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(30 reviews)

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Be careful

Do your research. Take someone knowledgeable about vehicles because they’ll try to rip you off, especially women and young people. The lady with different color hair was vaping the whole time we talked. She also had her kids there which kept her distracted. Very unprofessional


Be Careful

We recently purchased a used car here. My mistake was not doing a Carfax check prior to the purchase. Overall, the car is decent however, after the money was paid I found that the car had been on their lot for five years. Next, there is a huge mileage discrepancy on Carfax and Autocheck. (Over 130,000 miles difference) When we were getting ready to leave I noticed the tires were low on pressure. Upon looking closer the rear tires had serious rot issues. We drove the car 270 miles home to Eastern Washington without issue. The next day he had a flat tire in a parking lot. That tire is destroyed. We were very fortunate that he did not have a blowout on I-90. If I had known all of this and been armed with the Carfax at purchase time we would have negotiated for a much lower price as now we're having to spend $600 on new tires and over $200 on timing belt parts because we don't know how old the current one is. Based on that I would have pushed for $1000 less on the purchase price. When these issues were pointed out at delivery, the money had already been paid so I did not have much to stand on. They did however, give us new wiper blades and find a hood prop rod from another car, but that was little consolation for what really needed to be addressed.



Update from previous 3 star review. They got back to me with some pics. Sounds as though they were a bit understaffed. Very accommodating and professional. The vehicle wasn't what I was looking for but if I would by a used car from them if they get one that fits my criteria.


Great Customer Service by Robert!

Robert was very friendly yet professional. He was also helpful and patient as we looked at several vehicles. Good experience shopping and buying here, and would return.


No answers.

I have emailed them on several vehicles and called a few times as well. Nobody returns the emails and nobody has picked up the phone.


Test Drive only

I went to their website to check the inventory. I was looking for specific make and model SUVs. I called to see if I needed to make an appointment. I clearly stated that I was coming to just test drive ONLY and not ready to make a purchase. Dana was very helpful and stated that a salesperson would be available and assured me that there would be no pressure. I arrived and Ryan was glad to assist. He was very professional and answered all my questions and pointed out various features on each vehicle I wanted to see. I had picked out 3 SUVs (Honda CV-R, Toyota RAV4, and Toyota Hylander) but decided to only test drive 2 of the cars after deciding that the Honda CV-R was not suitable for my family's needs. Ryan accompanied me on the test drives only because I am new to the area and unfamiliar with the roads. The test drive allowed me to see how each vehicle performed on hills, curves, and different speed limits, stop and go, etc. He also pointed out other comparable models that I had not considered but did take the time to look at also. In all, Ryan spent 1.5 hrs with me with no pressure at all. 1st impression...excellent customer service for my first encounter with 507 Motor Sports. If their inventory should include the model year SUV that I am looking for in the next couple of weeks, I would be open to doing business with them. (COVID-19 has shut down the auction industry so their inventory for the SUVs (2010-2012) I'm interested is limited at this time to no fault of their own.) Thank you, Ryan, for making this initial process of car shopping a pleasure, with no pressure. If you go to 507 Motor Sports, ask for Ryan!


never buy a car here....

some guy named Robert... fakest guy I ever met/ true used car salesman. the only person id recommend this too is my worst enemy...honestly everyone else wasn't bad. a woman named connie was very nice. but in the end 507 motorsports is the worst place to buy a car. ever wonder why they have soooo many cars but sell very few. think about it.


junk! never buy from here!

This place is an absolute xxxx show! I showed up to meet with a guy named Robert and I guess he was off somewhere else so I had to deal with this guy named Ryan who tried talking me Into total peices of xxxx! I swear every car I looked at had major not minor but major issues! But just because some guy who’s “done this all his life” and “knows what he’s doing” says that it’s good to go is good enough for Ryan. And when you question him and he doesn’t know he’ll take you to his “master mechanic” Alan and Alan will tell you everything is “fine” and “he doesn’t see any concerns”. Feed my warning, stay far away from this dealership or just be ripped off into buying a turd!


Super helpful

They were friendly and did everything they could to get us into a car we desperately needed. I was very happy with the service that I recieved


quick and easy

Quick and easy, very nice and professional. They have a large selection of vehicles that would fit any buyer. I highly recommend them.