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(40 reviews)

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What great service!

What great service! John was outstanding! I randomly decided to have a mid life crisis and trade in my perfectly fine car and buy a sweet 21 year old two door Toyota MR 2 convertible. It was late in the day about 10 days before Christmas. John let me take a look at the car and let me drive it around and he didn’t even mind that I got lost. As one may know it is a bit difficult at times to get financing for such an old vehicle, especially at 5:30 at night. That’s when magic John steps up. He started calling all sorts of different people, at one point I’m pretty sure he had two phones going at once, all while typing up the paperwork and directing people to appraise my Nissan. He ended up getting me a great rate with a trusted reputable credit union and sold me the car at a fair price and gave me a fair price for my old car. Because it was right in the middle of the holidays we had troubles getting the title transferred from the DMV to the credit union but John was on it the whole time and kept me up to date on all the emails flying back and forth. I can’t say enough good things about John, he is a REAL guy, straight shooter, and he will always do what’s best for you. Thanks guys at executive, you all did a great job!


Very accommodating and helpful

We were treated very professionally by John during our consideration and eventual purchase of a vehicle. He was also very accommodating and helpful while working to get a pre-purchase inspection completed prior to purchasing. Overall a very smooth transaction.


Bad bad

No I don’t recommend this dealership they have only trash cars I have so much bad experience with them no one time it was 2 times but I don’t want this havens with someone else they don’t help you with anything just sold a trash cars and that’s it

Dealer response

Hi Ben, I am sorry you feel we did not handle this correctly. The first vehicle you purchased did indeed have an issue. Once we were made aware of it we had you bring it in for diagnosis. Once the diagnosis was complete we determined we would not be able to fix the vehicle fast enough to make you happy so we unwound the deal and gave your back your money. You then opted to do another deal on a Jeep. After several days and nearly 600 miles later you called again stating there was now a problem with the Jeep. We again asked you to bring it for diagnosis. Once the diagnostic was complete it was determined that the gas cap was not on correctly. When we checked the fuel door it was laying in the hole loosely. As stated on the gas cap itself "failure to tighten this cap may result in a check engine light" I cleared the codes and tightened the cap. That was the last I heard from you. I assume the issue has been resolved. I understand how it could leave a bad taste in your mouth, but this one was simply an error during fueling. No other codes were present and everything was in working order.


Great experience selling my car.

I am 100% pleased with my experience having EA sell my car. In a short time we agreed on its value. Once I got them the car they did all the work to make a 10 year old car look almost new, advertised it and then secured a deal that resulted in my getting about 90% of what I originally asked for. This was double what I was offered in trade from the dealership where I purchased my new car. Needless to say I'm very pleased over all and if you have a car that meets their criteria for what they sell I'd recommend you let them sell it for you. They know what they are doing.


Professionalism at its best

When I walked onto the lot, the manager came out and I was expecting some heavy handed sales pitch. What I got instead was a friendly conversation with an invitation to ask about any cars I saw. Once I knew what I wanted, every question I could think of was answered and every response was genuine and knowledgeable. Throughout the whole process I was involved step by step as to what they were doing, why it was being done and when it would be finished. Wish I had found this place sooner as I will be recommending everyone to them in the future.


Quick and easy

Friendly, easy, and quick experience, good business. Salesman was easy to get along with. Got us a better interest rate than what we were hoping for too.


Fair prices no BS. Great place!

Recently bought a 02 f350 as is. John got me a great rate with the banks he works with and worked out a deal with me to trade in my BMW that was more then fair, all things considered. Would recommend John he's a great people person and is very nice, with no pressure it really was an incredible experience. Having worked at a larger dealer my self, I didn't think dealers like this place existed

Dealer response

Thanks Kelsey, I enjoyed the time we spent together. I appreciate the great review. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the future.


Best car buying experience I’ve ever had!

They were able to help me purchase a lightly used BMW for a great deal! Best car being experience I’ve ever had and the car is well maintained.


In love with my AMAZING new Audi

Let me tell you about this dealership right here. I am a young adult female who has never done any type of financing for a car, nor has any experience with a dealership in the past. As coming into this completely naive, but John made this experience so easy, stress-free and understandable! I can’t tell you how relieving it was to quick and easy the process was! I got an amazing deal on a 2013 Audi Q5 it is so well maintained and is beautiful as well. So excited about my new purchase!


First time buyer

This was my first time buying a car from a dealership and John was immensely helpful and patient, I’m in love with the car that I went home with. Thank you John