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It is our goal to provide you with an excellent purchase and ownership experience. At Blossom Chevrolet our highest priority is that we have 100% customer satisfaction. We think this is best stated in our mission statement. The selling and repairing of cars and trucks is not about sheet metal engines and tires. It's about people. People like us who use their cars and trucks for work pleasure and to pick up the kids from school. All of us at Blossom Chevrolet must make buying owning and repairing our customer's cars and trucks as enjoyable and affordable as possible.
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(395 reviews)

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Bait and switch/false advertising.

Bait and switch/false advertising. They advertised the MSRP price online for a vehicle that is difficult to find, then when the time came to do the deal, they tacked on another $3000 without explanation. The only reason from the salesperson was that "everyone was doing it" however, after asking around with other dealers, all have been selling at MSRP. I ended up placing an order with another dealer for the same vehicle at MSRP. Also completely low-balled me on trade-in value and had to haggle a lot to get even close to a decent price. Don't go to their service department either. Previously I'd made an appointment for a simple oil change at 11am and it took them until the next day.

Dealer response

Our team has acknowledged this review.


The salesperson could not answer my electric vehicle

The salesperson could not answer my electric vehicle questions would someone call no one called

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We strive to ensure an excellent experience and we want to learn more about what took place. Please contact us at your convenience. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Traditional sales practices that make the dealer

Traditional sales practices that make the dealer experience and buyer experience horrible! - vehicle mark up - interest mark up - unnecessary add ons - does not honor GM discount programs (supplier/employee discounts) Was able to get what I wanted at another dealer without these hassles in under 45mins and walk out the door.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at Blossom Chevrolet. We want each customer to be completely satisfied upon visiting us, and the impression you received from our dealership is not okay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to amend the situation, so please contact us directly. Thank you. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


I will never ever buy a vehicle from Blossom again.

I will never ever buy a vehicle from Blossom again. I had an appointment @0915 Nov.2, 2022 to have my truck repaired. I went back at 2.30 and the service advisor said they haven't even looked at it. The service tech claims she called and said it would be 2-3 days before it would be worked on. I went up there today @ 11:00 to check the status and it has yet to be looked at, still sitting in there rear lot. So I talked to the service manager or so called manager and explained everything to him and he chuckled. He said its in the lot and they were going to have it towed inside, therefore they have had my truck sitting in their lot for 2 days now. What's the xxxx purpose of making an appointment? I will be contacting the news about this.

Dealer response

We appreciate learning about your recent service with us. We strive for a positive experience, and it appears you did not receive that from us. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your time spent with us. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can work together at resolving this. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team

Consumer response

The only thing that can fix this is firing your service manager and Nina the service advisor. Neither of these 2 have been properly trained to do the jobs they have, I don't appreciate being lied too, to my face. The sales department is absolutely great.


Scheduling my appointment was quick and easy.

Scheduling my appointment was quick and easy. My appointment I arrived and was able to talk to my service person, John Miller, about my appointment. Mr. Miller called me with the outcome of the service and when I could pick up my car. Mr. Miller was present when I arrived and we discussed the outcome together. I was pleased with the interaction and outcome.

Dealer response

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We always strive to meet the needs of our customers no matter the situation. Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns about your vehicle. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Joe Rohrman (collision repair) is awesome!

Joe Rohrman (collision repair) is awesome! he went above and beyond in making sure we received the best value for our dollar and showed us the highest level of customer service. Thank you Joe!

Dealer response

We loved reading this review! Happy customers are our aim, and it appears Joe really hit the bullseye. We’ll make sure to share your experience with him, and if you have any further questions or worries, we’re always available to help. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Should have been my choice oe loan finance

I purchased a 2022 Spark. I was not treated right. I wanted to finance my car at Chase bank i was told that they do not use that lender. I feel like i was force to use there lender. After talking to other people who have more experience in buying cars. Have told me that it should have been my choice of what bank i wanted to finance my loan.

Dealer response

Bruce, thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. We value hearing from our customers, and the inconvenience that occurred here at Blossom Chevrolet does not reflect our standards of customer service. If you have any questions or would care to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact u at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


