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Dalton is great

Go see dalton what you waiting for? He’s the best salesman I met he was very knowledgeable nice guy. He has a lot of Hondas and Toyotas


Love my accord

Dalton was super helpful they got me approved for a Honda Accord love the car love the dealer love my new payment go see Dalton and AK


Nah, this ain’t it chief

Bought a car from here and one month later the transmission needed replacement. The repairs needed were more than double the price of the car.


fast process

Great and easy process. I love my new Mini Cooper! the paperwork was so fast and I was in and out less than 20 mins.


While the selection and test-drive process was more or...

While the selection and test-drive process was more or less painless, the product sold was misrepresented at best and outright fraud at worst. The car will require a lot of bodywork to repair a thorough amount of rust and several parts will need to be replaced including a new gas tank. The car in question is a 2006 Subaru Baja Turbo. I was told when purchasing this car that the car "was clean and rust free". This is the part that I consider fraudulent as there is extensive subframe rust and a rusted out gas tank that visibly leaks when you try to fill it. This was not noticed in the test drive as the gas tank was about a quarter full and when you look at the car itself, there's no visual rust. That's because it's all internal to the car. The portions of the frame where you put your jack to lift the car when there's a flat tire have collapsed due to rust. How this car passed the VA safety inspection, I'm still trying to figure out. The AC also doesn't work, and the Turbo is non-responsive in a Turbo branded car. If I hadn't already signed a sales contract, I'd be returning this car right now. Now for the weird part. The financing is done at a "partner" dealership across the street called CarNova. Again, this part was fairly painless. Apply, choose from financing offer, drive off with car. However, it's a bit on the hinky side to have one dealership sell the car, then have another do the financing. Yes, I've contacted the dealership. The GM was off at an auction and couldn't be reached. Looking for resolution.



I bought an used car 🚗 an the people work there great and Excellent customer service and professional and helpful information about the service and coverage


Sold a used truck to us

We brought a truck from there three months ago transmission was bad they told us they replaced the transmission come to find out they did not they rigged up so many parts so we had to take it to a dealership to get it fixed still having problems I will not recommend anybody to buy anything from this place


Never got a response regarding the vehicle, i sent an...

Never got a response regarding the vehicle, i sent an email from their site, no response,or call


The lies I was told.

I was told I was qualified for the loan to get insurance on the vehicle and pay down payment. I added car to my insurance sent 2000 to them. The car was to be delivered on Tuesday. When I called on Monday I was told I was unable to get the vehicle. After being told everything was ok for 2 weeks I was disappointed by the outcome. I had sold my car and was left without a vehicle


thank God for ratings!

Thank to all that posted reviews and for their honest opinion of this company. I was online searching for a Volkswagen van and found this one posted. After reading the reviews, I will not even consider buying from this distributor because of all the unsatisfied ratings, customers they have accumulated.