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Welcome to the ALL NEW Open Road Cadillac of Morristown! We're Here for You. Literally. If you would like to chat with our Team, please call us at 888-479-8311. We have team members that speak ENGLISH, SPANISH, RUSSIAN and AFRIKAANS. It's been a pleasure meeting you virtually; We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and the privilege to earn your business. We are conveniently located on Columbia Turnpike right next to the Morristown Airport. We look forward to providing you with the total Open Road Cadillac ownership experience. With over 170 years of combined Cadillac experience, we know that you will find your visit a special one!
Life is an Open Road

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(111 reviews)

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horrible experience

One of my worst car buying experience ever. Tons of hidden charges (doc fees, bogus warranties, prep fees etc etc)Salesman Mike sold me this CPO 2019 Cadillac xts, few days after I bought the car better died, I paid $165 out of my pocket cuz I wasnt able to get a service appointment next day or so, then I realized brake pads are gone so I paid another $800 for that. How the xxxx you tag that car as a certified pre owned? After I signed I asked Mike there's no gas in the car at all can you fill the tank for me? He said sorry we can't and point me to nearest gas station. His tone changed the moment I signed the deal. I am never going back to this place and I'm telling the same to my friends and family. Stay away from this place.

Dealer response

Hello Rehman, Firstly, thank you for choosing Open Road Cadillac. It seems that you weren't very happy with your experience. We'd like to state that all fees are in fact listed in the disclaimer of all vehicles listed on our website. With that being said, we'd still like to opportunity to learn more about the other issues you wrote about. Please contact our General Manager at (973)538-5650. Thanks again for your review.


Very shady!

Unfortunately after giving this dealer time to remedy my issues I am forced to change my once stellar review. I bought a great car from this dealer one that I’ve wanted for a long time. Everyone was very nice and I am having no issues with the car itself! That being said however I am extremely disappointed in the management. After driving test driving the car and going back and forth on numbers, we came to an agreement. After having me sit around for almost 3 hours before finally going in to sign the paperwork I was beyond exhausted and just wanted to go home. Quickly signed everything grabbed my keys and went home. A month later my payment is due and I realize that I was overcharged $550 for the car. My fault I didn’t carefully enough go over the paperwork but still such a shady thing to do. It’s not the money but more the point. After spending about 5 hours in the dealership getting to know my salesman and the manager I felt really comfortable thinking that everything was going to be done properly and games like this wouldn’t be played. I’ve given the dealer ample time to remedy this and they have refused to do so. $550 now cost them their reputation and any chance at selling me a car in the future! The dealer also over rated my front tires so as to pass CPO inspection. I had a separate mechanic measure tread depth and found the tires to be over rated by 2/32nds each! This was done so as not to have to spend the time and money on a new set of front tires... to be fair they did give me a brand new rear set. To bad I was ready to buy my wife a car from them as well. Oh well looks like I’ll be buying my wife a car elsewhere as well as servicing my vehicle with a different dealer. Case in point here... if you want to buy a car here you’ll most likely get a good one. That being said check double check and triple check your paperwork.... They will try to tack on money to the principal of the car as well as other additional nonsense which you don’t need or want to pay for.

Dealer response

Hello Shlomy, Firstly, thank you for purchasing from Open Road Cadillac. We're sorry to hear that you weren't fully happy with your entire experience. Please reach out to our General Manager directly so that we may be able to make this right for you at (973) 538-5650. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.



WORST EXPERIENCE EVER leasing a car. We picked up the car over a month ago and they are still asking for forms to be signed and more copies of documentation. Do yourself a favor and go some where else. No one knows what they are doing there...should not be in business at all!!!

Dealer response

Hello Gina, Firstly, thank you for choosing Open Road Cadillac. It seems that you are a little bit upset with your experience with us. It's our mission to make every customer happy, and get them into the vehicle they deserve. With that being said, sometimes the bank will request extra documentation or verification. This is out of our hands, and we must do what the bank asks for. I'm sure that we offered to bring the documentation to you, in order to save you a trip. Either way, please reach out to our General Manager at (973) 538-5650 so that we may try to make your experience above and beyond. Thank you so much again!


Great experience, sincere sales down to earth !

