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(16 reviews)

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Great Dealership!

Highly recommend this place. Great customer service. Very helpful. No problems at all. Great price for the miles on the car. Love the car. I’m happy I came to them.


Sam was great

Sam was great. Got exactly what I wanted.The right car, the right payment. It was great. Thanks again. We will recommend everyone to you. Paul.


Fraudulent Dealer

This is a fraudulent dealer — beware! They are ripping off every single customer. This is what they did to me (and presumably do to every single customer): I went and test drove a car — an Audi A5. I loved it and wanted to buy it, so I needed to have my wife check it out. They were very generous to say I should drive it home to her and let her see it and drive it. She loved it too. So I went back to buy it. After agreeing on the price of the car, which was advertised on KSL and CarFax, they added the dealer fees and gave me my “out the door” price. I was expecting that. A couple of years ago I bought a used car elsewhere and was shocked when just over a thousand dollars was added to the price after I finished the long process of shopping, comparing prices, and ultimately making my decision based on a certain price. I discussed it at length with the dealer and finally came to terms with it and decided it was all legit, though I really wish he had mentioned it before. So when these guys at Central Auto brought me my final price, I was ready for it, until I saw how much they added. The out-the-door price was well over $1600 above the advertised price of the car. When I asked what those charges were, they said they were all just the standard tax, title, license, and fees. When I figured out that it was at least $400 more than I paid for that stuff in the past, I asked them to break it down for me. They presented a printout with the itemized fees, among which was something called a “Theft Etch Fee: $399”. When I asked about it they made it sound like it was just a standard required fee like the other government-imposed fees. When I pressed them, however, they admitted that it was added by them. When I asked why it was included in the advertised price, they had no answer. When I asked if I could opt out of it because it was not required by the government and had nothing to do with the advertised car I was buying, they said no, but could not provide any reason why. They “assured me” that all of their customers paid this fee! Amazing! The salesman seemed embarrassed at the indefensible position he was in and said “There’s the owner. You can ask him.” When I did, it was clear to me that the owner was a hardened, sinister man that intended to rip me off. I left without buying the car, very upset at all of my time and my wife’s time that these people had wasted trying to rip us off. Regarding the Etch Fee, CNBC says, “Putting the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) on the window is a proven antitheft measure. While some dealers may charge $200 for the service, you can get a kit and do it yourself for as little as $25. Before you buy, ask the sales person to explain all fees and other costs.” AARP wrote an article recently highlighting the fraudulent practice of charging etching fees in the Money Scams and Frauds section of their magazine. I should mention something else that happened during this shopping experience in case it is helpful to others. After I retuned from taking the car to my wife, and was almost ready to buy it, I told them I just needed to take it to the dealer to check it out before buying it. They had told me earlier that they encouraged people to do just that. But now they said that they had another offer on the car, which was approved and ready to buy. They would have to let him have it if I couldn’t buy it right then (without having it checked out). I felt so much pressure not to lose it, felt good about the car and really wanted it, was tired from a long day of work and then deliberating over this car, so I (foolishly) succumbed to their pressure and agreed to buy it right then on the spot, without taking it to the dealer, like I had planned. (Of course, they hadn’t given me the inflated price with fake fees yet.) I thought this situation just came about naturally, and I trust


Executive Assistant

We drove 500 miles to look at a car at Central Auto. I specifically asked if the car was worth the drive. We test drove the car for an hour and then went back to the dealership and asked some questions and bought the car based on the responses received. We drove it 500 miles back to home. The next day a check engine light came on followed by an oil light. We immediately took it to a local mechanic that worked on this type of car. It has been in the shop for three weeks. They started identifing the problems and with each issue there were more layers of problems. We could not have returned this car in the 3 day allotted time. We paid $5,669 for the repair bill comes to $5,567. The check engine light came back on and now the head gasket must be replaced, another $2,000. I can understand some of the issues going unnoticed but there is no way this dealership was not aware the car had problems. There is no credibility or honest y happening at Central Auto. This car was purchased as a first car for my youngest daughter. Shame on you!


No good !

I bought a car (2nd week of August). I paid cash. One of your fees was $100 for mechanical inspection. Normally it cost $50. A week later: Well, the car just broke down in the middle of the I-15 at 70 miles/hour Gas pump damage $400. Calling towing service + Uber Gas gauge is not working at all, always show full tank, even if it is empty. No good at all.


Outstanding experience.

Nick and Russ were wonderful to work with. I only had so much money and a car that I wanted and they made it work. No pressure, great personalities, and I felt confident as a female, by myself, making this deal.


Karen car buying

It was an awesome experience! I would come here again.


Nice truck

JR and Sam sold us a Ram truck. What a team! Jr's knowledge of trucks and Sam's closing tatics, we couldn't say no. We spent much more than anticipated, however, love the truck, and we bought two more horses also. Hands down easy and fun to deal with. Great guys.


Great Customer Service

Sam and JR were very professional. They got me in the car I was interested in and the process was very quick and painless. You guys are amazing. Thank you!!


great time-buying

I have a lot to say about Central Auto. I am happy that my Husband and I ended our car lot hopping here. When buying any thing used there is no guarantee of the condition it's really in, and we picked a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. After the paper work, we left with our Pathfinder. After a few days of driving it the check engine light came on. We took it back and JR (the salesman that was working with us, agreed to fix what was causing the check engine light to come on. I was really thinking we were going to be the ones spending out of pocket to fix it. We had to take it back several times and each time they fixed\and replaced parts at no charge to us. I never once felt like a bother to them in fact they were very understanding and helpful. JR went above and beyond all expectations i had to make it right with us. And I still drive the pathfinder. Not had any problem since.We felt real confident about our purchase with Central Auto that we decided on a second vehicle thru them. It has been a great vehicle so far. And in the future we will go with Central Auto. Thanks soooo much JR and staff at Central Auto.