Forget About It! Poll Ranks Motorists' Memory Lapses

By Matt Schmitz on July 23, 2015

How do we forget things? Let us count the ways. How many times have you hopped in the driver's seat and driven halfway to work before realizing you left your vital morning coffee on the ... Read More
Poll: What's the Worst Driving Behavior?

By Matt Schmitz on August 25, 2014

About a month ago, Cars.com's editorial team riled up readers by sharing some of the behaviors exhibited by other drivers that make us want to blow a gasket. It was a therapeutic opportunity to b... Read More
Poll: Drugged Driving Versus Drunken Driving

By Matt Schmitz on June 25, 2014

Earlier this month, we presented Cars.com readers with an overview on the state of the drugged driving issue and where it's headed with regard to scientific study and law enforcement as more stat... Read More
Will we see $4-a-gallon gas in the U.S. before Labor Day?

By David Thomas on July 6, 2006

vizu_poll_id = 7721; vizu_category_id = 0; vizu_border_color = "#df4600"; vizu_bg_color = "#ffffff"; vizu_bgTwo_color = "#EEEEEE"; vizu_question_color = "#FFFFFF"; vizu_answers_color =... Read More