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This seller has been on since June 2004.
At JM Lexus what matters most to us is people. That's why we're the first in the Southeast to become a Lexus Plus dealership offering a revolutionary new experience with a single point of contact and the best
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I have a 2001 ES 150,000 miles and a 2002 Lexus RX 350 194,000 miles. Best cars hand down. No major problems ever!!!! (Oil changes tires etc) Still runs great I really want a new IS 350, but have no reason yet to purchase one these cars run like new! We live in NC now and there is no comparison to JM Lexus compared to here. When Im ready to purchase we will make the 13 hour journey down there. Very satisfied Lexus owners.

Dealer response

Maria, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are pleased to hear that your two Lexus vehicles are still running great, and it means a lot to know that we earned your returning business at JM Lexus. We look forward to your next visit!


Bob Edmond

Great working with Bob. I’m appreciate his honesty!! He helped me from start to finish. I will come back and work with Bob again. Best one there!!

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are so glad you had a good experience working with Bob here at JM Lexus, and we will be sure to let him know that you appreciate his help. We look forward to your next visit!


We Purchased a 2019 ES 350 from Khaled Dandashi

My negative review of Jm Lexus has nothing to do with Covid 19. We purchased the car on 6/15/2019. The coffee was ok and the car itself no complaints. I could purchase a LEXUS at any authorized dealership. The mistake we made was we purchased the car from JM Lexus, the GM and our so called Sales Manager Khaled Dandashi is a lier, cheater, and a crook. Khaled Dandash did what I and most would consider is to cheat and take advantage of the elderly. Khaled Dandash promised both my self and my mother of 85 years young, that since we returned a mint condition, extremely low mileage leased vehicle, than in the same transaction purchased a New 2019 ES 350 with a check (no financing)a very easy deal. We were-told that there would be no disposition aka lease turn in fee. It is never customary for a Dealership to charge said fee unless we were to drop off the leased car, hand them the keys and not purchase or lease another Lexus. That was not the case we did in the same transaction purchase a Brand new 44,000 car. After a few weeks my Mom started getting collection letters. I called and emailed Khaled Dandash apx 7-9 times. Either he did not return my call or promised to take care of the fee!! I made it Crystal Clear how upsetting these harassing letters and calls are to my mother. I spoke to Brian Minser and Khaled Dandash for over a year. The few times I was able to track them down by phone, I was told DO NOT PAY, ( I will take care of it) Today is 9/16/2020 and they are threatening to sue my 85 year young mother and damage her credit. She calls me in tears, I have tried to deal with them professionally. After a year and severl months, its obvious from upper management down to Khaled Dandash that once they received and cashed our check they simply want us to go away, I am taking the time out of my busy day to make sure Know-body in there sane mind would purchase a car from Khaled Dandash or any sales person at JM lexus. I can assure anyone reading this, know one in my family or friendly circle would step foot in this dealership.

Dealer response

Scott - While I'm very sorry that you're frustrated, I think it's only fair for me to provide some clarifying information here. The dealership does not charge the disposition fee. That comes from Lexus Financial Services. Under the agreement with LFS, if a customer leases a Lexus and then decides to purchase a Lexus with cash, they will be charged the $350 disposition fee. For the disposition fee to be waived, a customer either has to lease or finance their next Lexus through LFS. Brian and Khaled tried numerous times to get LFS to waive the fee for your mother; however, LFS did not. I apologize that there wasn't more we could do here, but unfortunately, this fee is entirely out of our control. I'm also sorry that you've had trouble getting in touch with someone to discuss this further, so if you have any remaining questions, please reach out to Thank you.



Had a good experience with JM Lexus after I located the second key for my trade in. Salesman, Robert, went over all accessories on car very well.

Dealer response

Hi Dawn - We are happy to hear that you had a great experience working with Robert. Thank you for the review and we hope to see you back at JM Lexus next time!



I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for the amazing work performed by mr Alex Bondarevsky who is in my opinion the best in sales department specialist in electronic and cars computers He deserves recognition B SEREBRYANY Custumer

Dealer response

Hi Boris, thank you for sharing such wonderful feedback for our team member, Alex. At JM Lexus, it is our goal to provide top-notch service for guests and we're glad that came through to you. We look forward to working with you next time!


Buying a new vehicle. Salesman-Donald Norton

I asked if the vehicle had the kick open tailgate and was told it did. The vehicle does not have it. Disappointing. My mistake for not checking it personally before accepting the vehicle.


Never will I return to that show room! Bad Busines

Dishonest, will tell you anything to get you in the showroom, visited other Lexus dealers and found this one to be the worst. lies and more lies all full of B/S from the manager on down the line. the worst of the lot... stay away!... drove two hours to buy a used Lexus only to find out it was sold just before I got unbelievable thank God there are other Lexus dealers. I will never do business with people like this.


Not the same old JM Lexus anymore

Salesman: Arly Edmonds Not the JM Lexus of years past. Shady and deceitful tactics. I will not buy from JM Lexus based on principle at this point. It's sad because I was literally on my way to buy their vehicle when they went back on their word. We came in ready to buy a GX 460 with the title to our trade in and our check book in hand. After reviewing our trade in we were actually satisfied and ready to finish the deal but the salesman and the used car appraiser said "if you get a KBB offer from another dealer that is higher than our appraisal, we will match it on your trade in." One of them even pointed across the street at Al Hendrickson Toyota and said "if you go across the street and get a better appraisal from Al Hendrickson Toyota, we will match it." After saying this back to the salesman to confirm what I'd heard, he acknowledged the offer. We set off to get a better appraisal. We spent time at two dealerships getting this appraisal which came back higher than our trade in value. The next day, I called the salesman with the higher value. He immediately started telling me he never said that, that this all was my idea, and that JM Lexus would never do this. At this point, we were $2,000 apart on our trade in value. Frustrated at this sudden change, I still wanted to see if there was another way to complete the deal - so I started asking what else could be done but the salesman kept building the wall of "no" and "we can't do anything else." No apology, no willingness to acknowledge that my time had been wasted and that they weren't doing what they said they would do. Through all of this he had an aggressive and dismissive tone. He made no effort to right the situation at all. I gave him three distinct chances to right the wrong. I was on my way back to the dealership, in the car, ready to complete the deal. The $2,000 difference is not what upsets me (my wife and I had actually agreed to buy the Lexus with their trade-in value). I will not buy from JM Lexus because they failed to do what they said they would and they now employ salesmen that act like they work at a used-car shack, changing the deal and not living up to their promises. I sent a copy of this review to the salesman and the management team three days ago and never received a response. This review could have been avoided with a simple apology or again an acknowledgement of the situation but it's been made clear to me that's not in JM Lexus' playbook any more.


Hands down best dealership in south florida

Jeremy and Ryan was two of the most knowledgeable car sales men I've ever dealt with. I bought a RX350 on Sunday but was 100 percent happy of the interior color. I was told if I see the one I prefer within 72 hours I could exchange it. Sure enough this was true. I'm now a proud owner of one of the sweetest cross over SUV on the road and will never go back because of JM Lexus and the superb customer service. Thanks Jeremy and Ryan


$180 > $47,000

After my 3rd visit trying to buy a rx350, the manager tells me to my face that he is willing to let a $47,000 car sells go south, all I ask was to tend the windows that cost $180. The unwillingness to accommodate a customer’s need is astonishing.

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