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Selling Your Car

What Car Should You Buy?

By Kelsey Mays on August 20, 2019

What car should you buy? That’s a tricky question. We’ll help lead you to the answer. Read More
Bro, These Cars Are Old as Hell (But We Still Got 'Em)

By Brian Normile on August 6, 2018

The number crunchers over at used-car sales aggregator compiled a study of cars sold by original owners to figure out which ones buyers hang on to for the longest before saying, “... Read More
Stopping Fraud in Car Sales

July 12, 2018

In becoming your trusted adviser when it comes to the life cycle of your vehicle, we want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge needed to use our site safely for everything from negotiat... Read More
How to Transfer Ownership When You Sell Your Car

By Editors on March 20, 2018

You decided to post an ad and then found a buyer for your car. Now it’s time to say goodbye to your vehicle. How do you transfer ownership to a new owner? A few last-minute reminders on what ... Read More
How to Avoid Used-Car Scams

By Editors on February 26, 2018

CARS.COM — Along with the number of consumers conducting transactions online, internet fraud has increased during the past several years. Big-ticket transactions are a primary target, but that shou... Read More
What's the Best Way to Take Payment for My Used Car?

February 26, 2018

CARS.COM — Whether you’re dealing with a buyer in person, via email or over the telephone, always be careful when accepting payment as the seller of a used car. Scam artists are good at what ... Read More
Selling to a Dealer: Taxes and Other Considerations

By Brian Wong on February 20, 2018

CARS.COM — When selling your car, it’s important to be aware of the tax implications of such a transaction. Sales tax laws for vehicle sales vary state by state, so be sure to do some researc... Read More
How Should I Prep My Car for Sale to a Dealer?

By Brian Wong on February 15, 2018

CARS.COM — If your vehicle isn’t running quite like it used to or you are just ready to upgrade to a shiny new one, trading it in is likely your best option. Trading in a used car is a fairly... Read More
I Want to Sell My Car But I Still Owe Money

By Editors on February 14, 2018

CARS.COM — Caught in between the rock of owning a vehicle and the hard place of wanting to sell it to a buyer even though you still owe money and haven’t paid it off yet? You’re not the... Read More
How Does Trading in a Car Work?

By Editors on February 2, 2018

CARS.COM — You’re ready to get rid of your current car and get yourself a new one. For many vehicle owners, there’s nothing easier than trading in a used car to a local dealer. That way... Read More