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It is our goal to provide you with an excellent purchase and ownership experience. At Blossom Chevrolet our highest priority is that we have 100% customer satisfaction. We think this is best stated in our mission statement. The selling and repairing of cars and trucks is not about sheet metal engines and tires. It's about people. People like us who use their cars and trucks for work pleasure and to pick up the kids from school. All of us at Blossom Chevrolet must make buying owning and repairing our customer's cars and trucks as enjoyable and affordable as possible.
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(49 reviews)

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Oil change

Took almost 3 hours for a oil change and tire rotation. Had an appointment still took most of my Friday afternoon. Was not happy about that

Dealer response

We would like to thank you for sharing this review. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us grow as a dealership. We will be sharing your comments with our team and we encourage you to contact us if you would like to further discuss your visit. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Vehicle service

Great and fast service the staff was very professional and facilities was very clean and well stocked

Dealer response

To say thank you is not enough, Ross! We are thrilled to read your kind words about our employees, facility and overall experience with us. Please stop by Blossom Chevrolet again! Best, The Blossom Chevrolet Team



Went out on a limb and applied for a vehicle with this bogus joint, which was already tiring cuz I’ve applied so many places and talked to so many people on the phone and in person.. car shopping is not easy! Anyway... I get a call from a lady there and we scheduled an appointment. Her name was Miranda, super sweet, made sure I had more than enough info I needed, and let me ask questions and then answered them in detail with such knowledge. I’m like okay, not getting my hopes up, but it seems worth the shot. Kinda excited on the way there. THEN WE PULLED IN.... Pulled up to the car we saw online, checking it out. It’s an amazing car, worth the price, great warranties. I see a man walking toward us and I was actually really excited to get on with finishing the application process with him. I say him, because he never even said his name. And he was very “boring” for lack of a better term. Asked if we wanted to come in and so we drive the lot and checked out the other cars, got comfortable with the location, then went in. You’ll never believe what happened.... he walked up to us and escorted us to his desk. The only noise in this empty dealership was the music. Nobody said anything. They weren’t busy, no other customers were there... which makes the story even more ridiculous. He said they couldn’t find the application, even though Miranda had called and verified it with me earlier when we scheduled the appointment. Well, when your gut says leave, listen.. cuz I didn’t. In his cubicle, he doesn’t offer the third person who was standing, if they would like a chair or even invite them. Then he prints off applications for us and tells us to... oh wait his phone rang and he actually interrupted this meeting for it.. but apparently he was telling, not asking, us to fill out the application that should’ve already been on file. Then walks away. We wait and wait. He comes back and looks at his computer, then began to walk away. We had to tell him we were done and asked if we could print pay stubs they needed. He put me at the computer and disappeared. 20 minutes later brought the papers with our credit scores and laid them down, then walked away. While sitting there I looked up the reviews on Facebook and google. This place had amazing accreditation. So I stuck it out longer than I was comfortable with. Maybe it was just an off day. Also, if it was swarming with customers and life, I would be more understanding as well. But being the only customers there and nobody is helping, I got still gave them the benefit of the doubt. After wasting another 20 min of waiting I decided to walk out. I ripped up the papers and left them on his desk. even if he could have gotten me approved for $0 down, I would have laughed. He didn’t deserve a cent of my hard earned money, let alone the 60 min of my life I wasted that’s not something I can get back. I figured I’d take about 20 min of my life if anything, and let people know how it is before they even go. As we were exiting the store, there was one lady in a cubicle facing the door on the other side of the store and we walked past the front desk where 3 or 4 people didn’t even ask if something was wrong. Didn’t try to stop us or anything. I was kind of expecting a phone call after I left, trying to resolve things and reschedule. I’ve yet to hear from him. This was over 5 hours ago. I hope NOBODY in this company, not even the owner of the dealership himself, and ask anything.. even tho I’m sure they don’t plan to. And I hope this review reaches everyone it can!

Dealer response

Providing top-notch customer service is the goal we always strive for, and it appears that your experience does not reflect those standards. We would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your experience and work with you towards a resolution. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Clowns ?

