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Come visit us at Southern States Hyundai, your local Raleigh Hyundai dealer. Our staff is ready to help you purchase or lease your next vehicle. When you visit our car dealership in the Raleigh area, expect the superior customer service that you deserve. With years of experience and training the Southern States team will get you into the Hyundai vehicle that is right for you. Southern States Automotive has been in business since 1986. The Southern States team is committed to excellence and making your car-buying experiences a positive one!
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Dishonest diagnosis and incompetent repair

My 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 has always been very reliable. A month ago, it sputtered and died, so I had it towed to Southern States Mazda. When I had filled it with gas the previous day, the gauge did not move, leading me to think there was an issue with the sensor. When it stopped running, I assumed a more significant problem with the fuel system. I explained this situation in detail to the service advisor when I dropped off the car. Southern State's diagnosis was to replace the fuel pump, which cost roughly $800. The repair took almost two weeks. When I picked the car up, the gas gauge still read empty. I thought that was odd since I had delivered the vehicle with a nearly full tank. I asked to speak with the technician who had done the work. When he arrived, I asked if he had drained the tank to replace the pump. He replied that the car had an empty tank when he started working on it. Apparently, in a moment of distraction, I had not filled the car as I thought I had. Nonetheless, I had explained the situation carefully to the service advisor. They were fully aware that I thought there was an issue with the fuel system. Yet, I was not informed during diagnosis or repair that the vehicle had arrived with an empty tank. I only learned this by asking the technician directly. Unfortunately, there is more to the story. Upon receipt of the car, I noticed a strong gas odor. I again dropped the car off with Southern States. I was told the technician had damaged the gas tank during the previous unnecessary repair. The tank would have to be replaced, which took another week and a half. After the second repair, I instructed Southern States to deliver it to another mechanic. This mechanic checked their work and found system codes concerning the fuel evaporation canister. The car now stumbles under wide-open throttle and requires further repair, which I do not trust Southern States to perform. It's been over a month since I entrusted Southern States Mazda with my low-mileage, well-maintained, dead-reliable car. Rather than charge me for a simple diagnostic, Southern States took advantage of my confusion to advise an unnecessary repair. Their actions constitute fraud, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, and violate Article 15B, § 20-354.8 of the North Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act: "It shall be a violation of this Article for any motor vehicle repair shop or employee of a motor vehicle repair shop to do any of the following: (3) Misrepresent that certain parts and repairs are necessary to repair a vehicle."


Disingenuous and dishonorable sales practices

Sales manager Patrick had emailed and texted me constantly during February, and finally accepted a number I offered for a new CX-5 GT AWD. Thought we had a done deal, and told him I'd be in this weekend for it. He waits SEVEN HOURS (10 minutes before they close) to reply back saying it wasn't soon enough and he just sold the car. We had never been talking about a specific vehicle and he was asking what colors I'd accept - so obviously we're not about one car in inventory here. I email him back a few times and finally he says he'll honor our deal for an in-stock vehicle. He knows what colors I'll accept, so the implication is it's in stock. Drive all the way there from Fuquay and surprise, surprise, they only have the car in white and they won't honor the deal to get a matching CX-5 in later. Absolute waste of time, and sales practices you'd expect from a sleazy used car lot and not an actual dealership. Buyer beware, and take your business elsewhere.


Get a CarFax for New Car

DEMAND A CARFAX REPORT BEFORE BUYING A NEW CAR AT SOUTHERN STATES. In 2005, I bought a new Hyundai Santa Fe from Southern States. When I sold this car earlier this year, I discovered from CarFax that the car had been in an accident before I purchased it as "new." SOUTHERN STATES DID NOT DISCLOSE THIS TO ME BEFORE THE SALE. I don't think Southern States did anything actually illegal, but it is sleazy.



