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Service tech are disrespectful, uncooperative are.

I bought 3 new cars from Tracy Honda your sales, and financial service team are excellent, but your service technicians are the most disrespectful, uncooperative whether the service manager or your technician I have benign bringing my car over 10 years for service, but never been happier,


Miss leading price ad

Customer service SUCKS! First impressions lasts! Bad experience with this James Herren through emails and we can already feel the agony we will go through if we dealt with this dealership! 55k for a type r touring which makes it overpriced from a limited. AHAHAHA bozo the clown giving us that price! Good riddance!


Good service

Yesterday I bought a Nissan kicks from Honda Tracy and they were very nice and responsive. A guy named Dominic helped us and he took care of us. Thank you


Great car, great experience!

My step-dad and I went to a total of six car dealerships before finding "The ONE". This was found at Tracy Honda with the gracious assistance of Connor Pettipiece and Frank Esparza. We found Connor to be by far the most knowledgeable of all of the representatives that we had spoken with, not to mention being exceptionally patient and very pleasant to deal with. He was not pushy at all and answered every question each of us had as well as taking the time to make sure that I fully understood all of the features of this car once the purchase was complete and teaching me how to set everything up exactly how I wanted it. Everyone we encountered was very polite and helpful and we never felt pushed or that anyone was trying to talk us into anything. I would absolutely recommend the team at Tracy Honda and this was by far my best car purchasing experience! Thank you Connor, Frank and Tracy Honda!!!


Awesome Experience

A way over due survey for these guys. I had an amazing experience at Tracy honda. Jason, Luis, and his manager James we're great. I left with a 2017 Nissan Murano on10/03/20. I would definitely give this a over all five star experience. Super Happy!!


Worst people and service I've ever dealt with.

Do not buy from Tracy Honda. Todd Suender, Ola Onepede. and James are all liars/careless with clients. After 4 hours of waiting even though I made an appointment in advance with James, I was forced to use a wrong address (I was in between moving residences) and because my license had my old address, Todd and Ola REFUSED to allow me to use my correct mailing address. Well, since they forced me to use a wrong address, my car loan was closed, the DMV sent my registration to the incorrect address. It was never received - 8 months later - still never received. James specifically told me to lie to Ola when he was supposed to ask me that I test drove my car. I was not allowed to test drive my car because James did not have the time to help me even though I scheduled my appointment with him. He told me to lie to Ola. They called my credit union and changed my car loan WITHOUT my permission to be over $4,000 higher. Thieves. The whole process took 4 or more hours as they did not go over even one option with me as far as what type of vehicle would fit me best. They just slapped the Honda Fit at me and lied, then lied some more. The Honda Fit is okay but not worth the $18,000 they sold it to me for. Again, thieves. Furthermore, when Tracy Honda sent me mail at my new residence, they sent it to the wrong address every single time, they put the incorrect UNIT NUMBER. ( i have USPS notifications) They overcharged me $4,000 for my Honda but what am I to do? I was a first time buyer that was unsure of what I was doing except to buy a new car! Then Todd, Ola and James manipulated me into being overcharged, intentionally lied about my address to the DMV, lied to me saying I would receive my Car Title in 6- 8 weeks. Did you know that when you have a CAR LOAN you do not receive the title until the car loan is paid off. They lied telling me I would receive my car title. I asked Todd for a supervisor's number and of course, DID NOT get one. Second time around: I get a coupon in my email for a free car service at Tracy Honda. So I call and they schedule me an appointment to go to Tracy and service my car. I live in Modesto. I traveled to Tracy only to find out the employees are ignorant and do not care about their clients. I was told my car did not need to be serviced yet. That the person who scheduled the appointment did not ask the oil percentage of my vehicle. I wasted time and gas for nothing and did NOT receive my service to my car. I was unaware of how this specific car service works and no one informed me. Third time around: Tracy Honda is the WORST place I have ever conducted business with and I've contracted food poisoning more than once from a restaurant. I've had people yell at me at my job and treat me like trash and still Tracy Honda beats them all. I would rather have gotten food poisoning 10 times over than ever bought a car from Tracy Honda. Sincerely and Never Yours, Laura R.


run away!!!!!!!

Went to buy a new car cash at hand, they don’t wanna give Quotation. Stay away from sales person Kristi this company is afraid of giving quotation because other dealers a better price they added $7000 on bogus items on a new car ,not an honest dealership


Great experience

We decided to go with Tracy Honda over the other two Honda dealers in our area because they advertised the best deal. Courtney Evans was our salesman and he was great at making sure we got one. Thank you Courtney and we will definitely recommend you to our friends and family.


Typical Dealer that will try to RIP you off.

I had a rather poor experience here. I went because the 4.9 Rating on cars.Com and they had the best list prices for the car I wanted. I went there expecting a good experience and it turned into a 6 hour long ordeal. Within 10 minutes I was dealing with a confrontational sales man who insisted they need to run my credit for me to shop. I immediately asked to speak to the manager. This was the first shady thing. I requested a new sales man. After all I drove 2hrs there and didn't want to waste my time. So I decided on my vehicle and then came the negotiation time. They offered me 5000 under bluebook. Shady practice number 2. At this point I grab my stuff and was getting up to leave. The salesman kindly asked me to wait so I waited for one more offer which was still 3grand under blue book. I inspected the offer they had printed there was also like 5k in service contracts and extended warranties on there I didn't ask for. Shady practice number 2. They don't tell you the terms of the financing I had to confront them About it. At this point I told them I don't have time to play these games, I had already been there for 3 to 4hours, and to make a real offer or I'm leaving. I was pretty furious at this point. 3Rd offer came back with what I was expecting with one small correction they had door edge guards listed on the vehicle and they were not so I had them remove that charge. Even though this dealer ship list there vehicle prices as low on cars.Com they put dealer accessories on everything to boost the price back up. I will not be returning here and wouldn't recommend this dealer to anyone.

Dealer response

Dear Steven, Thank you for the input, I'm sorry that your experience here was long and frustrating, especially so since you had a long drive. Please accept our sincerest apologies. Kind regards, Tracy Honda


Great experience with Tracy Honda & Gordon.

I was looking for a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla for my teenage girls to drive. A Honda Civic GX at Tracy Honda came up on my search. We could not be happier with our new natural gas vehicle. We live in the Bay Area and are enjoying the cost and HOV lane benefits of a Natural Gas Vehicle. Gordon was great to work with, low pressure, and has quickly answered my one or two follow-up questions. I've already recommended Tracy Honda to friends.

Dealer response

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, we appreciate your business and recommendations!

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