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Excellent service

Doug Henry CDJR demonstrated professionalism, timeliness, expertise, and a genuine concern for the customer. I drove up from the Jacksonville, NC area due to lack of trust and confidence in my local dealerships maintenance department. I am thankful for Derrick and the rest of the Doug Henry team, they made this a very satisfying experience. They demonstrated through their performance that they care about the FCA brand, and in turn demonstrated that they care about FCA customers. Doug Henry CDJR has my confidence, and my business.


Great service.

Easy to work with. Took time to show everything available in my price range. Large inventory to choose from. Will definitely recommend to friends.



I need to file a complaint. I brought in my vehicle to be repair because it stalled out on me. The repair was almost 1200 for solenoids an oil pressure switch. I was hesitant bc this is alot of money. But due to this being my only vehicle and having kids I got it done. A week later ...I had the same problem. Car just stops while I'm driving it. I immediately called Doug henry an was told they would contact me back to look at it for free to see what was going on since that didnt fix it. I called every day last week to see if I could bring the car in. An repeatedly was told that they were waiting to hear back from someone and they would call me tomorrow. On Thursday I had to take my car elsewhere. Finally get the manager on the phone and he wants me to snatch the car from where it is and bring it back to them after a week of being ignored. Then I'm told that someone scheduled me an aptment for Tuesday without even contacting me. The other dealership was honest an said that It seemed to be a known prob with this car and many ppl never got the fix for it. Plus how do you keep letting someone work on The car knowing that if once again it isn't fixed you wont know until the car shuts off and this time it could be in traffic with my kids in the car. Im a single mom an I paid you to replace parts that had nothing to do with the problem. According to the serv manager they do have a warranty if they ever happen to go bad. But who cares?? It was not the problem In the beginning. I threw away almost 1200 a the car did not even last a week. I've contacted my bank and told them I will dispute the charge if this isn't fixed. An I have a statement from the other dealership to back this. I paid the money no problem just to be ignored when it still was not fixed.

Dealer response

On Thursday January 24th around 10:00am you spoke with our service department about the repairs on the vehicle. The vehicle concern was about the vehicle shutting off while driving. On arrival we found multiple codes in the system for the cylinder de-activation (eco mode). Upon testing we found 4 of the vehicles MDS solenoids which control the engine running completely un responsive and malfunctioning. There was also failure with the oil pressure sensor which was replaced as well. Well not long into our conversation you expressed concerns about a possible fuel tank issue that you learned via online research as being a common failure in Chrysler Aspens. We are not disputing that these failures do occur, however, I do not believe it is the source of the issue. We have been in contact with FCA on the problem. FCA responses generally take 24-48 hours. If we have any follow up questions for them, you're looking another 24-48 hour wait time. Our service manager has informed you multiple times that if you are still having the issue we would pay for towing, cover the other shops diagnostic fees, not charge any diagnostic fees, and possibly remedy the vehicle at no charge if it appears that we missed something or did not repair something correctly. Nobody at this facility has ever told you that we will not do everything we can to help, because simply, we stand behind our repairs. We have tried to work with you regarding these issues and are willing to go above and beyond to help. Your most recent responses to us were something along the lines "this seems like a waste of time" when we have offered to get the vehicle back here. We would like the opportunity to remedy your situation but we need you to be a willing participant as well. We strive for great customer service. Please feel free to take us up on our generous offer soon.


Great service with first experience

The recall service took less than an hour, waiting area was comfortable, and I was quoted a great price on new tires at the parts dept that I will be purchasing in the near future. Also Derek was very good at answering all my questions with ease and honesty. When I need my next service, I will return to this dealership!


Excellent service

It was a short waiting period, friendly and professional staff. All the recalls on my truck were explained to me and scheduled to be repaired on this visit, also. Very clean facility.


Used car

James was very good to deal with during my search. Although we could not find a vehicle for me this time, I will call him again if I find a used car that I like on their lot.


Excellent customer service

James Hedgepeth and did a excellent job helping to get the deal done and being around for conversation while we waited.


Dodge Journey Crossroad Purchase

Stephanie was very helpful and had all the information we needed to make our decision on which car we wanted. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.


Service department great sales not so much

Service department is the best I have ever been to over the years at any dealership. Be it Ford, Chrysler, or GMC.


Well Done

The service department was very clean and the staff was pleasant. Pleasure to work with. Will be back for later services.