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(54 reviews)

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Great customer service!

This is my 2nd vehicle I have bought from this dealership. Marcus was very professional and responsive. The buying experience was easy. I would recommend this dealership to any buyer.


Wonderful Experience!

Auto Universe is the most professional place to go a purchase a vehicle. Marcus Crawford and Lamont are great guys that gets the JOB DONE! I have and will continue to recommend this place to all of my friends and family.


Goes Above and Beyond To Satisfy !

Bought my Van online , bought unseen and had it transported to my front door ! It was an excellent experience and staff was so helpful and went over and beyond for me the customer ! Would Highly recommend this dealership to anyone in search of vehicle and even buying online like me/ I felt good with the sincerity of the employee I worked with and I felt like the owner Sonny cared about making me happy !


Buyer Beware!

Bottom line - I had been looking for a particular vehicle in a particular color for 5 months, and Auto Universe on Covington Pike in Memphis had it. The vehicle looked good that evening in the dark, but there were some visible scratches they agreed to buff out. We agreed on a price of 13k, down from 14k. The following morning we found the vehicle needed multiple repairs. Interior parts were broken or missing. Console lid broken, seat bracket broken, radio knobs missing, heated seat inop, headlights oxidized, AND it had a service airbag light. They said their prep guy failed to mention the items broken, (their cars apparently are not serviced by a mechanic) but they said they would "make it right", although they couldn't do all of the repairs at the 13k price, so we're back to 14k. I wanted THIS vehicle, so we agreed on the 14k because fixing it ourselves would likely cost us even more. They don't have a service department, so they tell me they have to job each repair out, so they wanted to get all the parts in first, and do it all at once. It'd take 2-3 days they said. I leave with the vehicle, and in a couple of weeks, they call me to bring it in for repairs. Meanwhile, I'm hearing a noise that sounds like the transmission, so I mention it when I drop it off. A week goes by, I hear nothing, so I call. They'll see what the hold up is, and see if they can accommodate me since I'm having to bum rides or Uber. They never call me back. 2 weeks, still no return call. I call again, same song and dance. 3 weeks, and I speak to the owner...Blah, blah, blah, and I'm still bumming rides. FIVE weeks later, I'm still arguing with them over repairs. They said the airbag was already fixed, it wasn't. They said the vehicle had already been buffed out, it hasn't. They say the transmission is just a sensor. Who knows if that is true. THEN, they wanted to rig up a toggle switch on the side of the passenger seat for the heater, rather than fix the wiring harness correctly that goes to the dash switch because it was going to be too expensive to fix it right. By the way, the correct repair would have only cost $295 more, which we paid out of pocket directly to the repair shop in order for it to be done right, and not have some rigged up wiring void our extended warranty. And because we insisted on the wiring being done correctly, they found the problem with the airbag, and fixed that. Remember the airbag they had already said was fixed?? Otherwise, they'd still have had to pay someone to fix the airbag. We asked them to do the respectable thing, and pay that $295 difference since we saved them from having to still repair the airbag, and to have the vehicle buffed out as agreed in writing. They TEXT me to bring the vehicle back with the title, and they'd give us our money back. What?? NOW, after its fixed? After we've paid 3 months of auto insurance, and 3 months on an extended warranty? After I've Ubered all over Memphis for 5 weeks because I didnt have a car? This is absolutely the worst customer service experience I've ever had, and they don't even care. Buyer Beware!!

Dealer response

Dear McCoy Family, Thank you for stopping by and giving us an opportunity to make things right for you. While we are glad that all the confusions due to breakdown of communication was cleared up and we could resolve all your concerns, we sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused you. We highly appreciate your honest feedback and we're sorry that your experience was not of the quality you expected.We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark on your deal. We have take steps to ensure that we maintain a clear line of communication with our valued customers to avoid Andy confusions in future,We once again thank you for your business and patience and we look forward to seeing you again at our dealership. Thank you!


