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Jenni Driven

Jenni Newman is a happy but sometimes harried mom of two boys. She's also the first female editor-in-chief of, where she's served as a family car guru for nearly a decade. Jenni is a certified child passenger safety technician and will talk your ear off about family cars, car seats, and family safety. Jenni's been through it all -- the baby stages of wailing infants in the backseat, toddlers playing "hide the milk" somewhere in the car, school-aged kids resisting the booster seat -- and she's gearing up for the dreaded teen-driving phase.

Jenni Driven stories

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When it comes to cars, here are the specific models female car shoppers are looking at on 1. Honda Civic, 2. Honda Accord, 3. Chevrolet Equinox, 4. Ford Escape, 5. Nissan Altima, 6. Jeep Grand Cherokee, 7. Ford Focus, 8. Toyota Camry, 9. Honda CR-V, 10. Chevrolet Malibu.
With spring upon us, it's time to get a little dirty and clean up your car. 
 Here's a starter guide on how to do it.
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A perk of my job as editor-in-chief is test-driving new cars with all the tech. 
 Here are some of my favorite car features, the ones I'm most thankful for.
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Confounded by car shopping? has the tools you need to help you 
 find the perfect match and make the process fun.
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With the school year nearly upon us, it's a good time to run through the 
 car features that can make your carpool run a little smoother.
img 1571539692 1531517160799 jpg's Editorial staff has decided to make June 16 National Stick Shift 
 Day. If you're someone who hasn't mastered the manual yet, don't worry - 
 our editor-in-chief had a hard time learning, too.
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Here are four things Editor-in-Chief Jenni Newman learned while 
 recently road-tripping with her family to St. Louis and back.
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Here's a little information on Jenni Newman, wife, mother of two kids, 
 owner of two dogs and's very own Editor-in-Chief.