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This seller has been on since September 2016.
Digital Auto LLC is dedicated to bringing only the best vehicle buying experience. We are a family owned company with a vision of being a part of revolutionizing the Auto Industry. With this vision the owner Mike started building the company from the ground up and has not looked back.

Using an internet based opportunity driven format we are all about you the customer and helping you find the best vehicle for your needs and wants.

We know how difficult the car buying process can sometimes be and our goal is not only to eliminate the obstacles for you but to make your auto purchasing experience positive in every way.
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(47 reviews)

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This is the place!

Great people! Out of state purchase that went really smoothly. They even fixed an issue out of warranty that popped up shortly after buying. This is the place to find your new car!


Waste of time-Jimmie is incompetent

Jimmie Fox at Digital Auto doesn’t understand financing. I asked a ton of questions before I got there because I recently moved and have had uneven income. I asked if an offer letter for a job I was going to start in less than a week was sufficient. He said yes. Stated multiple times I would have no problem getting a loan if able to prove minimum income of $1500 a month and provide an offer letter (all of which I did). When I got there the car wasn’t ready to be test driven. This delayed getting paperwork started. It took him almost two hours to comprehend my paycheck situation and do simple math in addition to having to call the bank multiple times to ask questions he should have known the answers to. At 4:57 pm I asked if the bank was going to close soon and whether that would be an issue. He stood up, accused me of being rude and told me he refused to sell me the car “the way I was acting.” We wasted 6 hours of driving round trip trying to buy this car because that guy didn’t know how to do his job and decided to be an xxxxxxx.


Vehicles Are Not As They Appear Online

In September of 2020 I drove 4.5 hours from Nashville to look at a V8 4Runner at this dealer. I was told the vehicle was in great condition over the phone. I got there and the vehicle had a cracked dash and cracked tail light. We took the vehicle on a test drive and five minutes into the test drive 5 lights including the check engine light came on on the dash. We immediately drove back to the dealer. When asked if we liked the vehicle we explained what happened. The sales person responded with "wow" and waived good by. I Would not reccomend Digiatal Auto in Lexington to anyone.


Never Again!

Found a 2016 Honda Civic EX-L on Marketplace for $15,549. I went Monday morning to look at the car. I looked it over, drove it and was ready to buy it. I sat down with their finance/sales person. He never said good morning, how are you today, nothing, just sat at his desk and started punching numbers. Didn’t ask me about financing, cash down or anything. Finally turned around and said that’s going to be $17, 456 I asked him what the price of the car was and he started giving me tax, title, and license, nonsense. I said no, what’s the actual price of the car? He said it’s $15,995. I pulled up the marketplace ad and told him it was $15,549, he said “no its not”. I held up my phone and said, “here look,” to which he turned his monitor around and so “no, you look”. I stood and told him we didn’t have anything else to talk about and walked out. Very Rude, arrogant individual! I’ve never been to a car lot and dealt with anyone as rude as him. I’ll do my best to keep everyone I know from shopping there. Actually considering running a newspaper ad to let people know how they are.


Rude Customer Service

I bought a Mini Cooper from them through an auction 42 days before they produced the title. They never would return the call to the auction house, so I took it upon myself to call and see if I could get the matter resolved. The first day I called, they told me title clerk had left for the day and to call back before 10 the next day and they would help. Today, I call back and a jerk named Shaun I think answered and I ask to speak to the title clerk and he said why. I told him what I needed and he said dont call here anymore, that its between me and the auction. I told him that if they dont send the title to the auction then its between me and them. The jack xxx then hung up on me.


Fine car, typical higher quality used dealership

Bought a Prius from them in August of 2021. Quality car, good price. No complaints. -Look- Saw the negative reviews for these guys and was a little discouraged, but here's the deal - they're a used car lot. They buy and sell cars en masse and used cars aren't new. Typically, these guys barely know more about the car than you do because there's no way for them to. You don't want a bad deal, they don't want to sell a bad deal. No one wants the hassle. So when you test drive, pay some money and drive it to a dealer for inspection. Don't want to do that? Then you roll the dice just like they do.


Would not go here.

Only wanted to check out one Toyota Prius for my sister. They have 7 on the lot, only 3 are operational, pretty sure they used the junk ones to slap together the running one. The one we looked at Literally stopped running on the lot. Was also told after making a cash offer that someone had literally just bought the car we were looking at. There was no one else on the lot. Probably will no be going to these guys again.


got a steal

I bought a nissan 370z with 112k miles at this place for, after taxes, 11.5K just a little over two years ago. Now it has over 125k miles on it and of course modified it and so far zero major problems. Still runs like a clock. Although check engine light came on after a week of owning it and has been on ever since. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars was i was promised all i needed to bring to get the car was the down payment and proof of insurance. I get there and im asked for proof of income and proof of my home address. So i that doubled the time it took for me to buy the car trying to get those things that werent mentioned in me needing to purchase the car. Still a got this great car for a great price though.


Delivered vehicle in damaged condition.

I purchased a 2012 Toyota Sequoia and requested delivery. Dealer told me the next day that the catalytic converter had been stolen over night. When the vehicle was delivered it was not properly repaired, pretty much hacked it back together. Did not have original style parts and was completely missing an o2 sensor. Made an otherwise good deal a very Bad deal!!!! Very disappointed.


not telling the true

I called the dealer about a truck they have. Mike answered the phone with the worst attitude ever. I asked a few questions about the truck specially about the feature that I know the truck didn’t have but they were advertised. He confirmed the features and of course the truck did not have them. How I know I used to have one and I am very familiar with this specific model. I asked the question to see how honest they were. If they are lying now with something so obvious. just imagine what will happen later. Staying away from this dealer.

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