Burdick Hyundai

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(2 reviews)

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Horrible Sales Reps

I was recently in the market for a new vehicle. Stock is limited and I was looking for an SUV. I really was hoping for something a bit bigger, like an Explorer or a Traverse, but I was keeping myself open to anything because of the limited stock. My wife really wanted me to check out the Santa Fe and and Tuscon. I stopped here and got out to look at the few vehicles in the back of the lot. A salesman named Andrew came walking over and I told him the situation. He says, "You don't want these cars. These are all stripped down base SUVs. Just basic." I told him I needed a new vehicle and was open to any SUV, though I was originally looking for a bigger model. He says, "Yeah, this isn't what you're looking for." I tell him, well, I'm here to consider anything. Mind you, I'm looking in the windows of the SUVs and can't actually open them to look at them. I ask him the difference between them, he kind of begrudgingly tells me that it's just color and one is a 2021 and the others are 2022 models. I ask him how they are in the snow & he says "decent." He tells me again that I don't want these SUVs. "These aren't what you're looking for," he says with some weird reverse Jedi mind trick. I again tell him I'm here & trying to be open to anything. I mean, I'm almost begging him to talk me into a darn vehicle. Then, I kid you not, Andrew says, "Well, I'm hot so I'm going inside." He turns and walks away, leaving me in disbelief and laughing. I don't know if he was hoping I'd run after him and beg him to continue to tell me how much I don't want these vehicles, but Andrew really needed his air conditioning because he never even turned back. Andrew was gone. I followed Andrew's lead and left as well, going over to another dealership and literally signing papers within a couple hours. This guy was the absolute worst salesman I've ever seen. No idea why this dealership would employ someone who talks potential buyers into hating their vehicles and rudely leaves them standing outside wondering what the inside of a vehicle is like. Maybe there are other good salesmen there. Maybe the vehicles are good as well. I have no idea. I only know what I experienced with Andrew was mind-numbingly odd & turned me off to ever considering them down the line. At the same time, I'm glad Andrew was able to get the cool air he desperately needed.


excellent experience!!!!!!

I would most definitely recommend Frank Boyle and Burdick Hyundai! I have purchased many cars and have dealt with many salesman. Frank went above and beyond with his honesty, professionalism, and service in the purchase of a Toyota Camry. To find a (honest) salesman that doesn?t waste your time and gets you the vehicle you want for the right price is extremely hard to find! Frank is extremely professional and I WILL recommend this dealership and Frank to anyone I know! Thank You!