I have purchased many Cadillacs in my time and I will have to say this was actually a nice experience wth No Pressure what so ever. The joint effort from Kristie to Brian over to Wes I was comfortable and watched them work at what I was concerned with and what I wanted. Not what the typical Sales team wanted, what the consumer wanted. The entire car was explained and what I was getting into. I didn't hear 1 I think so! My being in Sales for over 30plus years with no pressure technic myself, I knew hands down to buy my car with these folks. And I did. I've walked out of other dealerships even after signing with leaving the car for thst Rep to explain to his boss. Great experience, sweet ride, finance arrangements are as fair as expected. Thank you Kristie, Brian and Wes. I enjoyed my morning with you guys. Your organization should be proud to have you on board


Do not buy from this dealer

This dealer was completely unethical and difficult to do business with they agreed upon a price and a date and time to pick up the car was paying cash call the dealer in the morning to confirm the appointment they said oh I’m sorry we sold the car last night somebody was willing to pay more money sorry that’s just how business goes the manager was completely disrespectful and dismissive of our feelings and really didn’t care whether or not we came back it was the most horrible experience I’ve ever had I am surprised this dealership is still open do not buy anything from them

Dealer response

Hello, Firstly, thank you for considering us. Unfortunately without a deposit down on a vehicle, we are unable to hold it if someone else would like to purchase it. It's a policy to protect the customers coming in to shop. Please reach out to our General Manager at (973) 538-5650 and we could do all we can to get you into a vehicle you desire.


"In the Dark"

We bought 2 Cadillac s from "Open Road"was told the CPO came w a bumper to bumper warranty, up to 6 years , 100,000 miles. Well no one will give me the paperwork and very secretive about what we have!! No one calls back, they define "slim shady " dealership!

Dealer response

Hello, We're sorry that your experience hasn't been exactly perfect. We strive to make sure that our customer service is great every time. Please reach out to our General Manager at:(973) 538-5650 so that we can make this right. Thank you for doing business with us.


Watch the fees

Beware the extra fees with this dealership. They are legal but not very friendly. $700 Doc Fee $950 Vehicle Prep Fee $1,000 Penalty for not financing through their dealership $2,650 extra dollars on your purchase...

Dealer response

Hello, We're very sorry that you were disappointed with your experience at Open Road Cadillac. Our fees are standard fees which are up-front and documented in all of our disclaimers so that there are no surprises. We strive to provide honest and caring customer service to every shopper that walks through our door, every time. Please reach out to us at 973-538-5650 to discuss anything that may make your experience better.


Stay away!

I have owned Cadillacs for years, and went to look at a used DTS here. The salesman was fine, but the manager wrote up a contract that included two lines equally around $3,000 in what amounted to "Dealer Prep" fees. When I questioned what was done there was no mechanical work, just basic cleaning of the car. They refused to pull it off the table, I walked out and bought a car from their competitor.

Dealer response

Thank you for your feedback. We absolutely strive to provide our customers with an efficient and professional service experience, so we are disappointed to hear that yours was not up to par. Please contact us at (973) 538-5650 to discuss your concerns, as your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.


Did not get back to me

I worked with Mike and was looking to get a used Mazda 3. Although my credit was fine, I guess i didnt have a strong enough credit history to get a loan with out needing a cosigner or more money down (both which I wasn't able to do). He explained my situation to one of his managers and i was told they will continue to work on getting me approved. Its been almost a month now and no progress has been made. I cant even get a hold of Mike. Ive called/texted him many times and he hasnt gotten back to me. If you cant get it done for me thats fine. But at least text me and give me an update so i dont feel so left in the dark. But anyway, although he seemed like a nice guy in person (never felt pressured), the fact that he kinda ghosted me put me off to this place. Probably wont ever come back or recommend this place to anyone. Get back to me and maybe ill change my mind..

Dealer response

Hello. Thank you for your review. We apologize for your experience. Can we reach out to you to discuss?


My Favorite Car!

I had wanted a Cadillac for the last 5 years and finally bought a 2015 ATS. This is my favorite car thus far and I traded in a Mercedes! The process to purchase the car was a little awkward since I wasn't financing through them but we worked everything out. It's been almost 2 years and she's still perfect. And that's saying something because I bought a high mileage, former fleet/sales vehicle. My uncle who lives in Queens recently traded in his 1000 year old DeVille for an XTS because he likes mine so much. Great sales and service all the way around. I highly recommend visiting if you're interested in a Cadillac.

Dealer response

Hello In Love With My Ats!, thank you; we appreciate your feedback! Your recommendation means so much to us and we're so happy to have earned it. Thank you again for taking the time to let the world know about your positive experience. Have a great day!

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