Mini Cooper S 2003

Cincinnati.com's view

By Alan Vonderhaar on February 22, 2003

You'd think Chrysler had invented the "cab forward design" they trumpeted so loudly some years back when they introduced the Intrepid and Concorde sedans. You know, push the wheels out toward... Read More
AZCentral.com's view

By Bob Golfen on February 15, 2003

For such a tiny car, Mini Cooper has been making some big waves. As well as being wildly popular and probably one of the most distinctive cars on the street today, this little fun-mobile gleaned n... Read More
Boston.com's view

By Royal Ford on September 29, 2002

Bud Lite or Anchor Steam? Vinyl or leather? Bengals or Patriots? Ripple or Stag's Leap? We live in a world of differences to which we will now add another: Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S? Now t... Read More