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This seller has been on since November 2021.
Local family owned dealership looking to change the way everyone buys vehicles!
We believe its in our best interest to cultivate happy satisfied and deeply loyal Customers who will continue to do business with us again and again. We expect that Customers who do business with us will offer us the best marketing opportunity as they share their experience with their coworkers friends family and neighbors.
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(91 reviews)

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Mr. David Beasley was an awesome sale person to work...

Mr. David Beasley was an awesome sale person to work with. If you want a great person to help you get a great deal come see him.


Mr. David Beasley was an absolute pleasure to work with....

Mr. David Beasley was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very informative and knowledgeable. He heard my budget and did everything he could to get me in a vehicle in the range. He is an excellent salesman. If you come here, speak with him.


Where to even start. This was the worse experience...

Where to even start. This was the worse experience buying a car. Started off by finding a truck they had listed online for $33k. I headed to the dealer to check it out. Test drove it and it rode well; however, I still wanted to check out other options for around the same price. Salesman proceeded to "pretend" to look on his computer what else they had just to inform me that was the best truck for me for the price. Keep the price in mind. It comes in later. I proceed to tell him that I have been looking for a truck like this one for some time and that I am interested in buying but I wanna see the numbers first. He then tells me that he is not gonna go to work for me and get the numbers for me unless I tell him I am buying the truck. First sign that Should have made me walk away, but I trusted the salesman and I liked the truck. Those were the things that kept me there. I asked him if the truck was $33k and change and he says yeah about $37-$38k with taxes. So I tell him if the deal is good enough I will take the truck home with me. Then he goes to the back and starts getting numbers from the financing crew there. He comes out and gives me the numbers and a monthly payment which I thought was too high so I made him get rid of the warranties and I added another $2500 to make the monthly payment get lower. Once we got to a number with the down payment and all I asked him if it was on a 60mo payment plan and he said that it was. I tell him I'll take the truck and he wrote down numbers with a marker on a sheet of paper and made put my initials down. Then the scam starts , They make you sign all kinds of documents but still dont provide any kind of numbers no matter how many times you ask. After signing everything and getting insurance for the vehicle you are about to buy, they take you to pay the down payment. Right after that they take you to a "finance office" where they try to hide everything from you. They know at that point youve signed all those documents and you probably feel like you cant back out of the deal. That is exactly how I felt. Inside that office they make you sign some other papers and they leave the finance papers till the very end, they aren't dumb so they do an electronic signature on the computer that way you have no access to actually look at the numbers and take your time. They scroll thru the pages on the screen with a very quick brief description and just get you to sign as quick as possible. They print out one copy for you of the total for the vehicle but immediately fold it and put it in an envelope so you can't even see it at the moment. That paper still doesnt have most of the numbers like financing terms and such things. The finance guy ( Cody) prints out some papers but tells me the numbers are wrong. Paper prints and it says 72 months and another payment. He reads the number and says 72 months and says "yeah thats not right" to which I answer "it's 60 months right?" And he says "yeah, this is just a copy for us, it's not leaving my office." The last thing they show you is the financing on a computer screen. Where I did catch that magically the truck had gone from $33k to $40k without me even knowing. So I asked him why the price had changed, he then says that it was because I needed to finance 80% of the truck or I didnt qualify (which doesnt make sense honestly because then I could have just put down a lower down payment and still finance 80% of the original price) At this point it was so stressful and I had signed all the documents beforehand and all I could think about was how they got me, they got me, I signed everything thinking I was getting the truck for $33k and now I was being forced to sign for $40k. I sign the papers thinking im still on a 60mo plan. I leave with the truck and a mile down the road the check engine light came on, once I get home I immediately start looking at their reviews and see that they have done this a lot of people. So I start doing the numbers on an online calculator and the numbers werent adding up. I call Cody the next morning and he tells me its a 72mo plan. Immediately I call the lender they used for me and they tell me its a 72 month plan and I request for cancellation because I hadnt yet been approved only pre approved. She tells me I need to contact the dealership and get my down payment back and bring their truck back. I feel relieved knowing that I can get out of it. I start the truck and try to take off the ebrake and its stuck. I try to move the truck and its nothing but grinding sounds from the rear brakes. I call them and they thay say that the service department is closed on Saturdays. I spend about an hour figuring out whats wrong and fixing the truck outside in the rain so I can take it back to them. Once I get there I explain to them everything they did and how they got me paying $7k more than what it was and an extra year of payments and that I have already called the lender and they told me to bring it back. They tell me to come back on monday, I come back on monday and tell all of them together that they all lied and they shut me down saying other stuff. They all play dumb and pretend to not know what youre talking about. I hold my ground and keep asking for a refund and the manager tells me I can either trade the truck in for less value or leave it there and lose my whole down payment which was $12.5k..... i keep telling him how they lied to me and he says that it doesnt matter what they told me, I signed on 72 months and thats what I got. I tell him I have no car buying experience and he tells me "You have experience reading." I keep asking him to just return the money because I did not want to have to fight about any of it and we can put everything behind us. He tells me im not getting a penny back. So I leave and call the lender again and they tell me they have 100% cancelled the loan the rest of the process is up to the dealer. They try to send me documents with different payment plans and stuff which told me they were desperate and needed me to sign again in order for me to keep the truck. So i refuse and tell him they can even keep partial money for the return (i felt like it was my last option) i didnt wanna have to do that after everything they did. Finally after going back and forth all of monday they call me back to tell me they can give me the money back and keep some. So I got $10k back and they kept $2500 and the truck. I thought paying $2500 to get out of the scam was better than having to pay the whole thing. Please do not go here, look at other reviews. They are all basically the same. They add thousands of dollars to the price without you knowing and add more months to payment plans. I made this one very detailed because I want people to know how they are all involved in it but play dumb when confronted. Save yourself a headache and go somewhere else. Robert Gaddy was the salesman, Cody Brown was in finances, and Zach was the manager in charge. They are all in the scam together, don't get fooled.


