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Bought 3 cars

Out of 3 vehicles we bought. First car: Overheats with the A/C on. Will cost $2,000 to fix. Never got it fixed. Its an antique. You expect certain problems. Vehicle runs great without running the A/C. No complaints otherwise. Second car: Needed $2,000 worth of work. Drive shaft. Back up camera goes in and out. Vehicles runs like new otherwise. Some interior and exterior wear marks. It's a 2012. It's expected. Third car: Best purchase out of the three. Vehicle runs like new. Vehicle was delivered by driving it to me. (500 miles!) Vehicle is immaculate inside! Exterior has some wear marks such as scratches but nothing that couldn't be fixed. It's a 2013, it's expected. Overall: I would buy from them again.They DO sell older vehicles, so you have to be aware. They DO post it on their website that vehicles are sold in AS IN CONDITION. So you have to be aware. Buyer Beware. You're getting what you pay for in most cases. And we certainly got what we paid for, for our first 2 vehicles from them. The best purchase we ever made was our 2013. And I couldn't be happier with my new truck. It's everything I wanted.



Great service with the best team of professionals from the moment you enter the car dealership service! Would definitely recommend it to everyone to know


Love love love my new car

Love love love my car. Found my dream car at the automotive company cant thank the staff enough they made the transaction smooth and easy staff . 5 stars all the way 🌟


Repeat customer

This is the second car I purchased from the Automotive Company they remembered me right off the bat and it was a first class service throughout. Thank you Elie and I look forward to doing business with you again


Do not Purchase at this Dealership

I purchased a vehicle from this dealership for 12K, Toyota 4Runner 141125 miles. - They promised to fix/resolved VSC TRAC and VSC OFF dash lights issues however, lights were just turned off/reset without fixing. I have the we owe you paperwork to prove the agreement. Dealership could not explain or prove what was done to fix the problem. FYI: problem turned out to be bad catalyst converters…Code P0420 stands for “Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)…$ about 2k to fix. - Extreme undercarriage rusting that was deliberately spray over with a black coating to hide. Two certified mechanics expressed concern about the rusting. (Toyota Dealership) - Defective parking brake issue due to extreme undercarriage rusting - ($1307.64) spent to pass Md safety inspections….additional $ 600+ For issues attributed to rusting and safety issues. - Additional Extended Warranty is just throwing money away. Does not cover anything. - Oxygen Sensors rusted to the point they had to be broken off and repaired due to rusting andsprayed on coating to conceal. - Manager refused to reply to my concerns (dozens of calls/messages, emails) - Poor customer service after car is purchased…especially if issues. - Please read similar reviews on various sites about this company and use other local dealerships….they are hundreds to choose from.


Great Experience

Just bought 2015 Sonata from Claude, truly professional and Thanks also to your son serving the country in US Air Force. Great experience form the moment, we get there with my daughter, the car was in front of the dealership, washed and ready for us.



I would think several times before buying a vehicle from this dealer!! We purchased a 2007 Honda Ridgeline from them last month – September 2021. We had to initially had to return to the dealership several times before making the final purchase. Either the truck was not ready, the paperwork was not ready, or it had not been inspected yet. They did get it financed when our credit union would not because of the age. It came with a 30 day/3000-mile warranty. Twice within the first month we had to get it jump started. The third time the truck completely died electronically. We had it towed to the local Honda dealership. Luckily for us the third time it died was on the 30th day of the warranty. I called both the warranty company and the salesman, Wael Barakat. He told me he would get back to me. We have come to find out that the truck needed several engine repairs, and the frame was rusted through. It was fixed but not properly. Again, I called the salesman. Once again, he told me he would get back to me – which he hasn’t yet. The truck broke down almost 2 weeks ago. The Honda dealership explained which items needed to be repaired or replaced. The estimated cost is well beyond $5000.00 (which does not include fixing the frame!) The warranty company is only willing to cover a portion of one item. Therefore, leaving the remaining repairs for me pay for. Also, the salesman said the truck had a clean title. We are beginning to question that as well. When my wife asked about the title which he belittled her and sounded as if he was making fun of her for asking. He mentioned that he would take care of sending the paperwork to the DMV. I told him that I already had a plate to transfer to the truck and I would take care of it. It has been almost 6 weeks since we purchased the truck, and the West Virginia DMV has no record of it being registered or even in the state. The only thing that shows it is in WV is because we have insurance on it. So here we are almost 6 weeks later with a dead truck, expired temporary tags, no title and needing several thousand dollars in repairs – which amount to over half of the original selling price. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP TO ANYONE! I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND POSSIBLY A LAWYER!


Love my FJ

hands down the best dealership I have dealt with. Bought a FJ unseen and it was delivered to my home in better condition than described.


Over the top car buying experience.

Thank you Claude and TAC for an excellent car buying experience. Everything was over the top and 6 month later and my car is still running like new.

Dealer response

Mr. Pete thank you for your business and for taking the time to leave us the review.-Eli


Second car I buy here.

Me and my fa im y have purchased over 20 cars the last 15 years and this is by far the best car purchase experience we’ve ever had. It’s so good that this is our second car we buy here.

Dealer response

Boris thank you for taking the time to leave us the review and thank you for your business.-Ghani

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