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Avoid Nemer VW at all costs, itll cost you!

Nick the salesman was great. However the finance guy lied about what warranties were available. He said they couldnt sell a VW warranty because it was a conflict of interest. So, he sold me a DOWC warranty and said it was good any where. Well, I stopped by my local VW dealer and they said they wouldnt honor that, and Id be better off canceling it and saving $3,000! I then looked on Nemers VW site, and they do offer VW warranty! When I called to cancel the DOWC, the finance guy then sent me a contract for the VW warranty! Id never buy from this dealership again...


Had a 2014 Passat and the FOB went bad.

Had a 2014 Passat and the FOB went bad. Went to the dealership and ordered a new one. Cant drive the vehicle without a working FOB. They said 2-3 business days. I called after 3 days, they said no its now 2 weeks. 2 weeks goes by I call and now its changed again to 2-3 more business days because their was an internal error with no explanation. Im renting a vehicle the entire time. Finally the Fob comes in. $300 for a new fob and program. I even asked for a military discount since I am a 100% disabled Combat Veteran. No Discounts. These dealerships service department fees are outrageous. Their was one person in particular who was extremely helpful his name was Kyle.


Lier's all of them and over charging for there vehicle's

Lier's all of them and over charging for there vehicle's find another place to buy your cars.the finance man in the boss of nemer's are lowlifes for selling my vehicle for more than a new one mine was a 2019 VW Tiguan SE for 33,282. It wasn't worth it.


Thank you Service Department

I would like to commend the Service Department, specifically Mike Ready who assisted me with an issue with a used vehicle I purchased recently from Nemer and had to have serviced at my local VW Dealership. Mike and his team verified repairs were done correctly and made sure I remained a happy customer. I also want to acknowledge Salesman Noah and Sales Manager Brad for all your help with this process. Nemer stood by their word to exceed my expectations and they did.


Don’t do it

This place sold me a lemon. The truck has 9 codes from check engine the day I bought. It spits and shudders. I have to rent a car every day to get to work. There telling me it’s going to be 4000$ dollars to buy bent wheels.


I am giving two stars because I have been driving nothing

I am giving two stars because I have been driving nothing but VW's for the past decade, and since moving back into the area, we've purchased or leased 3 vehicles from Nemer. They have been great to us up until now. Otherwise, I'd give one star over this incident. Nothing against my salesman Mark. My issue is with the finance manager Pete. Years ago, I leased a 2019 Jetta SEL Premium on a term of 3 years. Unfortunately, this was just after diesel-gate and it's the first re-design model meant only for pure profit and had very few of the VW niceties I was used to. I hate this car. My lease term was up. I realized that my car is worth almost double what I owe and now I'm going to buy out the lease as it's to my favor. So, I make an appointment. I go in and talk to Mark as the receptionist that takes appointments doesn't really seem to book specific people as she called me 3 hours after my appointment and asked if I was still interested in coming in. Mark has me fill out the standard application for credit, photocopies my ID, insurance, etc. Mark tells me the finance department is busy, but he'll shift it and I should hear back in a few days. I went in on a Wednesday or a Thursday and expected a call back Monday or Tuesday. I hear nothing. I call them. Pete is over the top trying to "help" me out. He says he'll see how far he can get that day and get back to me by 1500. He calls at 1505 and apologizes that he's late. He says he's waiting on title information from VW credit and he's stuck until he gets that information but he'll get back to me ASAP. But, he said that he's called VW credit to let them know that this process is on-going and assures me that there is a grace period and that VW would not be looking to repo my car. That's the last time I ever spoke to Pete. Now, the wait. I wait a few days. I call him at his number he left me (518-878-0002) and leave a VM on 2/1/22, 2/2/22, and 2/3/22. Never any response. Nothing. Two weeks go by and I was in the shower and I think right enough. As my car is worth almost double what I owe, and if VW credit has had enough of my crap, where would the car go if it was repo'ed? I log into my VW Credit account and see I owe over $183 in late fees. I post a payment immediately and call them. The first thing I asked them is if a Pete Desantis from Nemer VW has ever contacted them to let them know that I was trying to buy out my lease. No record. None. I think, that's it. I'll have to sort it. I have VW credit send me all the info I need. I contact USAA. I send them the documents and fill out what I have to. Took me 1.5 hours without any postage. I accomplished in an hour and a half what Nemer (Pete) couldn't be bothered with in two weeks. Icing on the cake: Two days ago, I got a letter in the mail from Nemer. They officially denied my credit application and confirmed to me that they never pulled my credit report, never pulled my credit score, and never asked any third parties about my credit worthiness. That same day, Salesmen Mark leaves me a VM. I call him back and explain everything. He is nothing but apologetic and says he'll let the general manager know. I told him that I would as well via writing. This is my writing so others can know about this finance manager. xxxx of a way to treat a long time customer and combat Veteran. TL/DR: Finance manager Pete DeSantis was (probably IMO) trying to get my car repossessed and returned to them to sell at profit and did nothing to assist me.


I brought my car home with idiot lights on the dash that...

I brought my car home with idiot lights on the dash that were not present when I brought it in! It started raining and the wipers didnt work! I called and spoke to mike! Rude, blaming the age of my car and not his mechanic - complaint filed with DM! They will look at it of course my expense! From a ignition housing repair to broken wipers and dash lights! Definately rookie service! BBB this week!


Bought a new 2019 VW Atlas from them. New purchase...

Bought a new 2019 VW Atlas from them. New purchase experience was good. Since purchasing the vehicle we have brought the car in for multiple issues. One of which was for an issue with the outside temperature display not working properly. After the dealers work was completed the front assist system had a constant error message on the dash. We had never seen this error before this service. The service managers statement was that the this issue was caused by an outside incident and would not be covered. About 8months before this event and this error we hit a small bird and the front grille had a small crack in it from this event. This is what the dealer claims is the root of the issue and they will not cover the problem.


Poor Service

Bought new 2019 VW Atlas. New purchase experience was good. Service experience has been very poor. They will not cover damage from there own work.


I recently had a flat tire right near this dealership....

I recently had a flat tire right near this dealership. The service manager & staff were amazing. They went above and beyond to help me. TY

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