There is so much to say that I do not even know where to begin. Let me begin by saying that I absolutely hate leaving negative reviews, but my experience has gotten out of hand. Long experience short, my vehicle has been in and out of service since February, and all due to one of many things, such as new damages on vehicle, improper installation of equipment, failure to perform requested services, etc. We are 4 days from July and I still do not have my vehicle, nor have I recieved an update in over a month. I've called several times, left voicemails, and struggle to reach anyone. I finally made contact with a gentleman who claimed he was glad that I called because he was just about to call me- at the request of his manager- to ask if I would share with him auto body shop contact information so that they could obtain paint match information. My vehicle did not require any paintwork, nor have I authorized any such repair. When I inquired what his inquiry was in regards to, expressing concerns for the lack of knowledge in the actual status of my vehicle, he responded that he was unsure but assumed that the techs damaged my vehicle and are trying to fix it... No one has said anything to me about any of this... When I inquired further, he informed me that he really didn't know much and that my service advisor would contact me 1st thing the next morning. That was 2 weeks ago. I still have not recieved a call. This truly is absurd. While I cannot speak to the sales department, I can say that if I were making a purchase of a new or used vehicle here at Southern States and knew of the poor quality service it would come with, I would venture elsewhere. There is absolutely no way that I would invest in any sales purchase only to ruin it next door in the service department. Yes, this is the short version of my experience... I am presently seeking out the General Manager, but haven't heard from him yet.


Completely unprofessional

Completely unprofessional group. They will waste your time and play endless games. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere with a group that actually cares about your business.


A bunch of liars (Dealership and Corporate)

We bought a 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 about 2 years ago. When looking for a vehicle to purchase, one thing that was important to us was the "infotainment" system. We really liked the CX-5 for the most part other than the software used to run the vehicles infotainment system. We were promised by the sales associate AND the manager at the time that even though the CX-5 we were looking at did have the option for Android Auto or Carplay that it would be an update that could be applied FREE OF CHARGE when the software was ready. Well 2 years of patient waiting and we finally get notified that our car can be updated to Android Auto and Car play. I make the service appointment to get this done but come to find out they want almost $600 to update the cars software! After making a phone call to confirm and explain that this is something we were promised when we purchased the vehicle we were told to come in for the service appointment anyway and we could get the details hammered out in person. Well after driving across town to the service center we were told that all they could do was give us a number to call Mazda Corp at and file a complaint. I called the number, politely explained the situation at hand but the individual proceeds to tell me that there is nothing corporate can do about this but instead all fault lies with the dealer and it is something that we will have to deal with through the dealership that sold us the car to begin with. Needless to say, this family will never be taking our business to this dealer again and will no longer be a Mazda driving family. I would advise anyone looking to deal with this dealership to find another place, because you can't trust a single word that comes from anyone there.

Dealer response

Adam Sills, as we have responded to your several reviews that are all under different names and headings. Response Adam, I apologize for how you feel but 2 years ago no one including Mazda was 100% on how this transition to the Apple Car Play was going to happen, all we can do as a dealer is to try to assist, as we have said before we are more than willing to handle the labor cost to install if you pay for the kit. Sincerely Brian McInerney


Review for Meme Davis

While shopping for a new car Meme Davis reached out and helped me make my decision for a new car. She was very patient with me, had a awesome positive attitude! She went above and beyond to explain my new vechicle features! I will definitely recommend her to new friends buying a vechicle!


Leasing Vehicle

Amy Langdon provided excellent service on all levels in my leasing a 2017 Mazds 6 . She was attentive to every detail; provided stellar service on all levels in a personalized manner; and I leased a great vehicle. Amy is well versed in all details and has outstanding people skills. I had gone in to get information for re-leasing in the future, and I re-leased because of the great service and deal for a great car. I have leased with Southern States two times and have received excellent service both times. In addition, I have received excellent service in the Service Department. The Service Manager has consistently provided excellent service and is very considerate and makes sure that all my needs are met in every way every time I take my car in for service. Furthermore, Alex, the General Manager and Chris in Finance made my experience a great one, and I am very appreciative. I would highly recommend Southern States Mazda to others, since I have had and have great service and consideration consistently. Again, Amy's skills, ability to communicate; and her knowledge base make her a great asset to the company.


worst customer service, and very bad behavior

Never go to this person(Mike Ramaglia) if you visit this place. Bought a car and see a major scratch and asked complimentary, he was so rude.


I hope you don't need to get your Hyundai serviced

I had a noise going over bumps since I got the car. I dropped it at the dealer on 6/29/2015 and just picked it up today 9/9/2015. In all the time the had the car they finally were able to figure out that the noise was coming from the hood. Great??? They "fixed the hood" meaning they raised it up about 5/8 of an inch in the front so it looks like it is not closed properly. Now, they refuse to realign the hood saying "you wanted us to get the noise out and we did". Now they want to send me to their body shop to pay to get the hood aligned properly. I love the car but won't buy another since the local dealership treated me so shoddily. FAIL!!

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