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Overall it was a good experience, but as a customer with

Overall it was a good experience, but as a customer with excellent credit I expected the process to be quicker.


Lou Ann and Tyler at the Edward’s Nissan service...

Lou Ann and Tyler at the Edward’s Nissan service department were very professional, courteous, and informative. We had a major repair that required several days. They provided us with a loaner car and called periodically on the progress of our Murano repair. When the car was finished, they explained the repairs. How refreshing to have a positive experience at a car dealer. John K


Highly recommended!!!

Super nice salesperson and quick action on Financials.. During the deal, they made me very comfortable... No pressure to buy. Absolutely bussiness with them again. Highly recommended.


Great dealership to do business with!

Edwards Kia was very accommodating and willing to help me find a vehicle that met both my wants and needs. I had a very easy experience working with all of the staff there!


Edwards kia/ Nissan council bluffs is awesome !!!!

Teddy made it a wonderful experience will be using them again for my next vehicle. Great job from an amazing staff just a great place.


They work with me gave me what I wanted

They did everything I ask and want it. They accommodated to my needs and what I could afford. Great service I definitely recommend my good friend Ronald phillips


Purchased vehicle on 5-28-2021. They offered their...

Purchased vehicle on 5-28-2021. They offered their “protection package” that they told me they would install and would take a day or so, but that they couldn’t do it that day or (a Friday) and that their service department was off until Tuesday, June 1 (earliest they could do it). Explained we lived 2.5 hrs away and so didn’t see how that would work. They offered to come and pick up the car and leave me a loaner and bring it back. I agreed and said we actually were due to be out of town and they could pick it up before we left and not have to leave me a loaner. They agreed to this. After driving the car home I realized that many of the advertised features did not work properly, told them about it and said I was unhappy and wanted to return the vehicle (June 4). My sales person Nate told me that the vehicle could be returned and asked me to talk to his sales manager Jim. Jim said they could do that but asked if I would give them a chance to fix the issues (windshield wiper, passenger talk, Rear Entertainment System not mirroring with IOS as advertised) and if I still was unhappy they would “unwind the deal”. They picked the vehicle up on June 7. I told them I needed the vehicle back no later than June 28. On June 22 I messaged Nate (sales person) and reminded him I needed vehicle back no later than June 28 and was told that would be set up. On June 24 I got a phone call from Kia corporate and was very confused and messaged Nate, he wasn’t sure what was going on and would check. On June 25 Nate informed me that they were waiting on a part for my vehicle that they had just ordered a few days before. I asked why they had left my vehicle sitting for close to 3 weeks with no work done on it and said I would need a loaner if they were keeping it. On June 28th I expressed my frustration that I didn’t have my car, didn’t have a loaner and they had no clue when I would get it back. Nate stated that “Jim said we could unwind the deal”. I said I wanted to speak to the GM, was told “Chuck” would call me. Chuck called and promised to fix everything and admitted that they had “dropped the ball” and apologized profusely and asked for an opportunity to make it right. He assured me that at that time the windshield wiper issue had been fixed and they were only working on the passenger talk issue, and that the Rear Entertainment System issue was not something they could fix. He asked me to work with the head of his service department Tony Loser. I agreed and they brought me a loaner car on or about June 30. On or about July 5 Tony contacted me and said they still didn’t know how much longer it would take and they wanted to get the loaner back and get me a rental van. On or about July 6th they came to pick up loaner and drop off rental SUV from Hertz, Hertz called and said they needed my credit card number for a deposit but assured me Edwards Kia was paying for the rental and the deposit would be returned to me. On July 8 Tony contacted me and said my vehicle was fixed and that they would arrange for it to be returned to me. It was returned to me the morning of July 9 (over a month from date they first took it). The Vehicle was returned disgusting inside and out, the windshield wipers weren’t fixed, the Rear Entertainment system was somehow worse. I expressed my frustration and was told by Tony that he would check with the Technician and get back to me Monday (July 12). I told Chuck same and said I wanted to unwind the deal on Saturday, July 10, and he ignored me. Monday, July 12, I discovered that Hertz had billed me for the entire rental, plus the deposit, $179.82, and contacted Chuck, Tony and Nate. On or about Tursday, July 13, Chuck verbally promised to fix it and thanked me for my patience and understanding. He offered to send me a check for my first car payment and said Tony would figure out how to get the technical issues fixed ASAP and that they would also pay for the vehicle to be detailed. I saw a pending credit from Hertz for the two charges at that time. On Wednesday, July 14, Tony told me that I should contact Oakes Kia in Kansas City and that he had already discussed with them. On Thursday, July 15, I checked my bank account and the pending credits were gone and the charges against me had gone through. I contacted Tony and Chuck again and said I was done, that I had given them every chance to fix it and this was the straw that broke the camels back. I was not responded to. On Friday, July 16 I called Chuck and said I wanted the deal unwound as I had been promised on multiple occasions if I remained unhappy and at this point and for the first time Chuck told me he would not unwind the deal. I told him I had relied on their promises or I would have unwound at the beginning, he said again reiterated that he would not unwind the deal because it had already been titled. I said titles can transfer and he said he wouldn’t do it because the car would then be used. I told him that he was engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices. The title to the vehicle was issued on June 11, 2021 and I was told after this date that I could unwind the deal. Also came to find out that while they had my vehicle for over a month they used it to make sales videos, probably used as a demo too which explains why it came back disgusting on the inside.


