correct this situation as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Al Rakhshanifar | GM | 408-248-1800


Go elsewhere

Terrible customer service. After quoting a price via text on 11/23 and communicating daily about the truck, sent me a text on 11/28 to say he was “mistaken” about the price and increased the price by $5,000 increase dealer markup. Don’t waste your time.

Dealer response

Katie, we appreciate learning about your recent service with us. We strive for a positive experience, and it appears you did not receive that from us. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your time spent with us. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can work together at resolving this. Sincerely, Al Rakhshanifar | GM | 408-248-1800


Illegal business practice - buyer beware

Stevens Creek jeep and specifically Mary Maile lied and conduct illegal sales practices. I inquired about a jeep and revived a write internet quote for $29,810 from the dealership with a specific instructions that quote was only valid for 48hrs so I tried to purchase after only 6 hours and Mary said it was a mistake and her and the sales manager would not honor the quote and price. Only said she was sorry and it was a mistake Don’t not buy from here, do not trust


Terrible Experience

Very poor sales rep. And management, I went to buy a car and because I negotiated price they started play a game on me : " you have to hurry ! Someone is going to buy the car right now, and then I asked for a lower price and suddenly in a glance the car was sold " 🤣🤣 funny people The car is still there's I checked. they think people are stupid and they will buy right away when they hear thar someone is buying so you don't negotiate, don't even think buying from this dealer. They also give you wrong tax estimates, I asked The sales to check the numbers 3 times because it doesn't look right and she insisted it's right and at the end ishe was wrong! If there's a half star I wouldn't even give that 😂😂 While I'm posting my reviews online, I read same situation at least happened with 3 people, looks like they want to pull a bait on someone, but unfortunately, it's not going to be me.


Raised the price by $2500 halfway through deal

I had called ahead and said that I wanted to purchase a vehicle through the Chrysler affiliate discount program. Everything was fine on the phone, so I can on to sign papers. Everything was fine until ~30 minutes into the paperwork when I was told they would not honor the affiliate price, and that they wanted several thousand more for the vehicle. Ended up having to walk out. After the fact, the salesman disputed that I had told him it was an affiliate deal on the phone, and yet when I arrived at the dealership, he was ready to process my affiliate control number. The whole thing felt like a classic bait and switch. I’m never going back there again.


Stevens Creek CJDR

An AWFUL dealership. Made two visits to this store and both were complete failures. Salesman were not knowledgeable, though it seems language is a barrier. On the latest visit I began by telling the salesman I had come in to see a Ram 1500 Laramie Sport. His response was "which do you want to see, a Laramie or a sport?". I knew it was not going to go well when he began to argue that there was no such thing... It got much worse from there.


The Worst experience of my life

I have never had a worse experience with a car salesman. Here's a few atrocious things the salesman said: 1. We asked if we could look at the Jeep and he said sure take a look and started watching TV instead of walking us through the features 2. We asked if we could test drive the Jeep and he said "you've never driven a Jeep and you want to buy one?" 3. Then he finally let us test drive it and when I asked for the vehicle features/options he said "the normal options" 4. When we got off the test drive, we had to again ask him to give us a quote because he just walked away. He said he can't give us a quote for lease options without filling out the credit application. He said "you're asking me to solve a problem without giving me the right information. You need to tell me how much you make, your credit score and only then can I tell you" 5. We explained to him how we always get a quote for lease optjons even without filling out the credit application. He said "well if you want a number it's $600 but I am just throwing that number at you without knowing anything" 6. He was stupid enough to say "show me one other car maker which will give you a quote without filling in a credit application" 7. He may have been making the judgement that we weren't going to be able to afford that car. It's not how you treat any prospective client and I've lost interest in the Jeep itself because of this experience.


I bought a 2015 Jeep Wrangler -David Hicks

I want to commend Saeed and the other staff who helped me purchase and stand behind the 2015 JEEP Wrangler I bought in September. They were accessible when I needed their help and on my side when I had a problem with getting repairs covered by a 3rd Party repairs warranty I purchased.


Urgent security replacement is not done

Bad service. We have got manufacturer notice for URGENT security replacement from Jeep and when I called to this service, they told me that next available window for this URGENT check is on April 2019, IN 6 MONTHS. When they revealed that we didn't buy our car from them, they refused to deal with us and even stopped picking up the phone. I sent notice to Jeep to make them aware about such a bad service. Boardwalk Jeep service is farther but service there is much better. I've got my urgent security replacement in couple days.


Dont shop here

Horrible service department and customer service from everyone including managers. Sold me a lemon and very rude about it like they dont want to deal with a buy back but they shouldn't be selling lemons and when there is one handle it timely so people stay happy but they don't get that.

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