Used Cars

Average Age of U.S. Vehicles Hits Record High, Surpasses 12 Years

By Jane Ulitskaya on June 15, 2021

We often hear that cars aren’t built to last like they used to be, but that’s not the case if we consider the trends around average vehicle age. The latest report from industry consultancy IHS Mark... Read More
Why Are Car Trade-In Values Going Through the Roof?

By Jane Ulitskaya on June 15, 2021

The struggle of the auto industry’s current inventory shortage is real. Thanks to a perfect storm of plant shutdowns, an ongoing microchip shortage and relentless shopper demand, new-vehicle supply... Read More
Used-Car Prices Spiked 30% in Just One Year

By Jane Ulitskaya on June 14, 2021

Used-car shoppers are in for some sticker shock based on the most recent Consumer Price Index report from the U.S. Department of Labor. The index shows the highest overall annual inflation rate in ... Read More
Can Regular Consumers Buy a Car at Auction? It Depends

By Fred Meier on May 28, 2021

Have you wondered whether you could get a real bargain on a car by shopping at a used-car auction — bypassing the dealership entirely to pay trade-in prices, sometimes shopping at the same places w... Read More
Steering Issue Prompts Investigation of 1.1 Million 2013-15 Honda Accords

By Jane Ulitskaya on May 10, 2021

Some owners of the model-year 2013-15 Honda Accord sedan have experienced an alarming issue with the sedan’s steering system, prompting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investi... Read More
Now Is a Good Time to Sell Your Extra Used Car; Here’s Why

By Jane Ulitskaya on May 4, 2021

You’ve heard the advice “buy low, sell high” when it comes to your financial investments, but it also applies to that used car sitting in your driveway. If you’ve been holding onto a car that isn’t... Read More
Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle the Best Choice? We Answer Your Burning Questions

By Jane Ulitskaya on April 30, 2021

You’ve likely heard the term “certified pre-owned” used at dealerships and in advertising from nearly every major auto brand. “Certified” sounds reassuring as you’re about to make one of the bigges... Read More
Shopping for a Used Car? Here Are the Most Reliable 2018 Vehicles According to J.D. Power

By Brian Normile on February 18, 2021

If you’re shopping for a car, reliability and dependability are important factors — particularly when looking for a used car. Well, the folks at consumer-advocate outlet J.D. Power have some good n... Read More
Takata Airbag Defect Claims 17th Victim

By Kelsey Mays on October 5, 2020

A 17th death has been linked to faulty Takata airbag inflators. The driver of a 2002 Honda Civic died on Aug. 20 in Mesa, Ariz., after a crash in which both frontal airbags deployed, Honda confirme... Read More
Best Used Cars for Car Seats

By Jennifer Newman on September 21, 2020

Whether you’re starting your family or growing it, you likely know that raising a child can be expensive. According to the Department of Agriculture’s most recent data in 2015, a middle-class famil... Read More