Buying a lemon 🍋

Brought a car before I left at closing car started having problems info the management told me he would take car of everything on the dealer. Haha that’s was a joke, talk me to getting this BS WARRANTY WHERE THE RATES SET AT 90 and you have to use there shop another issue. After having my car for month they wanted me to use warranty to fix all the issues. So they wanted me pay another 6500 after I spent 19,500 cashier check crazy and repay sales taxes again. THIS PLACE IS A JOB. I’m still having pushing my issue top it off some someone stole my work boooths and cable.....SMH

Dealer response

Dear Sir, We are sorry that you feel that you were not treated fairly at our dealership. But the fact remains that we treat our customers like family and we go above and beyond for them to have the Best Car Buying Experience, and we tried our best to satisfy you as well. Here is the timeline of your transaction and the customer service that was provided to you. On Feb. 25th 2019, You purchased 2011 Vehicle from us. The car was sold "AS IS" and you bought "Extended Warranty". A couple weeks later you complained about engine smoke and we offered to get it repaired for you and on the same day you we gave you a "Loaner Vehicle" to ensure that you do not face any trouble with your transportation needs. At your request we also substituted the Loaner Vehicle with 2015 Infiniti and at that time you showed desire to exchange your Vehicle that you had originally purchased from us with this 2015 Infiniti, which would have costed you $5900 (and not $6500) more after discounts and all the taxes and paperwork. But, you insisted on an "Even Swap" which was not possible between a 2011 and 2015 Vehicle. At that time we agreed to "Buy Back" the vehicle from you and refunded you all of your Vehicle's cost plus the Interest for the Bank Loan and also allowed your Brother to keep the Referral Money. After you left the car at the dealership we found your Backpack in the Trunk of the Car and asked you to collect it from us which you did. There were no other belongings of yours in either of the cars that we found. Sir, we did everything within our reach to satisfy you by-Offering to get the car repaired, Providing Loaner Vehicle of your Choice, Agreeing for an exchange, Buying Back the Car, Giving a total refund along with the Bank Interest and Taking care of your personal belongings. We are once again are sorry that our efforts were not enough to satisfy you. We wish you all the best.


Got what I wanted

I was treated like a VIP...very knowledgeable salesmen and a very kind owner. I am from Jackson, TN and did not know the dealership so...I went in nervous dropping money on a dealer that I was not familiar with but am glad I did. They were very professional and fair with my trade in and the price I paid for the vehicle I ended up purchasing. I ended up at the dealership after tracking the kind of vehicle that I wanted (used Lexus GS350) and they had the best price right out of the gate. I highly recommend Auto Universe.


Great place to buy a car

Great people to work with. Easy to do business with no pushy sales tactics and want to work a deal that is a win win for both parties. I asked that certain thing be done to the Lexus GX460 I bought from them. Everything I asked for was done without hassle and timely manner. Peter and Greg both great guys. Highly recommend buying a car from them.


I don't understand what you mean by title here. Ok

All I can say is . Auto Universe has found a life time buyer.


Excellent experience

Though I didn?t end up purchasing the car I looked at, I would definitely do business with them. Professional, friendly and great quality cars on their lot.


Surprise Experience

As a 48 year old mother and wife who is not a car "aficionado", I do not look forward to the car purchasing experience, but.....this experience was a pleasure on many levels!!! First, after submitting an inquiry online after hours, a salesperson-Peter Moore, contacted me via text inquiry within an hour! In addition, he made plans after several texts to meet my husband and I the next day to show us the car of which I was interested, and it was a day the dealership did not have open hours, Sunday & appointments only! After spending an hour and a half satisfying all our questions and allowing us a test drive, we were ready to make an offer the next day! Within hours after our offer, we came to a mutual agreement and were proceeding with all the buying details on the next business day! Needless to say, the car and paperwork was processed and ready for pickup within the next 48 hours. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience which pays tribute to the professionalism of the salesperson, the administration and staff, as well as the product I purchased! Wonderful surprise and pleasant experience!!!