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About our dealership

LBC Auto Sales, Inc has been in the auto sales business for over 10 years as a trusted resource for quality car and truck sales. We offer new and used vehicles at affordable prices and we look forward to getting you behind the wheel of the automobile of your dreams.
When choosing LBC Auto Sales, you are not only choosing an auto dealership, you are choosing a team of trained professionals who are looking forward to get you in just the right vehicle at a great price.
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(21 reviews)

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Worst Salesman ever

I thought that many of these reviews couldn’t have been as bad as it seems but after I arrived for 5 mins everything others said became true. I was really interested in a 2015 BMW 2 series so I called in to see if it was available. I came right away when I heard it was available, someone then “greeted” us by saying “Do you need help?” and left after he pointed me to the car I came for. I had many questions when I looked at the car since the door had a huge gap and couldn’t close right, there was many cosmetic damages, and probably many more hidden engine problems but there was no salesperson to be seen. The sales person then started yelling at me for trying to close the door. I asked him if they would be able to fix it, he didn’t respond and said to leave the door open. I was trying to ask him what happened to all the cosmetic damages and if it was in a crash because the whole door wouldn’t close and the front bumper was separated from the headlight on one side, he cut me off before I could even ask him and said “IT’S A CAR” while leaving. Was very interested but that’s one of the worst salesman ever, it’s like they don’t even want to talk to you or sell you cars. Bring your business elsewhere and Do NOT buy a car from here! All their cars seemed to have damage and big gaps on the hoods. They say they have all clean titles but they probably just “fix” the cars and don’t report anything. I said “fix” because it’s still obvious that it’s been in an accident because the shop did such a terrible job at it.


The store should be called "LBC Auto SCAMS."

Very shortly after purchasing the vehicle and leaving the lot, the check engine light , TRAC, and VCS lights went on. The fix? Two new catalyst converters. The bill? $1,500. Mike and his staff knew what they were doing. They cleared the codes before I test drove that car. They knew something expensive was wrong with it and pretended like nothing was -- and they will lie to you without hesitation. Mike will try to sell you dysfunctional car. Then he will lie to you, and you will be stuck with a Lemon.


Great cars and experience

Purchased Toyota Corolla from these guys few months ago. Very happy with the car. Mike was helpful with car selection and after purchase plates and title. Great experience overall.


2005 Land Rover Range HSE purchase for my wife Tex

Great service and very attentive to customers needs.Very helpful in looking for a vehicle.Will refer many people to buy a vehicle.Easy location to fine in houston


Nice affordable cars in Houston

Thank you LBC auto sales for helping me buy my dream car , my sales guy was Mike , he is one of the most honest people dealt with. He is straight forward and told me what he can or can't do , overall great experience. Bought 2008 BMW with good running condition and affordable price.


Don't deal

I don't know who sits and write these peoples reviews but they're not true and they are horrible I had the pleasure of dealing with LBC when I first pulled up I saw a bunch of cars that were OK looking cars I proceed to go in and try to inquire about the cars while Well I'm looking a girl greed to me and I asked her the prices of each car and I told her what colors I was interested and we got inside remind you they have a big sign in the front of their facility that says buy here pay here and your job is your credit as soon as I get inside she runs my credit and then the manager comes over and said there was nothing he could do for me and his name was Mike and he was not pleasant he told me I needed to go look around and basically was like there's nothing you can do for me but I thought this is your job is your credit thats why I'm here if I wanted to put $3000 down on a car I would've went to the dealership and got something that I know it's not a piece of crap in one car even smell like it was flooded out went right across the street put $1500 down on a nice car so I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anyway


Dont waste your time and money here

Bought a car from there and started regretting buying car from there. The problem started within a week. Need to change tyre and cluster within 15 days of buying. I dont recommend anyone to go there.


Easy finance

Definitely one of the best used car dealerships in houston. Went to about 4 other dealerships before this one and this one was by far the best. No one pressuring you to buy anything, they don't even ride along in the test drive so you're free to drive like the normal houston driver. The cars they offer are all in pretty good condition(probably cause they have their own mechanics check on them). And even though the car I got had some minor issues (normal chevy stuff) they replaced all the parts for free. Twice. It's pretty hard to find a dealership that would even consider doing the work at a discounted price, yet alone for free. I wouldn't suggest any other used car dealership besides this one.


LBC best

I recently purchased a car and had an easy and smooth experience. Pedro was my salesman and he was great. He turned me over to Mike in finance who was professional, friendly and quick! I will purchase all my future cars from LBC .


Best deal ever

Reviews do not lie! Out standing customer service. Greater than expected value. Was presented with many options and choices. Clean and up to date vehicles only. I was approved even with a below average credit score. Perfect place for first timer car owners, allows opportunity and a reason to trust dealerahips again. If you have any questions or concerns there is no beating around the bush here nor any type of reason not to trust this eco friendly and budget worth finding place! They are happy to help with any well given service to a customer that understands and ready to listen. Very patient and understanding staff. You will not have to go through a million people to get one answer. Very happy to consider this place a safe haven for my car and my money.

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