Ask for Mr. David Beasley, He will get you right!!

Mr. Beasley, my man, quick, precise, and efficient with following customer detail, wants, and needs. He made the search easy, the process readily, and the sell was A1!! I recommend doing business with him any day. Thank you for having real salesman and true grit to get the job done. He even had great hospitality, made the process smoothe, and the day was great!!!


Phenomenal experience

I had a wonderful experience I worked with David Beasley and he listened to what I needed and exceeded them. I would recommend working with this dealership and this DAVIDDDDD he will make sure you are taken care of.


I worked with this dealership and I had the best...

I worked with this dealership and I had the best experience Ever!!!! Please ask for David Beasley he listens to what you need and will meet and exceed those needs. I truly appreciate him for showing me the ins and outs of buying a car and was honest. ASKKKK FOR DAVID BEASLEY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED, I REACHED OUT TO HIM AND ONLY ENDED UP WORKING WITH THIS DEALER BASED OFF OF A REFERRAL, HIS CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND ABILITY TO GET THE JOB DONE. PLEASE VISIT AND ASK FOR DAVID BEASLEY HE WILL GET YOU TAKEN CARE OF. :)


Mr. Beasley my man, is quick, precise, and efficient with...

Mr. Beasley my man, is quick, precise, and efficient with following customer detail, wants, and needs. He made the search easy, the process readily, and the sell was A1!! I recommend doing business with him any day. Thank you for having real salesman and true business to get the job done. He even had great hospitality, made the process smoothe, and the day was great!!!


Music City knocked it put of the park

I talk to Frank Messinger at the Madison TN location and I can not say enough good things about the communication, hard work and the time he put into getting me the truck I wanted. Not to mention Frank even took the time out of his day to deliver the truck to me and I’m almost 4 hours away. These guys knocked it out of the park and set a very high bar for car salesmen. Again I appreciate all the hard work and time you guys put into me getting the truck I wanted.



Do Not Buy Here! My experience with Music City Autoplex was terrible after purchasing our vehicle from Johhny. They have terrible communication and poor leadership. We purchased a vehicle and paid cash for it last fall. We are just now getting the tags today 8 months later. I can go on and on about the lack of communication, professionalism, and integrity. I wish someone was honest to tell me they are not worth the time and energy. When looking for a vehicle pass this dealership and go down to the street to Serra, that's where my husband bought his Escalade!!


This is my second time buying a car through Music City...

This is my second time buying a car through Music City Autoplex and each time I have driven away completely satisfied. I filed bankruptcy a year ago and despite that, David Beasley has made the purchasing process seamless and smooth. There was no gimmick or trickery like most dealerships...just pure honesty and me driving away knowing that I got a great deal. I bought this red Equinox a year ago with David's assistance and this Jeep, Chocolate, two days ago, again with David's assistance. Many places prey on woman purchasers and try to force us into deals that will hurt us in the long run. Not Music City Autoplex. If you are looking for a great deal and good people to help you purchase your dream car....stop by and ask for David...let him know that me and Chocolate are getting along just fine. Happy Shopping!!!

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