I have nothing but problems with this service shop! The service guy Ray Shoemaker does not care about his customers his does not call you about your car you have to always track him down, you never know what?s going on with your car, the communication is horrible. After the last repair I left the lot the check engine light came in immediately after turning the corner, brought the car back said it was just a bolt they forgot to tighten!!! xxx they had the car for a month and forgot not to mention I didn?t receive a rental car. Fast forward two months later car back in the shop this time they keep it for a week just to say they cleared out the code and added some oil! No reason on why the code came on or any type of diagnosis of what was going on but tried to get me to purchase tires the whole time the car was in the shop but no status on the repairs!!! I?m not going back I don?t recommend going the backyard mechanic can give you better service then them clowns ?!!!!

Dealer response

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience. Hearing this feedback helps us to alter our service to ensure satisfaction. We would like the opportunity to hear more about what happened. Please contact us so we can work towards a resolution. The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Don't go if you live far away

Called ahead and spoke with Linda in order to confirm a truck that I was looking at was still in their inventory as I live an hour and a half away. I was told it was still in their inventory so I took off. All good. About 20 minutes before I got there Linda called me to double check that I was still coming as I was running about 30 minutes behind. I let her know that I was and she told me she'd see me soon. I got there and spoke with very nice reception people and sales people. All good. When I asked about the truck they told me it had been sold earlier that morning. I asked the sales woman who was assisting me to go get Linda so she could explain why I wasn't called about this as she obviously had my number. After about 10-15 minutes of waiting on Linda and her still not showing up I made the assessment that Linda's time was more important than mine. At this point I was frustrated with how unprofessional Linda handled the situation and never received any sort of phone call to apologize to me or explain to me the situation. I understand that sales can happen within two hours but a call to let me know would have been nice so I didn't have to drive all the way there. I've never had a dealership not hold a vehicle for someone looking to purchase it and suggest you don't make the drive there and risk wasting your time if you live more than an hour away.

Dealer response

Christian, we appreciate the opportunity to learn about your experience at our dealership. Your business is valuable to us, and we want to hear more about this situation. Please contact us directly so that we can work towards an understanding together. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Bad experience

I bought a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT. at the time I didn’t know just how basic this truck was. GM had put an arm rest for the center seat instead of a storage. I was called by some one identified as the GM. He told me he would try to help me. I never heard from him again. My wife called a few weeks later and was told console was on order. A couple weeks later my wife called again. The sale manager called back and told me they could not get a center console for my truck. I felt I was deceived by GM on the quality of the truck and by blossom employees for not helping me, delaying a response, and making it clear i was stuck with the truck. If they worked with me from the beginning I probably would have purchased a higher price truck with the accessories i want. This is my 2nd new truck purchase from blossom. It will be my last. This is a basic work truck that GM lead consumers to believe it had more then it did. Did I mention GM financial offered me 84 months financing with 120 days before the first payment. What I got was 87 months and being charged interest on the 120 days plus the 3 months added. Double interest? What happened to GM and blossom Chevrolet.

Dealer response

We appreciate you reaching out to us. Please know your review is taken very seriously by myself and the team here at Blossom Chevrolet. We always strive to improve and give our customers top-notch service. We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can learn more and help resolve this situation together. We hope to hear from you soon. The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Excellent customer care

Mr Brian Bunyon was an excellent representation for Blossom Chevrolet.

Dealer response

Our staff is committed to providing each of our clients with the best automotive experience! Your satisfaction is important to us, so we want to sincerely thank you for choosing Blossom Chevrolet and we hope to see you again soon! If you have any further questions, please give us a call. We're always happy to help!


Good Service

Raymond Shoemake is and excellent employee in the Service Department and very very helpful

Dealer response

We are truly dedicated to providing quality customer service in all areas of our dealership. Thank you for taking the time to notice those efforts and for leaving such an awesome review! Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Retired Veteran

I came in as a customer but was treated like a king.

Dealer response

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share your experience with everyone. We believe in attentive and professional customer service and I'm glad that our team made such a great impression on you. -The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Kenyatta Turner

she was wonderful with assisting me and making me feel at home. She showed me everything I needed to know about my new vehicle. she is GREAT!!

Dealer response

Kenyatta, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how happy you are with your experience! Feedback from you is one way we know we are achieving our goals. Let us know if we can assist you again! All the best, The Blossom Chevrolet Team

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