DANGER! Avoid Kia Finance!!!

I leased a vehicle in April of 2018. Do not use Kia Financing! They are a HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! I cannot believe this company continues to get away with treating people this way. I have been waiting for Kia to release the title to a paid off vehicle for over a month now. Others posting on the Kia Finance website state they're still waiting on a title from a vehicle paid off in September 2020. First, they'll give you the "we haven't received your odometer statement" yet. They have received it -- multiple times. Then, they'll give you the "it takes 3-5 business days to process" line. They've had 45 business days to process it. Finally, they'll give you the "we're backed up" line. You get to the highest level of escalation in customer service. I spoke with Roger. Roger told me that there was no one else in the Kia universe that he had a phone number or email for that I could contact. Please, don't make the same mistake I did.


I took my car to the Kia service department and asked...

I took my car to the Kia service department and asked them to do an oil change and take a look at my breaks due to them making a sound. They did the oil change, but did not look at the brakes. I asked the front desk person if they did and she said she would check. She took me to the back and said that she would take me to the manager, but she took me to who I thought was the manager, but was not. She asked about the brakes and if they looked at them, and the guy huffed and said I bet he “xxxxing wants it done xxxxing now doesn’t he?” That’s when I spoke up and said I don’t need to have it done now, but I need to know if it’s going to be an emergent issue or not. The guy, Mike, said let’s take a look. I then got in the car and showed him what the noises were, and he got out and looked at the rotors and said there is a rusty build up on the rotor. He said the Nissan department puts on aftermarket rotors, which I thought all rotors are aftermarket if it’s a used car, he continued and said all I have to do is reverse real hard a few times and slam on the break. At that time I knew that if I did that I would end up changing my brake pads because they would then be worn down. I asked him if they could turn the rotors and he said well I don’t need to do that and I am not going to touch it. He then repeated himself and said all you have to do is put it in reverse and slam on the brakes a few times. I ended up taking my car to another dealership and I was told that there should not have been a build up that size on the rotor. I was told that it should have been cut on the inspection since I only had the car two months. I then called my cells person and ask them about Edwards paying for the repair since this was an issue that, 1. Wasn’t caught on inspection and 2. The service department said they wouldn’t fix. After taking it to another repair shop, I was charged $300. I called Edwards and spoke to the general manager. He basically tried to pawn it off and say since it wasn’t done at our facility, we are not responsible for the payment. I replied with the reasons, not caught on inspection and a rust ring should not been built up to that point, that Edward should be responsible for the payment of the turning of the rotors. I explained again that I did not feel that I could take it to the service department at Edwards because I was told they would refuse to fix my car. The general manager stated “that does not hold water with me.” I have heard horror stories about Edwards in the past, but I thought I would give them a chance. That was a horrible mistake. Unfortunately my sales person, who was probably the nicest person I have met in the car dealership department, is stuck with that company. The general manager at Edwards a Kia an Nissan knows that there is a compensation account for issues like this and Could not even take responsibility for the poor service that his department gave me while I was there at Edwards Kia. It’s only $300 out of their account, due to their neglect to follow through on inspection and turn rotors, and tell me that they wouldn’t fix it and the service department saying “I bet he wants it xxxxing fixed xxxxing now. Please, add this to your do not give a chance list because I thought I would. I had a great experience during the sales, but everything there after has been horrible!


2021 Kia K5

Out salesman Doug was FANTASTIC to work with. Great communication, he kept the deal together single handedly. We will definitely refer our friends and family to Doug at Edwards Kia!! Thanks again Doug.

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