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I bought a car in July and took it to service for a few

I bought a car in July and took it to service for a few issues and it's been 2 months since I've had my car. I feel like my car hasn't been made a priority at all and I've driven the rental longer than the car I actually bought.


Great honest people I’ll most definitely be doing all my...

Great honest people I’ll most definitely be doing all my business with them. Brian was great he helped me to find exactly what I was looking for and made the experience so much easier and better! Thanks Brian and auto universe!!


Second to none

The sale rep Brian was very helpful. Price was good for the car they sold to me. They paid me good for the trade in as well. Paper work got done quickly. The document fee is $499 instead of and arm and leg like other dealers want. I have never bought the car this quick and this easy. I will come back here for all my used car need. Recommend.


The best customer service I have ever had very flexible...

The best customer service I have ever had very flexible and beautiful cars if I could give them 100 stars I would thank you so much auto universe I love my new car !


M.A.R.C.U.S.! What a great representative for...

M.A.R.C.U.S.! What a great representative for AutoUniverse, Covington Pike in Memphis! Mr. Marcus' approach & customer service was A+! He greeted us, assisted us with what we saw on the website and closed the deal! He did a follow-up call the next day and scheduled for a scratch to be removed from the vehicle! 5 star service! We love our low mileage Lexus! Thanks Mr. Marcus! We will be repeat customers! Paul & Norma


I found the car I wanted at a great price. The salesman,...

I found the car I wanted at a great price. The salesman, Marcus Crawford, worked tirelessly to get all the paperwork done and the car prepared as fast as he could. He explained all the high tech features we were not familiar with and helped us pair our phone up to the car. I really couldn't ask for more.


Great customer service!

This is my 2nd vehicle I have bought from this dealership. Marcus was very professional and responsive. The buying experience was easy. I would recommend this dealership to any buyer.


Wonderful Experience!

Auto Universe is the most professional place to go a purchase a vehicle. Marcus Crawford and Lamont are great guys that gets the JOB DONE! I have and will continue to recommend this place to all of my friends and family.


Goes Above and Beyond To Satisfy !

Bought my Van online , bought unseen and had it transported to my front door ! It was an excellent experience and staff was so helpful and went over and beyond for me the customer ! Would Highly recommend this dealership to anyone in search of vehicle and even buying online like me/ I felt good with the sincerity of the employee I worked with and I felt like the owner Sonny cared about making me happy !


Bottom line - I had been looking for a particular vehicle...

Bottom line - I had been looking for a particular vehicle in a particular color for 5 months, and Auto Universe on Covington Pike in Memphis had it. The vehicle looked good that evening in the dark, but there were some visible scratches they agreed to buff out. We agreed on a price of 13k, down from 14k. The following morning we found the vehicle needed multiple repairs. Interior parts were broken or missing. Console lid broken, seat bracket broken, radio knobs missing, heated seat inop, headlights oxidized, AND it had a service airbag light. They said their prep guy failed to mention the items broken, (their cars apparently are not serviced by a mechanic) but they said they would "make it right", although they couldn't do all of the repairs at the 13k price, so we're back to 14k. I wanted THIS vehicle, so we agreed on the 14k because fixing it ourselves would likely cost us even more. They don't have a service department, so they tell me they have to job each repair out, so they wanted to get all the parts in first, and do it all at once. It'd take 2-3 days they said. I leave with the vehicle, and in a couple of weeks, they call me to bring it in for repairs. Meanwhile, I'm hearing a noise that sounds like the transmission, so I mention it when I drop it off. A week goes by, I hear nothing, so I call. They'll see what the hold up is, and see if they can accommodate me since I'm having to bum rides or Uber. They never call me back. 2 weeks, still no return call. I call again, same song and dance. 3 weeks, and I speak to the owner...Blah, blah, blah, and I'm still bumming rides. FIVE weeks later, I'm still arguing with them over repairs. They said the airbag was already fixed, it wasn't. They said the vehicle had already been buffed out, it hasn't. They say the transmission is just a sensor. Who knows if that is true. THEN, they wanted to rig up a toggle switch on the side of the passenger seat for the heater, rather than fix the wiring harness correctly that goes to the dash switch because it was going to be too expensive to fix it right. By the way, the correct repair would have only cost $295 more, which we paid out of pocket directly to the repair shop in order for it to be done right, and not have some rigged up wiring void our extended warranty. And because we insisted on the wiring being done correctly, they found the problem with the airbag, and fixed that. Remember the airbag they had already said was fixed?? Otherwise, they'd still have had to pay someone to fix the airbag. We asked them to do the respectable thing, and pay that $295 difference since we saved them from having to still repair the airbag, and to have the vehicle buffed out as agreed in writing. They TEXTED me to bring the vehicle back with the title, and they'd give us our money back. NOW, after its fixed? After we've paid 3 months of auto insurance, and 3 months on an extended warranty? After I've Ubered all over Memphis for 5 weeks because I didnt have a car? This is absolutely the worst customer service experience I've ever had. Buyer Beware!!

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