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(1,726 reviews)

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Harry and Eddy were amazing, my car is perfect, they were...

Harry and Eddy were amazing, my car is perfect, they were professional, informative and friendly. No pressure at all. Highly recommended. Jannell Ford Rocks. Thanks


Another great experience, nice people and Harry was very...

Another great experience, nice people and Harry was very willing to work with me to get what I needed/wanted. Service guys are great there, too.


Bought a 2018 Ford escape platinum for my daughter. Harry...

Bought a 2018 Ford escape platinum for my daughter. Harry Mcdougal couldn’t have been more informative and helpful in the process. Would recommend him and this dealership to anybody that is looking for more than just a car. We developed a relationship and experience that will last. My daughter is 17 years old and I truly feel she’s in the right place. Thanks again Harry


This is our second purchase from Jannell Ford and Harry...

This is our second purchase from Jannell Ford and Harry this year! He is always very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Harry and Jannell Ford for anyone in the market for a car.


Dina was helpful and knowledgeable! She made purchasing...

Dina was helpful and knowledgeable! She made purchasing my Chevy Cruze extremely easy and comfortable. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family looking for a vehicle. Thanks Dina!


Trading in my used Ford for for a newer model couldn't...

Trading in my used Ford for for a newer model couldn't possibly have been any easier. From beginning with online inquiries up until we drove off the lot everything went quick and smoothly. Jack and Ed were friendly and explained all of my options clearly with out heavy pressure like at every other dealership I've ever dealt with. Jack help explain the new technology and synced my phone to the car for me. Everyone was so nice and accommodating to my three year old and moved things right along. Bill the finance man was very knowledgeable and got us a great interest rate. I'll be doing all my maintenance and business there in the future. Great experience.


Vehicle purchase and service

Hands-down best dealership I?ve ever dealt with!! Blows other dealerships like Herb Chambers out of the water for service and customer service . Extremely easy to deal with and very personable to clients.

Dealer response

Hi, we are happy we could make your experience a positive one! If you have any additional needs or questions, we will be more than happy to assist you! Safe travels!


Jannell Ford of Hanover is an absolute joke and...

Jannell Ford of Hanover is an absolute joke and embarrassment to the Ford name. I bought my 2018 f150 xlt 5.0L V8 3 years ago Brand New with custom work done, had all my services completed at Jannell Ford, and a few weeks ago in May I started having an issue on my F150 where it would completely randomly stall out driving on me. This is a HUGE safety concern and issue for not only myself but other innocent drivers on the road. I brought it to the Jannell Ford to the service department (don't remember the exact tech, so I'm sorry that all the techs in this case FAIL because of the one bad tech but take ownership and work together as TEAM ) and I brought proof of the issue with me (footage of the truck stalling out on me just pulling out of the gas station, or just pulling out of my driveway at home) the tech there became very defensive about the situation, and I was completed appalled by this. I said this can’t happen, so he offered to keep it and see what was going on. They originally weren’t going to give me a rental at all, but I fought about as I’m an electrician so I use my truck for ladders, cables, pipes, etc and they gave me an SUV HYBRID (seriously?) but I was reluctant to take it as I still need a vehicle for work (also I have the regular warranty (powertrain AND the extended warranty on this truck because again it’s for work, I barely broke over 50k miles on the truck). A few days go by and I hadn’t heard anything, so I called Jannell, the same tech, and said well we haven’t looked at it yet…I’m like why not? His response was well we don’t know what’s wrong, we had to submit to the Ford Engineers about this so were waiting to hear back from them. A few more days go by (now this point it’s been a week since I haven’t had my truck) no update. I said to the same tech, “Shouldn’t you start troubleshooting it with the error codes and start checking parts?” he was VERY combative about it “Why would we start doing that?” “I said well…it’s a FORD and you’re the tech, I really shouldn’t have to tell you how to service a vehicle or perform basic troubleshooting techniques at all, as I’m in the trade and I would start there and take ownership of the situation.” His response was along the lines of “Well I’m not doing that, I’m not replacing parts or wasting my time on this.” I was so disgusted with this response, I said “Excuse me, but isn’t it your job to work on Ford vehicles as you’re a tech for the dealership and you get paid to perform said duties, if anyone’s time is being wasted it’s MY TIME as you have done NOTHING, you’ve offered no solution or insight to my situation, nor are you sympathetic or show any compassion about this. So I’m sorry you feel like you’re wasting your time, as I’m the customer of Jannell Ford and you’re the tech, you should be offering a solution and not complaining about the situation or feel like I’m wasting your time as it’s mine you’re wasting.” He went back and forth with me about this and I told him “You know what I need the truck working, figure it out but I am going to call the main corporate of Ford and let them know how unhelpful you are, how intolerable you’re a treating a paying customer and on top of that your lack of compassion on the situation. He said “Whatever, the truck is just going to sit here. We’re not going to start pulling parts, or testing them, or replacing them anyways.” I called corporate on the situation, told them about the tech there and the abysmal service I had received, I got the typical corporate response “We’re sorry, but we need to wait on the engineers on this situation, blah blah.” No solution from Corporate other than “You just have to deal with the dealership.” Well…how can I if the tech there doesn’t want to do his job to service the truck or even reach back out and run it up the flag pole to see if they have any idea/solution to resolve this matter. I ended up going back down to the Jannell Ford to pickup my truck, which still is stalling out because I bought the truck for work for all my equipment and tools, as it meets the necessary requirements to fulfill my job and not some bogus HYRBRID SUV that the dealership gave me for a rental (like seriously, you couldn’t even get me a TRUCK at least something comparable to my F150 XLT to use until you fix my truck!?) The dealership has still not heard back from Ford Engineers (I doubt they even reached out to them, to be honest), the tech is in the wrong service industry and Jannell Ford needs to retrain their techs or replace them outright. The way I’ve been treated here, I will not come back to Jannell Ford ever again, let alone, I don’t think I’d ever purchase another Ford or recommend one to friends and family. ***Side note of things*** I did some research on this issue and it’s been a known problem with the Ford F-150 XLT over the past few years about the truck randomly stalling out, and I was talking to my brother who’s a close friend is a GM of Ford Dealership in another state and he told them what was going on and I got more info from him about what Jannell Ford could look at and replace, but they won’t do it. Jannell Ford is an absolute joke and puts the Ford name to shame, dragging it through the dirt!


The process from the time I came in until I sat in my new...

The process from the time I came in until I sat in my new car was crazy quick and efficient. Harry was so helpful! I knew what I wanted and Harry McDougall helped get me in the car (new Bronco) very quickly and made the trade in process very simple. This is my 3rd car at Janell and after making a mistake going to another dealer for a “great” deal on a previous car with my wife neither of us will ever buy a car anywhere but Jannel and from Harry.


Ariel was great ,he was polite and courteous! He was...

Ariel was great ,he was polite and courteous! He was determined to find me the truck I was looking for . Thank you Ariel ! Great job!