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new lease

I was taken advantage of by my sales person Mark Klang. His Manager, Dan Rupp was also completely unhelpful. My monthly payments are way too high compared to alternative Acura dealerships in the area. Please shop around!!


Extremely helpful ,easiest purchase ever.

Best experience ever purchasing a car. Easy to negotiate .love the products.would recommend to anyone looking for an Acura new or used. Great selection.Thanks you

Dealer response

Thank you for the five star review. It was a pleasure working with you. Stay Safe.


Mr. Steve Lewis

Priced a RDX walked away with a very good and fair deal. Great working with Steven Sher. Very knowable and nice to work with.


I am not a fan of Acura of Ocean, New Jersey.

I recently went in to talk to a salesman about purchasing a pre-owned automobile. The interactions were pleasant enough until we got to discussions over the price. The salesman offered one amount. When I countered with a lower amount, he asked for a credit card as a show of good faith, and then asked me to wait while he had a lengthy discussion with his manager. When they returned, the sales manager took over the negotiations and raised the price. By this time, I had already invested a good part of my morning at this dealer and I suspect that the manager was hoping that I would just cave and agree to the salesman's original price. I would normally have accepted the sales manager's explanation that this was just a simple lack of communication between sales manager and salesperson, except that the exact same thing happened to me before at this dealer. I understand businesses have to make money, but this type of behavior is both disrespectful and unprofessional. I?m not sure who is training the salespeople at Acura of Ocean ? but they need to understand that their customers are smarter than they are giving us credit for. This behavior just reinforces the poor reputation associated with salespeople in the automobile industry. I have nothing against the product being sold by Acura. If you are interested in buying one of their cars, I recommend working with another dealer.


Buyer Beware

They did what they had to make the sale i brought in a competitor offer and they matched. I had 2 months left on my old acura lease with a lot overage miles on it. we reach an agreement where i paid extra on the new lease and would be free and clear of the old excess millage. ok . However a month later i got a bill from acura financial for the excess millage charge and had to pay. I went in after that multiple times and called them as well only to be brushed off not nice of them very shady. would not have expected this. Then thier idea of a compomise was to offer 25% off service throughout the lease

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