Tesla Model S 2018

Tesla Recalls Model S, Model X Following Letter From Feds

By Patrick Masterson on February 3, 2021

After a lengthy investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that concluded with a rare letter in January asking for a formal recall from the automaker, Tesla is following th... Read More
Feds Question Lack of Tesla Recall for Model S, Model X

By Patrick Masterson on January 15, 2021

Perhaps the most prominent feature of a Tesla interior is the center touchscreen, which controls crucial features such as the air conditioning and Autopilot — so the last thing you want it to do is... Read More
2018 San Francisco Auto Show: 5 Things You Can't Miss

By Brian Normile on November 30, 2018

Things are heating up in California’s Bay Area. Is Kevin Durant going to leave the Warriors at the end of the season? Was Draymond Green right to be upset? Is this the end of the Warriors dyn... Read More
5 for the 3 Ain't Bad: Tesla Model 3 Gets 5-Star Crash Rating

By Kelsey Mays on September 21, 2018

The Tesla Model 3 earned top marks in government crash tests, with sterling ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration across every category it tested. That’s for the sed... Read More
Why Ask Y? Musk Teases Optimistic Reveal Date for Model Y

By Fred Meier on August 29, 2018

Elon Musk dropped a few more crumbs at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting that might lead to a Model Y SUV in the coming years, adding a shadowy teaser rendering that shows a little more tha... Read More
Tesla Tax Credit Is Expiring: Here's Everything Shoppers Need to Know

By Kelsey Mays on August 2, 2018

Federal tax credits on plug-in vehicles begin to phase out after the 200,000th sale of qualifying cars since 2010. California electric-car maker Tesla hit the mark in July. That means the tax credi... Read More
My Other Car's a Mini: 10 Kiddie Cars That Match Mom's and Dad's

July 31, 2018

My grandpa bought me a battery-operated Barbie Jeep when I was 1 year old and couldn’t even walk yet. While I was not yet old enough to drive it around, I still looked like a pretty cool todd... Read More
Tesla Hikes China Prices Amid Trade War, Inks Shanghai Plant Deal

By Fred Meier on July 10, 2018

Amid an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China, Tesla has both raised the price of its cars there to reflect higher tariffs and signed a deal with the city of Shanghai to build a big plant... Read More
Feds No Friend of Tesla-Tampering 'Autopilot Buddy' Device

By Kelsey Mays on June 20, 2018

Regulators have moved to stop the distribution of an aftermarket device that could enable hands-free driving on Tesla vehicles. Tesla owners know recent over-the-air updates have stepped up the ale... Read More
NTSB Reports Tesla Model X Accelerated Into Barrier in Fatal Crash

By Fred Meier on June 11, 2018

The Tesla Model X that slammed into a freeway barrier in California in March was operating on Tesla’s Autopilot system and sped up from 62 mph to about 71 mph in the moments before the fatal ... Read More