Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010

Mother Proof's view

By Sara Lacey on October 29, 2009

We've heard it before, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." So many vehicles out there have so many parts that they distract from the whole, and a lengthy features list starts to ... Read More
Our view: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

By Kelsey Mays on May 29, 2009

A decade after the original Honda Insight debuted, hybrids are about as mainstream as a Seth Rogen movie. Puttering around town in electric mode, recharging the battery when you hit the brakes ... Read More
The Detroit Newspapers's view

By Scott Burgess on April 23, 2009

It doesn't matter which 2010 Ford Fusion you pick, it's going to be good.It could be the new Fusion Sport powered by Ford's 3.5-liter V-6. Or the overhauled base model Fusion that fe... Read More
Boston.com's view

By Bill Griffith on March 19, 2009

Ford brought one of its 2010 Fusion Hybrids to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline Wednesday, giving its marketing people a chance to show off the vehicle to the area's automotive media... Read More
washingtonpost.com's view

By Warren Brown on March 8, 2009

The trouble with Capitol Hill is hypocrisy. That might not be surprising to cynics who believe politicians are, by definition, hypocrites. But it becomes more than a little disturbing when those po... Read More