dishonest, incompetent

This is quite honestly THE worst experience I have EVER experienced at a car dealership. Our ordeal went on with them for over 7 weeks so the story is quite lengthy so I'll try to keep it short. After numerous visits to the service department my daughters engine blew on her 2017 Chevy Equinox. The service department told her that a claim was submitted to the extended warranty and they came to do their investigation but said they wouldn't cover any of the repair because "she ran it out of oil". My daughter originally bought this car and extended warranty from a dealer in Ohio but is now living in Indianapolis. Her dad and I got involved because something just didn't seem right. She was current on oil changes and she had had her car in the shop multiple times before because it would sputter and then stall out on her. We ended up calling the dealer that sold her the car and the warranty. After they dug into it they discovered that Blossom never even filed a claim!!! The Ohio dealer asked our permission to haul the car 200 miles back to Ohio to which we said yes. Thank god we did.... Blossom said that my daughter would've had to pay at least $6000 for repair. In the end, the Ohio dealer filed the claim, repaired the car with a brand new engine and my daughter paid $100 for the deductible and $74 for new spark plugs, $174 in total! Moral of the story is this service department is horrible, they tried to take advantage of a young girl, hours away from her home and her support system. It truly disgusts me that places like this exist. After reading so many of these awful reviews it blows my mind that they are still in operation! I really am not one to write reviews but I just felt this experience was so awful and so incredibly stressful that it needed to be shared.

Dealer response

Rachelle, we strive to provide our guests with excellent customer service and it seems you did not experience that standard of service during your visit. We would appreciate the chance to speak with you directly in order to address your concerns and move our dealership in a more positive direction. Please contact us directly with the information provided below. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team


Honesty, transparency and communication clearly lack at

Honesty, transparency and communication clearly lack at this dealership. I call in to inquire about a new car and directly ask for the price. I provide my information as well as information on a trade (ie pictures, vin, mileage etc). I’m then transferred to someone else that I have to provide all the information again to when they could’ve given it to the next person. I provide the information then receive a call. At this point I’m unsure of the price of the car I inquired about and the sales rep still doesn’t know. I sent them the picture of the car on their website and the Chevrolet website. I was interested in the car at either price! Then they go on to say that I would have to do my trade with a lot of money down. I asked what are y’all even selling the car for? What are you offering for my car? I didn’t even get an answer the sales rep when on a rant talking about his is what we do to figure out the difference. I’m like dude what are you selling the car for and what are you offering on trade. Eventually he says the car is 2k over what it says on both sites. There’s no market adjustment on those cars at any other dealership and I told him I was no longer interested. The used car manager offers me a terrible trade in value when competitors offered 5-7k more! He went on to say my car was 2500 under the sticker price that was sitting in my hands new? I’m like dude I’m looking at the price for the car. He continues to say it was 2-3k under it. I said if he can’t match the competitors price I’m not leaving to drive over a hour to work things out on the back end. He stated he would just have to see the car and I knew by his tone it was just a way to get me in there and play games so I declined. In addition, he was saying he could buy my car for what he was offering in trade in. Apparently he didn’t realize I wasn’t a wholesaler and I’m purchasing another car for them? Moreover… hours later another representative calls me and leaves a voicemail stating they would honor their price that I initially stated I’d pay and was clearly on their website. I ended up going with a more transparent competitor and ordering a car from them. I highly wouldn’t recommend this dealership; it reeks of incompetence and shadiness.

Dealer response

Derrick, we are not pleased to hear of the incident you've described in this review. We want nothing more than to work with you to correct this situation as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Blossom Chevrolet Team

Consumer response

Womp womp womp.


I bought a Traverse here back in October after being in a...

I bought a Traverse here back in October after being in a car accident that got my previous car totaled. That experience was fine. However 2 days later my car completely died while I was sitting at the red light. I had to put the vehicle in park and start the car over again. I called the dealership and they scheduled a date to bring it in. I was there literally 10 minutes. The guy said they did a diagnostic on it and nothing come up. I was told if it did it again bring it back. 2 weeks later the samething happened…this time the radio wouldn’t come back on. I took it back and spoke with Ray. I explained what happened the first time. They had the car awhile and said they figured out what was wrong. It needed some wiring replaced and connectors. I was confused how such a new car (2019) would have something so major wrong with it. I picked it up after thanksgiving and was told it was good to go. 2 weeks later the samething happened again! I was beyond aggravated now. They kept the car again and I spoke with Luis the manager and he said they would figure it out. When I go to pick it up I’m told it was the fuse box needing replaced?! How was this not checked the first time so I had electrical problems going on?! Now here we are again and my car is back in the shop! Now stating “service battery charging system” I’m beyond confused on how a car I’ve had 2 months and is only 2 years old needs this much work?! On top of that Luis hasn’t tried reaching out once. I tried calling him quite a few times the day before and he never answered and Ray told me this morning when I dropped my vehicle off that Luis knew the situation. I would think being the manager that he would want to reach out to someone who has been having so many problems! At this point I just want to tell them to keep the piece of crap because that’s truly what I feel was sold to me! I’ve been in a rental more than my own car the last 2 months. It’s beyond ridiculous and I truly feel like Luis could care less. I am thankful however for Ray…he seems to be the only one that cares.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed.

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