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Unsatisfied potential customer

Was interested in a used vehicle on the lot. Only one other customer in showroom when we visited, yet experienced long wait for sales person after a test drive. Then met with Kevin Ohanian who was extremely rude and unprofessional. Would never consider a purchase there ever again and would never recommend to anyone.

Dealer response

We apologize you were unsatisfied with your experience. Please reach out to us directly to discuss the situation further and if there is anything we can to earn your business. We look forward to your response.


Terrible Communication

No communication with me about my car having a part replaced. Took almost a week when they said maybe a full day. I had to call twice to get any information. When my car was returned it was left dusty on the inside and a used mask on my passenger seat. Will not be returning!

Dealer response

We apologize that you are not happy with your experience. Please contact us directly to discuss in detail. We look forward to hearing from you.


Best Experience Ever!

Gio Zmani was very considerate! He changed my entire prospective on dealerships and salesman. He made my new car buying experience painless and easy. There was no sitting around for 5 hours in a office. He made sure I was happy with my new vehicle and was such a tremendous help through out the whole process. It was a o easy that it was almost to good to believe. Gio didn’t put me in a vehicle I had no interest in. He is very polite, understanding and will make your car buying experience memorable! l will only buy vehicles from Gio from today forward! He’s amazing!!


Great Experience

Gabriel and Brian helped me in trading my car to get a new one quickly. Answered questions well and were very helpful! Happy with my experience.


Rude Salesman

I inquired about a vehicle that was listed well below MSRP just asking if it was available from the dropdown box. The reply I received was rude and snarky. The price was a typo, but instead of just saying it was a typo and that they were sorry, the salesman basically scolded me for thinking that the price could be correct. Like I was an idiot for asking.


Buyer beware...

Buyer beware s the saying goes. Worst service ever... took my new car in for tire repair and they put a used wheel back on my car insisting that the wheel that was clearly painted and peeling was what came off my the new car I purchased from them. Service manager ED vehemently denied that they made a mistake putting the wrong wheel back on my car. Only after escalation to the sales manager did they "find" my wheel days later. Having abnormal wear on my tires I asked service manager to check the alignment under the car's warranty and they refused. Called VW corporate to escalate an was told the dealer will call me and never did. Escalating once again with VW corporate now over a month and no reply. Purchased the perma seal protection plan (Huge Mistake) with my new car and when trying to have it serviced under the agreement the service manager laughed saying that they do do perma seal service am that I had to talk to sales whom told me to call permaseal they just sell the product. Later I learned from the perma seal service technician that the dealer never applied to the vehicle. After addressing this matter with the service manager he laughed saying that he has nothing to do with what sales. Clearly a big problem at VW of Orland as internally the service manager points the finger at sales and vice versa. Finally I tried to have the car serviced under a recall notice and they refused stating that it would be months before they have an opening for recall work. So I took my car the next day to another VW dealer 20 miles away to have the work done in less than an hour. Thought VW and VW of Orland was different from back garage repair shops but clearly they are not.


Poor Customer Service and Poor Follow-up

The manager and service team need more training in customer service. I was Very Disappointed and frustrated with my last service visit in December 2019. I brought my car for repair for an accident December 13. I had approximately $4000 of damage. I have been coming to this location for seven years and to have my VW serviced and only wanted this location to service my car. (My employer also bought and leased cars here at my suggestion). I was very frustrated with the Very Poor follow-up and Rude phone etiquette. This service center is Very unorganized. A few things happened. One example, I returned a call to VW (same day, 2 minutes after I received call) to get information about my receipt. The person that called never left a message, I called back and no one could tell who called, no one could find out, they weren't able to check my account. I asked to speak with the manager (who I met two days before and who had my paperwork) the woman who answered the phone said the manager didn't remember anything and could not call me back. She was rude and sarcastic. The initial person handling this request was off that day. I spoke with him two days and he said they use written notes to communicate and he didn't receive any notes. I said don't you have Email. He said yes but they don't use it. This is absolutely Ridiculous!!! Can this service location Please step into the 21st century and use email as a tool to assist with follow-up and servicing customers.


What do you mean title?

After reading the reviews, I will not be buying a car from this place! Thanks to all the people who wrote these reviews. I had plans to purchase a used car from them.


Avoid at all costs

We recently purchased a used vehicle from VW Orland Park. It is my fourth car purchase (the other three were from other dealerships), and it was by far the worst experience I've had. I'll dig into examples, but for those of you who don't want to read a novel - just know that this is the last place you should go to buy a vehicle. - When we agreed to purchase the vehicle, one requirement we had was that the vehicle had to have two key fobs. We needed that before we signed. They initially only had one key, but then miraculously found the second. So we signed. Turns out, that key was NOT to the car that they sold us - it was a random key that they found and passed off as the key for our car. When we went back to inquire, they told us there was nothing that they could do. - Another requirement (that they provided an IOU for) was that they were to replace the tires and fix a small dent. While they did do that, the entire process was extremely painful. In the IOU, they promised to give us three tire options to choose from. They did not do that - they purchased the tires and told us that was what we were getting. Fine. We'll let that go. The service manager called to set up an appointment for service, and we brought the car in only to find out there was no communication between sales and service, and service told us they'd have to send the car out for repairs, but they wouldn't be able to do that for three weeks. The IOU said the car would be fixed within four weeks of purchase, and we were already three weeks past purchase. We pushed back, and they reluctantly agreed to get it done. Fast forward two weeks, and we call them to ask about the vehicle. Service says it's done; I take time off of work to go pick the car up. I get there, and the car is NOT done. The repairs they promised to make were not complete. The service manager said he'd be able to get it fixed in 1-2 days. Fast forward one week, and we still haven't heard from them, so we call, and they tell us the vehicle is done. My husband went in to get it this time, and he arrived to find the inside of our vehicle in terrible condition - trash everywhere, our backseat down and the entire back of the vehicle was dirty, like someone had loaded something in our vehicle. He went in to ask and they had nothing to say. They only offered a free detail after the winter months, which - no thank you, I will never be taking my vehicle back there again. As my husband was checking out, the service rep, Hillary, told my husband that she tried calling me multiple times over the weekend and I never answered (not true, and I'm happy to share my phone records to prove that), and was extremely rude to him. She said the tire sensor light was on in our car (mind you, this is about two weeks past when they put the new tires on), and they wanted to let us know they were going to add a new tire sensor. Which they missed to begin with. Long story short - they are rude, they manipulate, and their customer service is absolute trash. I should have listened to the reviews. Lesson learned.


Sneaky dealership. buyer beware.

They’ll give you a full tank if you leave a positive review...that’s where the 2.5 stars came from. The rest of the buyers are being honest. They tried to sell me a gps tracking service. I declined. Then they went ahead and put it in the agreement (at a lower cost) hoping I wouldn’t see it. I point it out. When I decline something, that means decline. Dealer called a couple days later. Said they install the GPS tracker in every vehicle they sell and was trying to recoup their money. That isn’t my fault and I’m still not fond of them tapping into my wiring to install something without my initial knowledge. For a device I didn’t want. Their rating of 2.5 stars is overrated.

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